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Do Pre-Workout Supplements Boost Your Performance?


Looking to improve your performance? If so, you may want to consider using a few pre-workout supplements. While these won’t help produce muscle building results or fat burning progress on their own, when combined with a good workout plan, they can definitely improve the results that you see.

It’s even more important to pick the right pre-workout for several reasons. It’s important to pick ones that are field-tested and back by science. Plus you want to skip fillers, and dyes …

Why You Should be Using Supersets During Your Workouts


Along time ago there was only really one way to lift and most body builders didn’t switch their routines up much. For example you would pick a muscle group, pick a weight and usually rep 10-12 times for that muscle. Typically you would repeat this cycle over and over again. Of course because most bodybuilders were doing it at the time most weight lifters just followed their path and repeated the process.

Now days there are certain ways we can …

What’s Wrong With The Body Mass Index?


Please please please… Listen to why this is the worst way to track yourself and your progress.

If you’re a Gym Junkie the Body Mass Index simply fails us on all fronts. With almost two thirds of Americans being obese now, being over weight is an epidemic. However it’s very important to understand that you’re measuring your body correctly and not getting inaccurate readings.

Yesterday I was walking through a local store when I passed the blood pressure machine; …

Achieve a 6 Pack With This 15-Minute Workout


Most lifts unfortunately do not target your core very well because they occur in the same single plane of motion. For example a when your doing a crunch and you move back and up or down and forward. It’s also very opposite of what we perform in every day life. What you will want to add to your core routine is more twists and turns that mimic everyday life. The rotation comes directly from your core so you will obtain …

Pack on Muscle with One Dumbbell


I think it’s important for everyone to understand that fancy equipment doesn’t build muscle, you do. If you’re restricted to no gym around you can still accomplish a lot with just one dumbbell. You can also simplify your workout easily with this workout plan. It’s also important to understand by doing using dumbbells you will be activating more muscle fibers and increasing your range of motion. If you’re on the road a lot this workout will be ideal you will …