By Following These 10 Simple Tips

The 10 Best Foods For Bodybuilding


Want fast mass gain?

If so, you must be taking into account the foods you are eating on a day to day basis. Make no mistake about it, if your diet isn’t up to par, your results won’t be either.

You can workout as hard as you like in the gym each day, but without that backing of a solid diet, you’re going to fall short.

The number one problem that most people face as they go about their quest …

The Squat-Free Lower Body Bodybuilding Program


Squats. You’ve read time and time again that you absolutely must make sure you get this major exercise into your workout program.  In fact, you might have heard before that if you squat, you really don’t need any other lower body exercise – it’s just that powerful.

But, what if you can’t squat?

For some people, injuries strictly prohibit it.  Whether it’s their back, knees, or ankles, squatting is out of the picture.  For others, they are simply not biomechanically …

How To Burn Body Fat In The Most Efficient Way Possible

Terry Asher Gym Junkies

What’s better Cardio? Weight Lifting? Interval Training… How do they stack up?

Almost everyone that goes to the gym has been interested in shedding additional body fat at one point in their lives. So if you’re looking to lose body fat in the fastest way possible this article might shed some light on your quest to do so. So, do you think that running on the treadmill is the ultimate solution of all time to lose body fat? What …

Get In James Bond Shape… Daniel Craig In Casino Royale

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The names Bond… James Bond… Ok not really my names Terry but we can all sure look like Bond if we want with this diet and workout today…

So, here we are analyzing another great actor all over again. Today, the dude we are going to check out is Daniel Craig and his role in Casino Royale where he caught the eye of many. The new James bond can’t really beat that if you ask me.

There is absolutely no doubt …

How Many Rep’s To Build Muscle And Other Rep Range’s


Yes, different reps ranges mean different things to your muscles… let’s take a closer look…

If you’re about to start on a bodybuilding program designed to help you gain muscle mass fast, you need to come to understand how the rep ranges you are using will come into play.

Most people know the basics – lower reps means heavier weight lifted and vice versa, but they don’t fully understand everything that rep ranges will influence.

As such, they may either …