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Why You Should Be Doing Inverted Rows

How To do Inverted Rows

When I head to the gym, I make it a point to keep things as simple as possible. As a matter of fact, I am an ardent fan of both pull ups and chin ups because I believe that it is these exercises give you a true measure of the fitness level. Don’t you think that there is something totally pretty cool about having the capability of lifting your whole body? Obviously, it requires tremendous biceps and back strength, which …

Advance Bodyweight Workout

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No gym around? Need some advanced body weight workouts to kick your butt?

Are you looking to get in great shape and failing time and again? Do not give up, that’s the first step. I have seen some seriously skinny people build their body into some serious muscle. You too can achieve it. All you need is the best body weight exercises. When you are aware of the top bodyweight workouts, you will be able to get the …

Get Motivated and Achieve a 6-Pack

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I have the pleasure of knowing a friend who had one of the most transformational changes of all time. It is his journey that proves that even an overweight can have a perfectly chiseled body with ripped muscles and obtain 6 pack abs. Wondering how? I am going to show you exactly that today.

Before I start to tell you about how to get a 6 pack, I am going to take you through the details of how I …

How To Carry Out The Perfect Pull Up

Urban Life. 2Before I begin this segment, I must tell you I absolutely love pull ups, and I have plenty of good reasons. The reason it is an ideal workout is because it works your back as a primary muscle group and works out your forearms and biceps as secondary. Many people don’t know this but pull-ups a great way to have huge biceps as well . The pull up workout indicates the overall standard of fitness you have, and is often used …

7 Ways To Use Your Brain to Unlock Super Strength



Brain Power Leading To Strength….Is it Possible?

Whenever you go through your normal workout routine, do you ever spend time thinking about your state of mind? Better yet, do you ever think about the impact your vision plays on your strength? That’s ok, most people don’t. Most people are completely unaware of the limitless potential that they truly have when they unlock the power of the brain.

Many research studies have attempted, using a myriad of techniques, to …