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Do Squats Really Work?


Explore the details on how and why you should be doing squats…

By far, the best exercise, which you could possibly choose for the sake of building your muscles, has to be body squats or just squats in general. However, don’t be fooled. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, unless, you are aware of the dynamics of how to perform it properly. So, let us take a look at the benefits of squats, what makes them such a popular …

Healthy Diet For College Students

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Some of the common statements we often hear from college students are:

  • “You won’t believe the number of tests I have tomorrow. I have to stay up all night and study.”
  • “I literally don’t have time to cook my meals, I have to eat on the run.”
  • “I don’t care what I am eating after all YOLO.”

I’m sure some of are you shaking your head violently nodding; college students, right? But, I too was a college student burdened with …

How to be a Spartan



Before I progress with the article, I take it already that you are a Sparta fan. I mean, how can someone not be a Sparta fan because Sparta is well Sparta! There are very rare stories that could captivate the hearts and minds of readers as rigidly as 300 did. With the wonderful illustrations in this graphic novel and the seriously mind blowing and terrific movie adaptation, every viewer knew that Sparta is going to remain a solid …

A Skinny Guys Guide To Bulking Up And Building Muscle

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Are you tired of looking terribly skinny and desperately wishing you could bulk up? I know there are many skinny men who want to look like yoked but end up deflated at their own reflection in the mirror. Do not worry; you have stumbled upon the right article, because you found the skinny guy workout.

I was once was the same guy you are right now and if I could make the change, so can anyone else. Here …