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About Gym Junkies

I’m Terry I’m here to help you achieve the body you want. I truly believe anyone can achieve the figure they want, with the proper guidance. Through my eBook I have been able to help thousands of people online lose weight, tone up and get in shape. My goals are to continue to help people all around the world and change people’s life for the better.

4 Tips to Looking Ripped


With summer around the corner and countless outdoor events and pool parties on the horizon. I often get asked about how to get ripped and look cut up. The biggest mistake people make on this front is not leaving enough time to achieve their desired results. Cutting fat and getting lean does not happen overnight. It is a long process that involves displacing your bad habits and loose nutritional guidelines with on point diet, cardio and body sculpting exercise with an eye for overall fitness and core activity.


In the battle to look ripped, trim fat and be as fit as possible, nutrition is the utmost determinant to your success. What you do in the gym means nothing if you leave and go straight for the cheeseburger and fries. I am not personally one for counting calories (though this method works for some) and instead recommend ADDING healthy habits to your diet and lifestyle as opposed to restricting others.

Learn these Healthy Habits-

1. Small Meals. The appearance of your midsection is determined in part by the literal size of your stomach. Eating frequently shrinks your actual stomach and keeps your metabolism burning.
2. No Refined Sugars, No Starch. Avoiding refined sugars and starchy carbohydrates like white bread and pasta WILL help you cut fat. This step can not be stressed enough. If it’s not bad enough that refined sugars and starchy carbs will soften your waistline, remember that these foods are inflammatory to your whole body and are terrible for your overall health. If you miss pasta too much, try quinoa pasta; it’s a non-glutinous grain pasta that just might scratch that carb itch without all the health detriments and guilt.
3. Meat, Fish, Eggs and Veggies. These are the staples of a lean diet. Lean cuts of meat, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon and cage free eggs are the building blocks of a high protein, low fat diet that will have you strong and cut. If you are not eating kale in your regular week, then you are missing out on the most nutrient rich food there is. Packed with nutrients, kale is an absolute must. Hot peppers are also known to boost the metabolism and are great for adding flavor and spice without adding the unnecessary sugar or preservatives of a sauce.
4. The Grain Question. People fall on all sides on this issue as to whether we should be eating grain at all or if whole grain is healthy. The fact is, if you must eat grains, go with whole, complex carbohydrates.
5. Snacking. Being prepared for a snack craving will save you a lot of regret when you finish that bag of chips that was just sort of hanging around your pantry. The keys are: don’t keep anything in your house that isn’t conducive to your overall health and fitness goals. And secondly, I recommend nuts like almonds and walnuts as they are a complete and balanced food with some protein, some carbs and some healthy fat.



At the end of the day, losing pounds is a battle of calories. If you eat more than you burn, you’re keeping some of those residual calories. Cardio is boring, I get it, but if you want to look ripped, it’s time to come up with some creative ways to get cardio into your life. Swimming is of course the most effective overall body cardio exercise, but hiking and trail running are my favorite. If your climate allows for it, running outside in nature can be one of the most rewarding ways to forget you’re even exercising at all. Take in a view, climb a mountain, it’s all part of a fit, mobile lifestyle that is conducive to looking and feeling fit.

Shock your body

As far the resistance training portion of your routine goes, my most important advice would be to avoid routine at all costs. A training regiment that is anything but routine is one of the most effective ways to continually keep your body guessing and prevent reaching a plateau. Many athletes who abide by a strict routine of exercise will reach a strength plateau and have difficulty surpassing that level of fitness. This happens essentially because your muscles are bored. A lifestyle of consisting of constant movement, varied exercise, plyometric and weighted exercises along with cardio will yield the best results.
1. Keep it Fresh. Never let your body grow accustomed to your work out routine. Constantly challenge your body in new ways.
2. Constant Movement. If your body is constantly in motion, your metabolism will keep up pace. If this means taking 5 minute breaks during your workday to keep your blood pumping, then so be it. Find a quiet room and knock out some push ups. It doesn’t take long.
3. Full Body Focus. Adding core and compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups are a great way of training your body’s endurance response while training. My favorites are: burpees and muscle builders.



While professional body builders may limit water intake to increase the striated, ripped look of their muscles in the days or weeks before an event, if you’re just trying to look good for summer, this is not recommended.
1. Drink up. In reality, increasing your water intake may help you control your appetite. All too often, we mistake our body’s thirst response for hunger.
2. Cold Water First Thing in the Morning. Did you know that beginning your day with a large, COLD glass of water kick-starts your metabolism and gets all of your body’s natural processes off and running? This is a simple, easy to add, good habit that can help you begin your day on the right foot.


Get a tan

There’s a reason professional body builders get sprayed up before an event. The fact is, a good bronzing does a great deal to show off your hard work in the gym and in the kitchen. So, hit the beach, the booth or the tanner, whatever you have to do to stop the blinding effects of your pasty skin in the sunlight. You’ll thank me later.


No single one of these methods is going to do it for you. These are simply a list of good habits that when added to your life can displace some old ones that are holding you back. Instead of restriction, think of the addition of good habits. Getting fit and looking ripped is an ongoing process, the result of literally thousands of decisions you make every day about how you will train and eat. Is one cookie going to ruin your progress? No. But is the habit of having a cookie every night after dinner holding you back from your physical potential? Definitely. Look hard at all of your diet and exercise decisions throughout the day, does each one contribute or detract from your goal of cutting fat and looking fit?

The Shocking Truth about Fruit


You may have heard mixed things when it comes to consuming fruit. While fruit itself is a healthy choice, it’s important to know when to consume it. Another very important thing is to understand the difference between fruit and fruit juice.

Fruit > Fruit Juice

A lot of times my friends will say “Hey I am being healthy I had fruit juice earlier”, when in fact it’s doing just he opposite for there bodies. Fruit juice is loaded with sneaky sweeteners and high fructose syrup.

So why do food companies do this? That’s a fair question to ask, it really comes down to one thing however, profit. See the large companies want to extend the shelf life of their products, so they add a bunch of unhealthy fillers. You as the consumer are the one that is suffering however. When you consume all the un necessary ingredients it’s stored as fat.

A good rule of thumb when your looking at nutrition labels in general, if you don’t know how or what the ingredient does; is it’s most likely not good for you.

images (1)

How about just fruit for a post workout option?

After a workout it makes sense to consume healthy options. Fruit ironically is not the best choice however, and I will explain just exactly why that is.

Fruit contains a higher amount of Fructose verses white rice or bread for example. Fructose does not go towards filling your muscle glycogen levels like starch-based foods, as fructose is stored in your liver. It’s important to remember that after post workout the goal is to restore muscle glycogen levels, fruit will do the opposite for you.

Fruit and Energy Density

Now you have learned that there are more ideal foods to eat post workout, let’s talk about fruits energy density. One issue with fruit is that it is not very energy dense; this might lead to you consuming more after a workout. Fruit contains about 15-25 grams per piece or cup, for some people this just isn’t enough.

So all together you want to rethink fruit as a post workout snack, and still to starch only foods immediately after the workout period.

images (2)

The advantages of fruit

Now you have clear idea why fruit is not the most ideal for post workout, now I will explain the advantages of consuming fruit in general.

Eating fruit and vegetables may reduce the risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke. Fruit will also aid and protect your body from certain types of cancers. Fiber is another positive thing you will find in fruit, which will lower your risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

A lot of essential nutrients are under consumed but by eating fruit you will get potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin c and folic acid.  Potassium his will help you contain healthy blood pressure, fruits that are rich in this are bananas, prunes, peaches, cantaloupe, honeydew and orange juice. The fiber will help you with bowel function and helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. The vitamin C is important for growth and repair of body tissue, and will help heal cuts and wounds. Folic acid found in fruit will help red blood cell formation.


As you can tell fruit is not ideal for a post workout snack but don’t discredit it when it comes to your overall health. Remember fruit is your friend, but there is a time a place that it’s more effective for your body. Don’t forget that fruit juice is not created equal and is most likely packed with un-healthy fillers or junk. Fruit is great for overall health and wellness, but think twice when consuming it post workout!

-Terry Asher

The Secrets of Bulking up Without Gaining Fat

Build Muscle

So you want to get bigger?  Ready to bulk up and increase your strength? When it comes to workouts for bulking up, there are a few principles that have come to define the way I train when size is my goal. In this post, we’ll go over eating and training to bulk up without making you fat.


One common misconception when it comes to bulking up is that one should eat everything in sight and try to lift as much as they can and hope that the result is a gain in size. In reality, this only leads to excess fat gain. It is however true that you should essentially eat the necessary protein, carbohydrates for the size human that you are seeking to be. When your body has a caloric surplus (ie more than what it will burn off in the day), some of those calories will be stored as fat. However, by training hard and eating clean, whole, nutrient rich foods, you can minimize this and gain mass consisting of muscle not fluff. Some nutrition guidelines to follow for building balanced meals consisting of protein, carbs and fat for bulking up healthily are listed below:

Protein: 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight.

Sources: Chicken, Turkey, 93%, Lean Red Meats, Tuna, Eggs, Salmon.

Note: Protein should be eaten at less than 40g per meal. Consuming more than this will be wasteful, as your body cannot absorb more than this at one time.

Carbohydrates: 1.5-2 grams per pound of bodyweight.

Sources: low glycemic index (complex) brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato; high glycemic index (simple) pasta, white rice, bread

Note: your body is most susceptible to absorbing carbs in the morning and after your workout. Eat complex carbs in the morning, and split half simple/half complex after your workout.

Fats: Increase your intake of good fats like essential omega fatty acids.

Sources: Fish oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, nuts

Note: Without some healthy fat, your testosterone levels will drop off.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

I get asked the questions often, “How do I bulk up? How do I grow?” And to that, I find that this is one way that training is a great analogy for life—if you want to grow as a person, you have to go beyond your comfort zone and often we grow the most fail often in pursuit of success. The same can be said for gaining size and strength through weight training. To achieve adaptation, your muscles need to be pushed to failure, beyond their current maximum output—your muscles will not grow by continuing the same old routine. They need to be shocked with a varied and dynamic workout, and be called on to perform feats of strength beyond their current ability.

Low Rep High Weight

Perhaps the most critical element when you want to grow your muscles is the ratio of weight to reps. What I mean by this is working towards with about 75-80% of your single rep max for three sets of 8-12 repetitions for each exercise. You will find with this method that you don’t need or have the energy to do tons of sets or many different exercises in a workout—you will be exhausted as your body is working closer to your maximum output. That makes it even more critical to make each repetition count.

Especially when you are working in the upper end of your maximum output, it is extremely important to stretch and warm up your body as a whole before approaching your workout. Go for a short jog, jump rope or do some burpees—get a thorough warm up and get your blood flowing. Before individual lifts, also make sure you perform each exercise with no weight to start, to acclimate your body to that motion before adding any weight.


Power Lifts

While the high weight lower repetition formula can be applied to most exercises for increasing the size and strength of your muscles as you seek to bulk up, adding power lifts to your routine will produce significant gains. There’s a reason Olympic lifters are big; take note.

Deadlift: With the barbell starting from the ground, engage your legs and core to lift the weight from the ground to a hang. As you perform the deadlift you should keep your head up and focus your eyes on  a spot of ground about 7 feet in front of you. This will help to keep your spine in the right place which is absolutely critical on this lift. Another thing I like to do with deadlifts is a cross grip (one hand overhand, one under)

Bench press: From a laying position, use your arms to raise and lower a barbell from the chest. This is an exercise where a negative repetition can be very helpful if you have a partner, in order to increase your strength by taking the muscle beyond it’s current maximum output.

Back Squat: With your toes pointed slightly out, your feet shoulder width apart and a barbell resting on your shoulders, bend at the knees and sink into a sitting position, then straightening back up. If you access to a trap bar,

Clean: A weight lift starting from the ground that requires using the upwards momentum of a small jump and squat to bring the weight up to the shoulders.

Hang clean: A clean with the barbell starting from the hanging position, rather than the floor.

Push press: Starting with the weight at your shoulders, press upwards with no dip in the knees, hip drive, or jump.

Never Underestimate the Power of Squats

            In my last article, I mentioned that squats work 85% of your body’s total muscle mass but also that as a result of this, no other exercise does more to promote your body’s production of testosterone. If you want to grow, never skip leg day as this lift will help your body’s overall testosterone levels and work your legs, core and back in one motion.

Negatives / Static Holds

            When working at the upper end of your strength spectrum, you will experience the wall of your ability to perform that lest repetition. When you reach this point and are working with a training partner, you can do a great deal to improve your future strength by performing a negative or static hold on that last round. For example, if you were doing pull ups, and could not achieve the final repetition, try performing a negative, where you start at the top, with your chin at the bar and slowly lower yourself down as slow as you can. This hang will burn off your last bit of energy for that exercise but without just giving up that last rep. This approach is not possible with every exercise but when possible, is a great addition to your routine.



One final and absolutely critical element to growth is your recovery. You should never underestimate is the power of ample rest between workouts. You grow in your sleep and you need at least 8 hours of it. If you want to bulk up, you absolutely MUST rest. Overtraining will not produce results, rather it will only make you more susceptible to injury and prevent you from increasing your strength. You break down your muscles by lifting. Without ample rest, your body does not have the time or energy to rebuild and you will only continue to break down your muscle fibers.

-Terry Asher

6 Jaw Dropping Weight-Loss Foods


Not all foods are created equal for weight loss and today I will show you just why that is. In this section I will give you helpful hints and important foods you can add to your diet to aid in weight loss. I would recommend adding these to your grocery list right now!

Remember calorie deficit is the most important thing when you are trying to lose weight but combine these certain foods and you will excel your fat loss. It’s important to remember these foods because every little thing will add up.

I personally like to shop for these foods when I am trying to lose weight for spring or summer. It gives me that little extra edge I need to shed body fat.

Let’s go over some secret foods that can help aid you on your weight loss journey.



If you can stand to have bad breathe this one is great to add to your grocery bag. Fresh of pickled garlic is known to be an antibiotic and also helps regulate your blood sugar. Garlic can also work as a thermogenic in your body boosting your metabolism and keeling insulin levels low to maximize fat burning. So if you can handle the taste and those close to you can handle the smell then I recommend adding it to you diet accordingly.


Berrys and Apples

This food is a little more pleasant to swallow and taste very good in my opinion. Berries and apples are also great foods for weight loss. The both contain something called pectin, which limits the amount of fat your cells absorb because of its water binding properties. So next time you are strolling by the fruit section grab these tasty treats.



If you are someone like myself and love to eat sushi than you more than likely have tried or seen ginger. Ginger has the potential to boost your metabolism and expand your blood vessels. Expansion of your blood vessels is great for us gym junkies as it aids our muscles brining more nutrients to them. Aside for greater circulation it can also detoxify your body and has been shown to increase your metabolism by nearly 20%. So next time grab some ginger with your sushi, it’s great for you and great for weight loss.



Another personal favorite of mine that also happens to be associated with sushi is Edamame or other known as soybeans. They contain something called lecithin, which assist your cells in fighting fat by making them less likely to accumulate fat. Lecithin can also be found in egg yolks, grains and fish. Not only does it aid in weight loss it also has great benefits for cardio vascular health, liver and cell function. Soybeans have been also been to show arthritis relief, increased muscle endurance and cell communication. This is a great snack to carry during your day, and will help your weight loss goals as well.



Known to have a ton of flavor cinnamon is also known to regulate blood sugar, which aids in keeping fat off. Cinnamon will also help in metabolizing sugar about twenty times faster in your body. Something I personally like making is apples and cinnamon for a great fat burning snack.


Cayenee Pepper

If you are someone that enjoys spicy foods like myself then this is also a great one to pick up. Cayenne Pepper has an ingredient called capsicin, which can cause an increase in your metabolic rate and calorie burning after a meal. There are many studies that back this up on both humans and animals. Not only is a good metabolism stimulator it also has significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. I like to enjoy cayenne pepper on my eggs in the morning or add to my meat dishes. This certain food will burn your mouth but it will also burn your calories!

Now that I have given you 6 new foods that will aid you in weight loss and body fat reduction it’s time to go pick them up at the grocery store! Also it’s important that I am not stating that these foods will MAKE or BREAK your diet however I do firmly believe they will add a little extra kick in your weight loss goals.

-Terry Asher

How to Build Muscle Without Equipment


Whether you have access to a gym or not, there is really no excuse for not taking care of yourself and putting your health first. There are tons of exercises you can do without weights, in the privacy of your own home, hotel room or office to build muscle and improve your physique and health.

While weight training and machines are great, the simple fact is you CAN build muscle without equipment. We’ve all heard or used the excuse, “I just don’t have time to get to the gym.” In our busy lives, it’s easy to find excuses not to exercise. At the end of the day, whether you’re traveling, working late or the kids are wearing you out, you WILL feel better if you get it done.

Bodyweight Exercises

Exercises that require you to move your own body mass are critical to functional strength at every fitness level. Because you aren’t using added resistance for these exercises, it’s best to focus on moving as quickly as you can and completing more reps to exhaust your muscles. Of course, form always comes first, but in general, body weight exercises come with a much lower risk of injury than weight training.

I’ve included a list below of my Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises to help you build muscle without equipment in your home workout. Many of these you’ll have heard of, but I’ve included my tips for perfecting your form and usage of these critical moves.



Squats work 85% of your body’s muscles. Just let that sink in for a second. That’s more than any other exercise in the book. In addition, squats are known to promote testosterone production better than any other exercise. If you want to build muscle

For achieving a deep, healthy squat, start with your feet shoulder width apart, your toes pointed slightly out, and as you descend, keep your back straight and focus on sticking your butt out and keeping a tall chest. As you sink down into your squat, drive your knees outward and your heels into the ground to maintain balance. If you need to, you can extend your arms as you sink for added balance. When you’re trying to perform these as fast as you can, this added balance can be very helpful.

Body weight squats can be performed every day if you like. You can also vary up your squats by trying one-legged squats (jackknifes) or sumo squats (wide stance).

Push-ups are the original upper body workout. Anywhere, anytime, you can blast out push-ups and work your chest, shoulders, triceps and back. Keep your eyes up to promote better breathing and descend until your chest touches the ground.

For variation, widening your hands will work more on your chest, whereas bringing them closer together will put more resistance on your arms.

Putting your feet up on a chair or the wall will change the angle of your push-up and work more of your upper chest while increasing difficulty.

Using a chair, coffee table, or even your bed frame, you can isolate your triceps and chest with the dip. This is a great exercise for carving out that horseshoe on the back of your arms. Remember to keep your head up to straighten your spine.

Wall Sits
Wall sits are an excellent way to burn out your quads and build endurance. With your back flat against the wall and your hands at your sides, sink down to create a 90 degree angle at your knees. No leaning on your knees! Personally, I like to use the timer on my phone for these. Start by trying to hold the wall sit for 60 seconds or as long as you can stand the burn.



Lunges are one of the best bodyweight exercises out there but proper form takes some practice. People have a tendency to sway during the transfer of body weight onto the lead foot. As you shift your weight to your forward stepping leg, remember to keep your upper body straight and focus on the downward motion of your hips toward the floor, not forward—this will get you nice and low for a complete repetition.



Beginning on your stomach, keep your spine neutral and press your body weight up onto your forearms, keeping them flush with the floor and at 90 degrees from your upper arm. Tighten your core to make your body a straight ‘plank’ and squeeze your abdominal muscles to increase the intensity. Planks are another exercise for which I recommend using a timer. Try 90 seconds and tell me you can’t get a core workout at home.

side plank

Side Planks

Here, the concept is similar to a plank in that your upper body should be resting on a flush forearm, but you want your chest facing the wall, creating a hinge at your waist that will stress your obliques and core.

This one is just like it sounds and will do work on your love handles and lower back. Lay on your stomach, then stretch forward and lift your arms, legs and head off the floor like you’re trying to fly—hold for a few seconds and release.

Crunch with Leg Extension
I like to combine the leg extension with a crunch to work the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Lay on your back with your heels just off the floor, bring your knees up to your chest and finish with a crunch, squeezing your abs as your knees and chest meet. Release the crunch as you extend your legs away from your body, but keep your feet off the ground for the remainder of the set.



A burpee is a complex movement combining a squat jump with a pushup. These are an excellent progression for multiple muscle groups. The main thing to watch is your lower back; avoid caving of your spine as much as possible when you crouch and pop up from the push up.

Circuit Training
If you’ve been training for a while and think bodyweight exercises don’t provide enough resistance for growth on their own, you can raise the intensity of your home workout by creating a circuit. This will build muscle, endurance and add an aerobic element to your bodyweight movements and really increase the difficulty of your home workouts.

Circuit training works by keeping you moving constantly and your heart rate up by resting one primary muscle group while working another. You’ll be amazed by how much physical output you can get done in shorter time using this method.

While planning a circuit, it’s important to switch off muscle groups so you are resting one group of muscles between exercises. So, if you start with pushups, move to squats, then an abdominal exercise. This sort of pattern will always keep a group of primary muscles working, while another is recovering.

So there you have it, my favorite exercises for home workouts to build muscle without equipment. At home or on the road, these exercises can help you shape up and trim down while promoting your overall health and functional strength. No gym? No problem.

-Terry Asher

6 Ways Fitness will put More Money In Your Pocket


Fitness has been consistent through my life from the first day I stepped foot in the gym. From weight lifting, running, surfing, kickboxing, boxing, swimming and an array of sports in high school.  I have always prioritized health and fitness throughout my life; it has kept me more competitive and focused in everything. I strongly believe there is a direct correlation between fitness and success.

Studies even back up the claims that fitness makes you more success in your life. A study that took 1,300 executives who earn 100,000+ 75% of them stated that physical fitness is “critical” for career success. An additional 17% said that fitness was a nice 2nd goal to their #1 goal making money. When questioned about being over weight the executives said it was a “serious career impediment.”

Personally speaking for myself I have struggled with attention deficit disorder, which will fall into the metal perks category. Fitness has been a medication for me that help me keep focused, happy and competitive. When doctors suggested I use medication to treat my mental disorder, I turned to fitness as a healthy alternative.

Let’s talk about the 6 ways that fitness will put more money in your pocket

1) Confidence –

A fit individual will have more confidence and higher self-esteem. They will carry themselves differently and be more assertive. Imagine you have a huge business conference that you are speaking at, are you someone that gets nervous? Next time you give a speech go on a strenuous run before hand, you will be amazed at how much calmer and increased confidence with one workout session.


2) Productivity and Energy –

It’s no secret if you workout and has a normal exercise routine you will have much more energy through the day. Energy is very important in the workforce, as you will be faced with challenges that you will have to overcome. There is a study by Jim McKenna, which was conducted, that specifically shows that if you exercise regularly your work performance will be consistently higher.

3) Challenges –

When you’re in the gym or on a run or whatever type of exercise you will more than likely be faced with challenges. You become use to being pushed outside of your comfort zone when you train. Being use to being outside of your comfort zone makes you accept challenges more easily. This will increase your stamina and mental stamina alike. As a businessman or woman, you will have to face challenges in the workforce often while keeping mental focus on priorities and goals.


4) Mental Perks –

Is stress something you deal with in the workspace? Working out has been proven to aid in the management of stress, increasing endorphins in your brain. Endorphins make you feel good and give you a healthy “buzz”. Not only does this directly help your brain, but focuses more on your body for a period of time distracts you away from any other things that may be stressing you out.

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression or even Insomnia? According to an article by the Mayo Clinic exercise reduces depression, anxiety and improves your sleeping patterns. Sleeping alone can be disrupted by anxiety, stress and depression but you can help squelch this with exercise.  It’s always nice to be rested for work, you think more clearly and you can handle your workload much more efficient.

5) Creativity-

Ever thought being active would make you more creative? I didn’t but a recent study suggests it does just that . It shows that even with moderate exercise it improves our cognitive ability and our ability to create. Are you someone that has a creative line of work? Tryout a hard workout or a run next time you have to let your creative juice flow.


6) Your influence on others-

This is my personal favorite perk, your influence on your friends and coworkers is extremely important. This is even more important if you are an executive or a leader in the workspace. People will naturally gravitate towards you if you have good discipline, which most fitness people do.

The influence on fitness in the workforce will also improve the bottom line of a business. It also influences people’s immune systems and prevents them from getting sick, therefor reducing healthcare costs and improving work attendance.  So if you have a business consider the following fact as it will improve your bottom line, and save your business money.


Next time you think fitness and health will have a negative impact on your working ability, your business or even your cash flow consider the aforementioned reasons. Walk into work with your head high, feeling great about the new day and utilize the benefits of getting great sleep, staying focused and taking on the business challenges you are faced with. Fitness equals success.

-Terry Asher

The Shocking Truth About Late Night Snacking


How can you avoid eating before you go to bed?

Do you currently struggle with this problem? Are you someone that has unhealthy snacks or even late night candy close by? Your not alone several studies in the United States say this is a common problem.

You could be someone that is seeking food from the fridge or maybe just snacking while watching tv.

The real question is if this really hindering your fat loss goals?

If you’re like most people, late night snacking is something that gets to you from time to time. This is completely normal and something that most people do struggle with.

But is it really that big of a game changer?

Let’s go over three facts that you will need to know about late night snacking.

What are you putting in your mouth?

The very first thing you want to look at is what you are actually snacking on. If your munching away on an ice cream cone or a chocolate bar, there’s no question this isn’t good for your diet. If you happen to be snacking on some veggies or maybe a source of protein, that’s a very different story however. This could actually help your health and weight loss goals.

Also it’s important to note if you’re eating solid foods you use your bodies thermic effect. Basically what this is the energy it takes to break down your food in your stomach; yes this burns calories.


How Much food are you eating?

It’s very important to consider how much food you are actually eating. Is it actually considered a late night snack or is it more like a late night meal or binge? In reality a late night snack is likely good for the diet.

Sometimes hours after dinner I get hungry in bed and need something to suppress my hunger.  I would suggest grabbing something around 100-200 calories maybe a banana or some un salted almonds.

Obviously a feast of junk food while you watch 2 hours of Netflix is not going to help you out. Keep moderation in mind at all times.


Is the snack accounted for in your daily calories?

Finally, the last thing that you need to address is whether you’ve planned for this healthy snack or small meal.  Whether or not you gain weight is highly correlated with your total daily caloric intake. Therefore, if you’ve worked that snack into your total daily calorie intake, you are going to be able to eat it without any worry about weight gain simply because you planned to eat it.

If you haven’t however, there is that chance it may cause you to take in more calories than you need and gain weight because of it.

So be smart about your late night snacking. Integrate it into your day, use moderation, and choose wisely. If you do, late night snacking won’t be a problem for you.

-Terry Asher

How to have a Positive Attitude in the GYM


Let’s get some things clear, having a lean body and healthy eating habits is an absolutely achievable goal for you- but it requires a lifestyle change, not just short-term “dieting” to look better in a swimsuit during the summer.

Poor attitude will get you nowhere, so that’s the first thing you must prepare before stepping foot in the gym. You must actually set a goal and believe you can achieve it. The truth is you can achieve it.

Here are some of the lame excuses I hear from people:

-       “I know I should exercise, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it”

My advice is simple; don’t have negative thoughts about working out. Don’t use the works “hate” or “make myself do it”. This of it this way: It’s not punishment, like detention. It’s physical activity, like gym class! Focus on the all the great things exercise does for your body instead of focusing on how much weight you should lose or gain for that matter.

-       “I just don’t have the time”

Thirty minutes daily is just 1/148 of your whole day. I think you can pencil in some gym time

-       “I’m embarrassed to be seen exercising”

Don’t be embarrassed to be seen exercising- be proud! Eventually you will feel less self-conscious about working out, even in a gym.  Remember: You’re doing this for YOU, not the person next to you.

-       “Exercise is really hard for me”

Work out at your own pace. That’s why training programs specifically have phases to make sure your body is acclimated correctly.

-       “I’m so out of shape, I don’t even know where to begin”

That’s why you’re here reading this blog post. Maybe this is your start? Like I said before go at your own pace, make goals and make them more difficult every week so you know you are progressing.

-       “I was doing pretty well until I got sick (or busy, or went on vacation, etc.)”

This comment makes as much sense as saying, “I ate five popcorn kernels so I decided to eat the whole bag.” You can always restart exercising-and you can always put down the snack bag before it’s empty. No one’s schedule is perfect, but you must try to stay as consistent as possible. I suggest you actually write your workout on your calendar and MAKE TIME!

So now that I have addressed and shattered most of the excuses out there, it’s time to adopt that positive attitude, pencil down your goals and achieve them. Believe and you will achieve

Let’s get some things clear, having a lean body and healthy eating habits is an absolutely achievable goal for you- but it requires a lifestyle change, not just short-term “dieting” to look better in a swimsuit during the summer.

Poor attitude will get you nowhere, so that’s the first thing you must prepare before stepping foot in the gym. You must actually set a goal and believe you can achieve it. The truth is you can achieve it.

Here are some of the lame excuses I hear from people:

-       “I know I should exercise, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it”

My advice is simple; don’t have negative thoughts about working out. Don’t use the works “hate” or “make myself do it”. This of it this way: It’s not punishment, like detention. It’s physical activity, like gym class! Focus on the all the great things exercise does for your body instead of focusing on how much weight you should lose or gain for that matter.

-       “I just don’t have the time”

Thirty minutes daily is just 1/148 of your whole day. I think you can pencil in some gym time

-       “I’m embarrassed to be seen exercising”

Don’t be embarrassed to be seen exercising- be proud! Eventually you will feel less self-conscious about working out, even in a gym.  Remember: You’re doing this for YOU, not the person next to you.

-       “Exercise is really hard for me”

Work out at your own pace. That’s why training programs specifically have phases to make sure your body is acclimated correctly.

-       “I’m so out of shape, I don’t even know where to begin”

That’s why you’re here reading this blog post. Maybe this is your start? Like I said before go at your own pace, make goals and make them more difficult every week so you know you are progressing.

-       “I was doing pretty well until I got sick (or busy, or went on vacation, etc.)”

This comment makes as much sense as saying, “I ate five popcorn kernels so I decided to eat the whole bag.” You can always restart exercising-and you can always put down the snack bag before it’s empty. No one’s schedule is perfect, but you must try to stay as consistent as possible. I suggest you actually write your workout on your calendar and MAKE TIME!

So now that I have addressed and shattered most of the excuses out there, it’s time to adopt that positive attitude, pencil down your goals and achieve them. Believe and you will achieve

-Terry Asher

Muscle Building Diet Plan

Preview of Best food for Muscles



Are you someone who is trying to gain as much muscle as possible? You should know there are many elements to optimal muscle growth.


Not all foods are created equal when it comes to building muscle. Some sources of protein are more ideal than others and aid our muscles better.

Not eating carbs and fats?

Your Carbs and Fats (Good fats) are your friend and play a key role in developing your muscles.

Below I have created a short infographic on the best muscle building diet…

Click on the image below for a larger view:

Best Muscle Building Diet

10 Tips to Bench like a Boss


Ever wonder how the guy next you is benching so much? Well I can tell you it didn’t happen over night. It comes with hard work and a mixture of the 10 things I am going to talk about today. Personally bench press took a long time to master for myself but once I incorporated the following 10 tips my chest workout shot the roof.

Let’s look into how you can increase your bench press…

Improve your Technique

This tip is so very important and often times get overlooked. When performing your bench press the correct way it will improve your strength but also it will ultimately avoid injury.

Make sure when you are griping the bar close to your wrists not your fingers. Also when grabbing the bar makes sure you are squeezing the bar, try to break it apart as if you were breaking a noodle. This will also activate your triceps muscles, which is your secondary muscle group for bench press.

Tighten your upper-back and pull your shoulder blades together, this gives your body a solid bases to press from. Also use your legs, dive yourself into the bench this puts pressure on your upper back and traps again building a solid base.

Always push in a straight line, keep the bar above your elbows at all times. A good tip that I often use is picking a point on the ceiling where you want the bar to go.

Strengthen Your Back and Arms

Your back is your foundation so don’t neglect it when focusing on bench. You will want to build it up as much as possible by doing barbell rows that will isolate your upper-back and lats. Triceps are also important and you can do close grip bench, floor press, dips and JM press to build them up.

Believe it or not you can also get some stabilization strength from working your biceps as well. The brachialis act as a stabilizer during bench press. A good exercise for this is hammer curls.

It’s important to remember to train back/arms on separate days, and separate them from chest for the most ideal lift. Lifting chest and then doing triceps after is not very effective because your triceps will be fatigued.

Lift Fast

Here is one that I feel is overlooked often. Lifting fast will get you better results and lifting slow will never make you strong. The faster you are, the more weight you can put up. Someone you can do to help this is by adding chains or bands to train for just speed.

Eat More

Pretty simple tip here, if your not consuming enough calories per day, don’t expect to see your bench press gains to shoot through the roof. Increasing your bench means you need to add muscle and not maintain it.

Eat at least your body-weight in lbs x 18 calories. For more detailed information on how to gain or lose weight you can read my eBook here “Link”. Also I suggest getting at least 1lb/lbs of protein daily from meat, poultry, fish, eggs & whey.

Avoid Injuries

This tip should come to no surprise to us gym junkies. Unfortunately shoulder injures are very common, I would personally recommend warming your router cuff up before preforming bench.  

Below you can see an example of this:

Rotator cuff

Balance, proper technique and posture should all help you avoid injury. Make sure you train the opposite muscle groups/ opposite movements to prevent muscle imbalances. An example would be to Row as much as you bench press. Again going over technique don’t let your shoulder roll forward, don’t flare your elbows, and practice proper grip. Posture is so important for all lifts, but for bench you want to make sure you do not “wing” your shoulder blades. Overhead squats, scalp push ups, face pull will all help your posture.

Consider Taking Protein

I would recommend looking into taking a whey protein or casein. This is a great way to increase your muscle mass and also is a safe way to increase your muscle mass. Depending on your workout routine you can take protein right in the morning, post workout or right before bed. Make sure to choose a clean protein with no MSG or any Junk Fillers.

This is a protein I have used before:protein-vanilla_zoom

Get Help Doing Negatives

For this tip you need a spot! Grab a gym junkie buddy to spot you for all negative exercises.

If you don’t know what a negative is it’s a good thing to learn if you’re trying to make strength gains anywhere. Negatives are essentially the lowering phase of an exercise.  Negatives are by definition about 1.5 your 1RM, so we are talking very heavy weight.

You will want to lower the weight slowly to your chest and resist it as much as possible, then with your friends spot they will lift it back up. Negatives are a great way to dramatically improve your strength and your one rep max.

Make sure your not Over Training

I know what your thinking but everyone needs a break even your muscles. There is really no point for you be lifting chest more than twice a week, your muscle could be fatigued. Not to mention this could lead to you not getting a great tricep workout during the week.

If you’re caught in one of those dreaded plateaus you might want to consider taking one week off.  If your muscle are fatigued than it could potentially be preventing your growth. When taking a week off you could just go cold turkey or do a maintenance week and lift much lighter.

Quality lifts not quantity…

Get plenty of rest & sleep

I always make sure to get my beauty sleep, after all sleeping is when your muscles repair and rebuild. Make sure you get an adequate amount of rest between workouts; not getting enough sleep can actually deprive them of there development. I would recommend getting a full eight hours of sleep for optimal muscle development and performance.


Shock your chest into growth

Let’s face it if your comfortable in the gym and you breezing through your workout’s then your not doing it right. Your body responds to the stress you put on it, if your not “testing” your body it will never respond. When you lift heavier than what your use to your body accommodates to the heavier load and builds more muscle.

Let’s use an example let’s say your goal is to hit 315 pounds on flat bench. Your first set is 260, second set is 280 and your third is 300 and you can perform all sets in their entirety. What you should be doing is 280,300 and 315 struggling to complete your last set.

Another great way to shock your chest is doing sets with 4 to 5 reps and increasing the weight dramatically. These are often referred to as 5×5 and are a good way to switch your routine up and shock your chest. Try switching this in with your normal chest routine.


By incorporating the following 10 tips to lift like a boss, you will surely see bench press gains. Remember results don’t happen over night but with hard work and a mixture of these 10 tips you will on your way to bench pressing like a boss!

-Terry Asher