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About Gym Junkies

I’m Terry I’m here to help you achieve the body you want. I truly believe anyone can achieve the figure they want, with the proper guidance. Through my eBook I have been able to help thousands of people online lose weight, tone up and get in shape. My goals are to continue to help people all around the world and change people’s life for the better.

Pack on Muscle with One Dumbbell


I think it’s important for everyone to understand that fancy equipment doesn’t build muscle, you do. If you’re restricted to no gym around you can still accomplish a lot with just one dumbbell. You can also simplify your workout easily with this workout plan. It’s also important to understand by doing using dumbbells you will be activating more muscle fibers and increasing your range of motion. If you’re on the road a lot this workout will be ideal you will only need to pack one dumbbell. Again you are in the driver’s seat of building your body not fancy machines.

Let’s learn some exercises utilizing only one Dumbbell…

The Exercise
1) Bottom Half Getup


Directions- Lie on the floor with your right leg bent and leg out straight. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand directly above your chest. Without taking your eyes off the weight or bending your arm prop yourself with your left elbow, then straighten your arm. Reverse to return to the starting position. When complete switch to the other side and repeat.
2) Goblet Squat


Hold a dumbbell vertically in front for your of chest, cupping the top end with both hands. Keep your stomach tight and your lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees, your elbows should be on the inside of your knees. Pause at the bottom and then push yourself back to the starting position, repeat.
3) Push Press to Windmill


Start by standing and holding a dumbbell in your right hand just outside of your shoulder. Dip your knees and push up very quickly using the momentum from your push to help your press the weight above your head. With your dumbbell still overhead, pivot your left foot 45 degrees to your left, push your hips to the right and slide your left hand down your left leg. Pause, and then reverse the move to return to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side.

Advantages of Free Weights
There are many advantages to workout out with free-weights verses using machines.
Let’s review a couple…
On the Go
If you’re working out in the same gym all the time machines or home equipment might be more realistic for you. However if you are someone who travels a lot you can take this workout on the go. Remember don’t use being out of town or on vacation as an excuse you are always in the driver’s seat of your workout.
Custom fit
Machines whether in the Gym or at home usually adjust to fit your specific body. The only issue is that no matter how much they adjust it’s impossible for them to fit everybody. Unfortunately if you are extremely over weight or petite machines might not be the best fit for you. Remember free weights will always be a one size fits all solution.
Gain Stability
Machines are “preset” to guide you through a certain motion. With free weights you have to guide yourself and form is much more important. This causes you to stimulate more muscle fibers and utilize your joint by stabilizing it. By stabilizing your joint it prepares your body for more everyday tasks. If you are very new to the gym it might be more ideal to hop on a machine however because of joint instability.
Lifting Heavy
Machines enable you to lift much heavier than free-weights for example they have cables and pads that make it nearly impossible for you to hit yourself with. Even if you were pumping out your set and decided drop the weight, most likely it will have a fail-safe. Free weights are a much different story as you can’t just drop the weight when you want to. It’s also important to remember that should know your limits when lifting with free-weights for the aforementioned reasons.
Working out with free weights is also nice to your wallet. Most machines are very pricey and you can save a lot of money by just using dumbbells. One solution is for you to gain access to an affordable gym however if you want to utilize a large array of machines.
Get Smarter
Believe it or not you can get smarter by working out; if you missed my blog article about this you can find it here. By doing intense challenging exercises parts of your cerebral cortex reconfigure themselves. Your brain cannot grow like a muscle so instead it creates more “pathways” inside itself. The reconfiguration of neurons helps keep your mind sharp. So however complicated the exercises is the more it will stimulate your brain. Dumbbells or free weights for that matter are more of a brain building tool. When working out with dumbbells you can constantly evolve your workout, leaving your stronger, healthier and smarter.

I enjoy doing free weights for the previously mentioned reasons, plus it’s great to do on the go if you’re restricted. Remember this is no excuse for you’re to skip your workout, if there is a will there is a way. Money or location should not be a deciding factor on your workout routine, you make your routine. Working out with free weights will leave you will great benefits such as joint stability, lean muscle mass and functional strength applicable to everyday life.

The Top Fat Burning Foods That You Need to Have

Avocado on white

Do you know which foods do the most to stoke your metabolism and keep your body burning fat after and in between your workouts? For many years, the popular diet prescription was to avoid all fat to improve health. Recent studies have shed light on selective fat intake as the true ‘best practice’ when it comes to healthy dieting. What this means is recognizing the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats. The focus of this article is foods that help you to burn body fat, but it’s critical to understand that some of these foods are in fact rich in healthy fats, and that’s okay.

Achieving a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids helps your body build muscle and maintain strength. In addition, these healthy fats are critical for brain function, fighting the natural inflammation from training and fueling your body’s functions. The foods listed below will help you keep your body fueled for intense training and are focused on cutting body fat and keeping you lean to achieve the strong, athletic appearance you desire. You can learn more about fat burning foods by watching my free video presentation found here.

Almonds, Macadamia and other tree nuts

The best choice here is raw and organic without the salt. Nuts are a perfectly balanced meal containing healthy fat, protein and carbohydrates. Nuts make an excellent snack to keep in your bag or car to reduce hunger cravings and provide a balanced meal on the go. If the raw organic option doesn’t do it for your taste buds, try adding your own seasoning like cayenne and garlic. Protip: adding a half of a teaspoon of olive oil to the nuts and mixing will help your seasoning stick.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is loaded with protein and stokes your metabolism. It’s not big on flavor so consider adding berries or honey for a natural sweetener. The calcium in greek yogurt is also great for your bones and overall yogurt is helpful for digestion.


Eggs are a superfood. Common yes, but in recent years, studies have come to illustrate that eggs are no longer considered a cholesterol risk for active peoples. Also keep in mind that while many athletes choose to consume egg whites or predominantly egg whites, many of the vitamins are in the egg yolk.


Turkey, chicken breast and other lean meats

If you’re goal is to build a muscular, strong body, the simple fact is turkey and other lean meats are critical to your diet. These protein packed foods build muscle, strengthen your immune system and support size and strength gains.


Blueberries, strawberries, acai and others are the best fruits for your body. They contain less sugar than others and are packed full of anti-oxidants. Berries are the best use of your daily sugar allowances and will keep you healthy, as well as prevent hunger cravings.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a great before bed snack as it provides a lasting protein supply and digests slowly. Interestingly, peanut butter is also known for naturally boosting testosterone levels. Combine that with helping burn fat and peanut butter is a can’t miss.

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Fatty fish (yellowtail, salmon, tuna, mackerel)

Fatty fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and packed with protein. This combo triggers the feelings of fullness while fueling fat burning.


Grapefruit has long been hailed as one of the best diet foods for its ability to regulate blood sugar and improve metabolism. Grapefruit even lowers insulin so basically if you’re trying to cut weight and improve blood sugar levels, this is an essential food to keep in the house.

Green tea

Green tea is packed full of anti-oxidants and stokes your metabolism. However, it’s important to know that green tea requires you to drink 4-6 cups to really achieve the anti-oxidant effect. Green tea helps regulate your hunger too because of the mild caffeine content and it helps you focus because of its theanine content.

Chili peppers

Not only are spicy peppers delicious, but they are excellent for your metabolism. The capsaicin in hot peppers stokes a bodily response that has been shown to be beneficial to the immune system and keeps your metabolism torching—just don’t overdo it. There’s an old holistic cold remedy that involves eating a raw habanero pepper to stoke up the immune system. Whether you believe in that or not, chili peppers have been eaten for thousands of years.

Kale and Spinach

These nutrient dense vegetables are essential to any diet for a variety of reasons but are essential to those looking to burn fat. The vitamins contained in leafy vegetables do a great deal to sate hunger and leave the body fulfilled with the nutrients that it truly needs. In addition, these vegetables are key to fighting free radicals and improve the body’s recovery functions.

Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice)

When it comes to carbohydrates, the only time that you should be consuming starchy carbs is immediately post workout. At those times, high glycemic load carbs are essential to fueling protein synthesis. For any other time when you are in need of carbohydrates to balance out a meal, you want to go for whole grains. Quinoa is actually the best option as it is a non-glutinous grain and therefore is the least inflammatory option among the whole grain options. These are also known for helping to prevent storing of body fat.

Beans and legumes

There are some diets that restrict any consumption of beans because they require a fair amount of cooking and processing to become digestible by the human body. Others argue that humans haven’t been eating beans as long as other foods and therefore our bodies aren’t as adapted to digesting these foods. However, if you are actively trying to build muscle and limit your meat intake, beans are your best bet. These protein rich foods can provide critical nutrients from a natural source.

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Whey Protein Powder

No surprises here. Whey protein supplies your body with critical nutrients after workouts and between meals. This is a critical dietary addition in your path to achieving a lean, strong body. Check out our very own Gym Junkies Protein Powder found here.


Adding the right foods to your diet and selecting healthy fats are essential to your overall progress as an athlete. If you want to burn body fat, as much as you might have been told to limit all fats, the right path is selecting healthy fats and consuming balanced meals consisting of healthy fat, protein and carbohydrates. Adding nutrient dense green vegetables, anti-oxidant rich berries, low glycemic index carbohydrates has a number of benefits beyond burning fat. Every addition to your diet based on the foods listed today can improve various other holes in your diet and bulletproof your immune system. One of the major side effects of weight training is inflammation; by adding healthy omega-3’s you can battle inflammation and burn body fat. With each meal you eat, you make choices about the effects these foods will have on your body. It’s not enough to train hard in the gym; your recovery and diet are the biggest determinants in the efficiency of your training program. If you want results, you have to equally value your time in the gym and your time in the kitchen and in your bed, sleeping. Train hard, eat clean and rest up.

The MMA Workout Routine That Will Torch Belly Fat

boxing classes (4)

Being a fighter you must have a very tough physical and mental workout. It’s important to understand that you should do specific training if trying your trying to become a mix martial artist.  You will need an efficient workout that combines strength, endurance and size. Today I will give you an efficient workouts that will get you into fighting shape in less than 20 minutes a day. You will also learn tons of benefit’s both mental and physical to training mixed martial arts and incorporating more functional workouts.


It’s important to remember to do a sufficient warm up; a MMA workout will always be more intense than a standard workout. Typically a good warm up would be to do a fast jog in place or jump rope. Ideally if you can jump rope I would recommend that, as you will engage more of the muscle fibers responsible for explosive movements. Make sure you complete a minimum of 5 minutes for your warm up.

The Exercise

1) Thigh Tap Push up

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.59.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.59.29 AM

Directions- In the push up position bring your chest to the floor, keep your spine in a neutral position. At the top of your rep bring your hand to the side of your leg while balancing with the opposite arm.

2) Assisted Chin up


Directions- Grab the bar shoulder-width using an underhand. Rest your feet on the bench with your ankles crossed. With arms straight and knees bent hand from the bar, then Pull your chest up, pause at the top and lower yourself. Then repeat the process over again.

3) Inverted Shoulder Press


Directions- Place your hands on the floor about shoulder width apart and place your feet on the bench. Raise your hips so that your stomach is perpendicular to the floor. Your arms should be straight and your hands should fall beneath your shoulders. Bend your elbows and lower your body until the top of your head almost touches the floor. Then push off with your hands until you are in the starting position. 

4) Upright Power Row


Directions- Stand up straight by keeping your spine in a neutral position and hold a pair of dumbbells in front of your thighs, palms toward your body. Lean forward slightly from your hips this is the position you will start from. Pull the weights up and straighten your stomach, turning your palms towards each other, then reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

Athletic Level 

Start these workouts by doing about 5 reps of each back-to-back with no break in between. Then reduce down to 4 reps 3,2,1 until you are complete. See if you can complete all of these under 15 minutes, if it is to easy try starting with 6-8 reps. If it is too difficult simply reduce the amount of reps and increase the time between sets to give yourself an adequate amount to recover.

The Benefits of learning self defense

Social – Most of the time you learn mixed martial arts in a class, unless it’s a private lesson. This means you will get to know more people and learn to partner up with people for certain drills. You will be forced to tolerate different skill levels and also understand different fighting cultures.

Confidence- Many people go to self-defense courses for the ability to gain confidence men or woman alike. This is great for woman as it gives them a better ability to defend themselves and boost there confidences overall. Unfortunately more woman than men are victims of assault these days and it’s even more important that woman can defend themselves.

Safety- You can learn many different ways to defend yourself in various situations when taking a mixed martial arts class. This will make it easy to be out in public and feel less anxiety than normal. Like stated before assaults do happen and you can learn how to disable an attacker by closing the distance or striking them.

Knowledge- By learning a mixed martial art sports you are equipping yourself with more brainpower. By learning something new you are also engaging in a healthy lifestyle. You also will have the know how to beat someone up in practice or in an emergency situation.

Getting in great shape- It’s great to be emotionally prepared for a fight however you must be in great physical shape as well. These start with a warm up like the one given today and learning certain techniques. Boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial artist are among some of the fittest athletes on the planet.

Here is a video of myself practicing mixed martial arts:


The Benefits of MMA functional training

Standard resistance training exercise will target one muscle for each exercise. By incorporating functional training such as the MMA workout you will target much more than one body part with each movement. Functional training is exceptionally important in mixed martial arts training and even rehabilitation as well. Functional training when broken down is essentially “real world movements” or “sports movements” that will lead to safer performance and more optimal performance.

By doing more functional exercises such as the MMA one given today you will see improved endurance, improved balance and improved range of motion. It will also allow you to work your muscles from different angles and planes, building your stability muscles as well as targeting your main muscle group. Remember when using a machine for a workout they are only pre set to that angle or range of motion. When training functional you are utilizing multi-plane and many different angles closely simulating the movements in real life.

You can incorporate more functional training by using stability balls, resistance bands or cables and training on an unstable surface. For example even a simple crunch can be altered to be more functional. If you were to do a wood chop this works your core out but does so more effective way and simulates more of a “real movement”.

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Whether you are a mixed martial artist or just a gym junkie trying to obtain more functional strength I am confident you will see great results from this workout. You should apply some of the principles in your workout even if you are utilizing a split routine, as they will help you overall. It’s important to remember you will gain more range of motion, endurance and improved balance all of which will help your lifting routine.

-Terry Asher

How to Build Muscle With These Bodyweight Workouts


You can get so used to your gym routine that you might forget you can actually get a very effective workout anywhere with just your body weight. There are plenty of reasons to break up your routine and work in a body weight day. So take a break from the gym, and lets go over some ways to mix up your workout. If you’re locked into a plateau, it’s good to slip out of the normal routine and throw your body a curveball with a body weight focused day.

In addition, beginners preparing to get into weight lifting also must acclimate the body to exercise before attempting to add additional weight. Lastly, maybe you simply don’t have access to a gym or you’re on vacation with your family; there is no excuse when you can still workout with your body weight.

Exercise Anywhere

Remember, the workout I am giving you today can be performed anywhere: hotel room, office or home. If you’re on vacation, don’t let that be an excuse, you have plenty of room to perform these body weight exercises in your hotel room. If you’re in the office and work permits you a quick workout, you can complete this in as little as 15 minutes. Ideally, you will want to find a local park if possible. This will enable you to achieve some other benefits I discussed in my last blog post, found here.


If you’re planning a vacation and you are a gym junkie like myself, create a simple checklist when seeking out a hotel. When scheduling your room, be sure to ask if they have a gymnasium, pool, local parks, or running/biking trails nearby. Another great site to check out is runtheplanet for avid runners. They provide excellent info on terrain, length of path and international race calendars.

You’re New to the Gym

If you’re new to the gym that’s all the more reason to start with body weight exercises before stepping up to weight training. Nearly every certification course is going to tell you to slowly acclimate your client into a resistance training program. Before taking on additional weight you must develop your stabilizer muscles first to handle loading these movements with added resistence. This will help you or your client have a more gradual transition when graduating to the gym and prepare the body for rigorous training.


You’re Stuck in a Plateau

This might come to a surprise, but science recommends you have an unloading week when you are weight lifting or strength training. A great website for more information on blending an unloading week is healthliving.azcentral. Body weight exercises can fit right into an unload week to give your body a break from weight lifting. The benefits of doing this include injury prevention, mental health and improved strength. So, if you’re locked into a plateau during a lifting program, it’s best to incorporate a “light” week, as you will actually yield better results over the long term.

The Body Weight Exercises

For the following workouts, try to complete 10-15 reps of each and complete as many sets as possible in 15 minutes. Depending on your athletic ability, you may need to decrease or increase the amount of reps/sets you are doing. Once you have this dialed in, bodyweight exercises provide an excellent measure of your current fitness level. Do your best not to rest between sets and complete these back to back to optimize your time. Remember that using bodyweight versus lifting will require less rest between exercises. 

1)   Body Weight Squat


Directions- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands behind your head or straighten your arms out in front. Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Try to accomplish a 90-degree angle. Pause once you hit 90 degrees and drive back up to a standing position, keeping your back straight.

2)   Thigh Tap Push ups

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.59.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.59.29 AM

Directions – From the push up position, bring your chest to the floor, keep your spine in a neutral position. At the top of your rep, bring your hand to the side of your leg while balancing with the opposite arm.

3)   Sprinter Sit-ups


Directions- Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands behind your head or straighten your arms out in front and use for stabilization as if you were running. As you extend each leg and retract it up to the body as far as you can, squeeze your abs at the top end of each rep as if you were crunching. 

Body Weight Exercises Benefits

There are many other great benefits to body weight exercises that you may have not considered. Your core is made up of 29 muscles, and by doing even simple bodyweight movements you are utilizing all of them. These exercises will be great for improving your core strength, which will lead to better athletic performance and posture and improve the look of your midsection

Another positive effect of core training is improved balance when you are performing these workouts. For example a more advanced version of a body weight squat would be a pistol squat. By doing these extreme functional exercises you can improve body control and awareness. Another reason is improved athletic performance with better balance.

Here’s an example of a more advanced body weight exercise: the pistol squat.

Here are some more…

If budgeting is part of your everyday life and you’re looking to save some money, working out with your body is quite perfectly FREE. Gyms can get pretty pricey these days and if money is an issue, you can always find a local park or just stay in the comfort of your own home. Fresh air doesn’t hurt either.

If you are worried about injuring yourself or you’re recovering from an injury body weight exercises are the best option. Body weights by definition will be much safer than typical resistance training. When recovering from an injury body weight will be the way to recover, give your body a slow but effective recovery.


There is good reason for body weight videos and programs taking center stage recently. We have just mentioned some of the benefits but there are more. Performing these workouts I have given you today will mix up your workout routine and keep you building strength. Remember, you are in the drivers seat of your health, so don’t make excuses that you are “out of town”, “can’t afford a gym” or “don’t have an effective plan”.

-Terry Asher

The Rebirth of Gym Junkies


Hi, my name is Terry and I am here to help you achieve the body you have always wanted.

About four months ago, I took over Gym Junkies with the goal of providing quality content to people across the globe. In 2010, I published my first eBook (found here) and helped thousands of people achieve their goals. My mission is to continue helping my clients through Gym Junkies, provide quality content and products, and help other personal trainers across the globe. You can find more information on me in our about section.

So, who used to be the author at Gym Junkies?

Vic Magary was the previous author before I took over Gym Junkies. You can find his bio here and his blog can be found here.

Why didn’t I delete the old content on Gym Junkies?

Before joining Gym Junkies, I read a lot of the content on the blog. Initially, I was debating whether to delete a lot of it or completely start over. However, I believe Vic Magary is a respected trainer for good reason. More importantly our views are very similar, not exactly but pretty close. I also saw that many people were enjoying old content on the site and wanted to continue to provide that material.

When did I start lifting?

I began lifting weights when I was a freshman in high school. My friend Mike made me join a local gym. It was a very standard spot in a local garage essentially but it did the trick. The trainer Dave was very qualified and had won several body-building competitions. He taught me the fundamentals to weight lifting and I am forever indebted to him, as he changed my life permanently.

My passion to help people

I really enjoy helping people in any way that I can. As you can see, my testimonial pictures are my family, close friends, clients and even myself. The content I write for Gym Junkies is the same information I give to my own family and closest friends. I truly believe it can help you achieve a better body. If you are a trainer, gym owner or a fitness fanatic, and would like to contribute to Gym Junkies please feel free to email me here Please keep your emails concise as we receive a high volume. Also, please avoid asking medical questions, I am not a doctor.

My Promise to you

I will do my absolute best to provide you with best and most truthful content possible. I rely on clinical studies for research, not hyped up fads or trendy diet scams. That being said, research is always evolving, and I will do my best to stay as current as possible. Most importantly, I would never recommend a product I wouldn’t put in my own body. The advice I give is the same advice I live by and provide my friends, family and clients.

The Future of Gym Junkies

There are a lot of exciting things happening at Gym Junkies and more on the way. 


We are very busy at work building our apparel line. Tank tops are available in sizes S-XL. They are not available yet but will be up on the site shortly for purchase. Please send any feedback to

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Yes, Gym Junkies officially has its own supplement line. Currently, we have three products: protein, pre-workout powder and muscle building tablets. Every ingredient was carefully formulated and selected for purity and quality. All supplements were manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, GMP and made in the USA.

Amazon liked our products and our mission so much they invited us to sell directly from their website. All the supplements are available now on GymJunkiesNutra’s website.

Here is our mission statement:

Gym Junkies Nutra is setting a new standard for supplements. After years of living the fitness lifestyle, we’ve read up, researched and tried the best workouts, supplements and dieting methods. The goal of Gym Junkies Nutra is not to sell you useless supplements, but instead to pass on real, effective ingredients in clinically effective dosages. Our ingredients are field tested and backed by science. We skip the fillers, the dyes and use stevia to sweeten our products. We respect our bodies and pass on that same respect to you. We want to change the supplement industry for the better; we are here to deliver results, not sell you on hype. Our supplements deliver results: size, strength, endurance and improved recovery without unnecessary additives and fillers. Every supplement we sell follows the same set of protocols, natural, powerful and effective.


My closing statement

If there is anything you might need please to not hesitate to contact us here Also if you haven’t checked out my diet eBook you can do so here.I also just recently published a book mass building recipe guide you can find that here.

If you would like to follow us on Facebook you can find that here. Also if you are on instagram you can follow me for blog updates or fitness tips you can do so here. If you want to learn more about our supplements you can find our information here.

All right well its time to go lift!

Later Gym Junkies…

-Terry Asher

Indoor vs. Outdoor Running


Throughout the week, I switch between running inside and outside during the week. However, whenever possible, I prefer to run outside as it is more effective for your body. If you are someone who enjoys running, it’s good to understand the differences between running indoors and outdoors. There are some differences that might make you rethink your comfort zone on that treadmill and get you to step outside for your next run.

Let’s take a closer look…           

Running Indoors

There are some advantages to running inside, but most of these are circumstantial. For instance, if the weather does not permit you to run outside, clearly it will be more logical to run indoors. It’s also statistically safer as well to run indoors. For example if the road is iced over or it’s dark outside, you might be better off inside. It’s also more convenient for you to adjust the workout quality as well, like changing the pace or incline or running to exhaustion without having to worry about getting back home on an empty tank.

Also, running inside provides a more controlled environment and is therefore preferable for injury prevention and a few other reasons. For instance running on the belt is more forgiving than running on pavement as the belt is moving under you and provides a softer impact than pavement. This also reduces your impact and is much less demanding on the body. If you’re recovering from an injury, it will also be more ideal to run on a treadmill verses trying to make a come back outside.

If you’re a family person and have others to watch over, it will be easier on your time and attention to run inside as well. Being stationary will obviously allow you to keep an eye on others or even watch your favorite movie or TV show. If you’re a die-hard runner you don’t need to be held back by time constraints with the option to run indoors.

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Running Outdoors

While running in doors has its advantages, the reality is, running outside can yield much better results for your body. For your hamstrings, it makes a big difference to run outside, this is because the belt is not moving from under you like on the treadmill. When you are outside you stimulate your hamstrings and your quadriceps by propelling yourself forward, versus mostly just your quads on the treadmill. This is because when you’re running on the treadmill, the belt finishes your stride, versus the need for propulsion when running outside.

The treadmill is consistently flat, where as running outside your environment is constantly changing, because of this you are burning more calories. The change in the terrain requires more energy exertion and effort from your body. Some studies show that running at the exact same speed outside will burn up to 5% more calories than if you were inside. Another thing to factor in is the resistance you face from wind. Changing conditions and terrain make running outside much more rigorous. And no, the fans on the treadmills do not count as wind resistance!

There are some drawbacks to running outside and you will need to pay attention to your surroundings more to avoid injury. It’s especially important to protect your ankles because if you are running on trails or uneven terrain, you have an increased risk of injuring them. To safeguard your ankles in the gym, perform one legged workouts, or use a bosu ball. This will help you build up more stability in your muscles/ligaments and straighten them when you hit the uneven terrain.

Here is a great exercise for stability:


*Move the opposite arm towards the foot you are balancing on.

The Vitamin D Way

It’s also important to understand another advantage to running outdoors that is often overlooked by most blogs, shows and magazines. Everyone needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Your body will naturally synthesizes vitamin D from the sun and a great way to obtain that is running outside. One study in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that those with the lowest vitamin D levels have more than double the risk of dying from heart disease. They said one of the main caused for vitamin D deficiency is “decreased outdoor activity”.

Coined the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D will also help ward off a host of diseases, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon, prostate and breast cancers. It can also aid with insomnia, overactive immune system and protecting against depression. The government recommendation is at least 200 IUs a day. So don’t underestimate the benefits of getting a little sunshine on your run—a tan doesn’t hurt either.


Make the Change from Indoor to Outdoor

If you are someone that has been training primarily indoors, then it’s important that you have a smooth transition to the outdoors. Make sure to run just a couple short runs outside to acclimate your body accordingly. You’ll have to get used to not having the belt beneath you and it’s a good idea to gradually get used to the pavement or trail. Plus, incorporating a couple balancing exercises (previously mentioned) in the gym will be a great help as well.

Some Cool Running Facts

  1.       Of the 8,000 dedicated runners surveyed in the 2007 National Runner Survey,53% were male, and 47% were female; 93% run at least three days per week, 64% at least four days per week, and 35% run five or more days per week; 35% have never completed a marathon, 64% have finished at least one or more, 33% have finished at least four or more, and 17% have finished ten or more marathons; 94% are college educated.
  1. At regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.
  1. The first recorded Olympic running games took place in 776 BCE.
  1. The Tailteann Games, an Irish sporting festival honoring Goddess Tailtiu, dates back to 1829 BCE; it is one of the earliest records of competitive running.
  1. Human feet can produce a pint of sweat per day.
  1. Running, though generally a faster means of transit, is less efficient than walking in terms of calories expended per unit distance. Due to air resistance at higher speeds, running on a track requires more energy than walking to cover the same distance. As reported by Hall et al., men on a track running at a pace of 6.3 mph use 1.2 times as much energy to travel the same distance as when walking at a pace of 3.15 mph; but, when on a treadmill running 6.3 mph they use just 1.01 times as much energy to travel the same distance as when walking at 3.15 mph.
  1. Exercise physiologists have found that stride rates are extremely consistent among professional runners; they are between 185 and 200 steps per minute.
  1. The fastest human foot speed on record is 44.72 km/h (27.79 mph), seen during a 100-meter sprint by Usain Bolt.
  1. 9.58 seconds: The current male 100-meter run world record set by Usain Bolt of Jamaica on August 16, 2009, at the 2009 World Athletics Championships.
  1. 10.49 seconds: The current female 100-meter run world record set by Florence Griffith-Joyner.


unnamed (2)

Here is a picture of me running outside, for other cool running spots you can follow me on instagram here.


Today, I have provided you with several key differences between running outdoors verses indoors. The decision is ultimately up to you, for some it might be more efficient to run indoors while others might prefer to step outside. At the end of the day, running in general is much better than sitting on the couch eating frosted flakes. A combination of resistance training, a healthy diet and a good cardio (running) routine is the recipe to have a very healthy lifestyle.

Top Military Workouts


Today I have a special guest Ryan Davis who is former marine that is going to give us some great military workouts. He has many clients that are interested in “seal workouts” or “marine” type workouts and wanted to share them here.

Let’s hear more…

It’s much different than standard training because you have so many things going on around you at once during boot camp. For example In my field you have to often times run with a heavy backpack or run on very un even terrain. You deal with extreme conditions such as driving in the ocean with freezing temperatures, or training where it is so hot you’re literally shaking. Being able to handle major fatigue and being able to press on. This is everyday life as a marine, so that why training is so important…

These workouts will be in the intermediate training level for us gym junkies. A lot of these exercises are core based as well since a stronger core leads to stronger overall body composition.

A couple of issues I see

A big problem I see is poor form from individuals who take certain classes such as cross fit or boot camps, which is often classified as “Military Workouts”. I applaud those who are going to the classes and making the effort to stay fit, however it’s important to avoid injury as well. By training incorrectly it could lead to muscles imbalances and even worse a serious injury. Unfortunately sometimes you will suffer from an injury if your not careful training. During training my left hand was crushed by a tank and I had to go through strenuous physical therapy.

Classes that have you do power cleans, dead lifts and kettle bells 4 to 5 times could be making you over train and not giving your muscles enough time to heal. Therefore increasing the possibility of injury, which will then lead to you not being able to hit the gym. Remember form is everything and it’s ok to ask another individual to watch you and correct you if needed.


The workout

The workouts I have composed  today come from going through two military boot camps and various military drills. The workouts will get you toned, improve your endurance, and help you build lean muscle. Here are some basic exercises for the gym junkie.

Workout 1:

  1. Sprint one mile you can do this outside or on the treadmill
  2. Take a weight of 50lbs or more and perform standing chest presses of 100.
  3. Take a heavy weight and drag across the floor about 20 yards then pick it up and run back.

If running on the treadmill make sure your incline is at 2.0. Anything less does not simulate running outside and the calories you would burn.

Workout 2:

  1. Perform max set of pull-ups (20 minimum)
  2. 100 crunches
  3. 3 mile run
  4. Max set push ups

Make sure you perform crunches with your hands next to you head. When you perform a sit up you are putting your pelvis into an anterior tilt and engaging your hip flexors. Also do not cross your arms over you chest. This pulls on your posture forward.

Workout 3: 


  1. 15 Medicine Ball Burpes
  2. 20 side lunges.

While holding the medicine ball go down to a push-up with your hands on the medicine ball. You will feel your stabilizer muscles being engaged. Jump up in the air with the medicine ball and when you land stay in a squat position and lunge to the side. Start from one end of the room then all the way down to the other end.

If you want to make it more challenging you can add a sprint when you reach your end point of the lunges.

Workout 4:

A. 25 Push-Ups

B. 25 Jumping Jacks

C.25 Jump Squats Countdown

Perform 25 of each then 24,23,22…. of each then so on until you hit 1!


Workout 5:


A. Laying on your back perform 25 leg lifts

B. 25 scissors then

C. 25 flutter kicks

Repeat 3 times.

Make sure during leg lifts your back comes off the ground. Other wise you will be putting pressure on your cervical spine and engaging your hip-flexors.

Other Variations

On workout 1 sometimes we would buddy drag each other then lift each other across our shoulders instead of weight. This is more difficult as it a “un even weight” but more realistic in actual combat.

You can also changed workout duration, volume or repetitions to mix it up. Sometimes if you simulate workout in an unstable environment it is considered more “realist”. For instance instead of doing 25 push ups on the ground you could do them on a bosu ball.

If you are a trainer these are also great for group training as well.  You can also include different variations in-group training as well to mix up your class schedule.

Banner Flex

Difficulty Level

Previously stated these workouts are around intermediate level. These workouts are something that you are capable of accomplishing, however, it may take time to complete some of these without stopping. My body is still under construction and I continue to pick up new training tactics everyday. There was a point and time where I could not perform all of these until I went through Army basic training and Marine Corps boot camp so don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a couple weeks to move through the workouts.


Remember to check your form when going through these workouts, as you will want to avoid injury at all costs. If the workout are too hard or to easy toggle with different variations for your fitness level. It’s also good to perform some of these exercises in unstable environments to simulate a true military workout.

Special thanks for gymjunkies for having me on today. Also special thanks to Fit Athletic Club. I have gained a great amount of knowledge working with such an amazing team! I also would like to dedicate this to my fallen brother who is our hero Justin Fowler.


How Working Out Makes You Smarter

fitbodyfitbrain-main 2

So your already a Gym Junkie and you’re already exercising, but did you know that exercising gives back to your brain? More and more studies show that there is a direct link between your brain performance and getting a healthy amount of exercise in your daily life. This also means that there is a way to optimize the times that we exercise in order to get the most kick out of the brain boosting effects of exercise. So while exercise is widely known for boosting self confidence, energy  levels and overall health, it’s now proven that vigorous exercise can make you smarter and perform better mentally.

For many, this will come as no surprise. A healthy fitness routine is part of a balanced lifestyle that leads to improvements in all areas of our lives. However, for work and personal development, early morning exercise may be the key to unlocking new levels of your own potential. Not only that but it could also lead to earning more money at work, I talk about this with one of my past blog articles here.

What this comes down to is that exercise is really not just about your body—it’s about your brain. When it comes to ailments caused by lack of proper diet and exercise, the list goes on for days.  However, currently, the symptoms of many psychological conditions like depression and anxiety are commonly treated with psychoactive drugs. Now, more and more experts are suggesting that the right prescription is really an hour of exercise.

original 2

One of the foremost authorities on the new science of exercise and the brain is John J. Ratey, MD, an associate professor from Harvard. In his book A Users Guide to the Brain, Ratey compares exercise to the effectiveness of Ritalin or Prozac and cites the power of movement to improve mood, focus and feelings of well being. What’s important about this for health conscious individuals is that it represents an opportunity for an alternative lifestyle in which an individual can cope or even overcome their symptoms without the use of chemicals.

While many athletes refer to the ‘runners high’ or endorphin burst they achieve through working out, for many people this boost could be what their brains need to function at their best. Stephen C. Putnam has become an established expert on adult ADD/ADHD and has dedicated much of his career to battling the symptoms related to these conditions. Putnam suggests that the need for exercise for optimal brain function is particularly important to people with ADHD or inability to focus.

Interestingly enough, Putnam addresses this connection in his book Nature’s Ritalin for the Marathon Mind. In the book, Putnam includes the example of a study of children who were given the chance to run around for 15 to 45 minutes before class. The effect was, not surprisingly, extremely positive. While schools have for many years provided students with a break only midway through their morning if at all, it would seem that beginning the day with recess might be the key to unlocking a room full of focused students.  This study also found that the positive effects on the students’ ability to sit still and focus on their work lasted for several hours, as many as four for many students.

Putting this in perspective for our adult lives doesn’t take much calculation. If it’s at all possible given your schedule, an early morning workout, even just a half an hour of cardio or low impact work could play a major role in how the rest of your day plays out. While many bodybuilders like to their time at the gym, and others may need several hours to conduct a workout, for those with a busy day ahead, a little change of your schedule could make a big difference.

Putnam’s studies also shed light on other physiological effects of exercise including the possible growth of new stem cells. Based on research performed using animals, Putnam suggests that exercise may really boost new stem cell growth. The impact this has on the body is significant, having a refreshing effect for the brain and numerous other body parts. Putnam goes as far as to refer to exercise as miracle grow for the brain.

excercise-brain-inline-2 (1) 2

The stimulation that exercise produces for the nervous system is the root of its positive impact on brain function. Exercise causes the brain to be flushed with happy, pleasure inducing chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. The flood of these brain chemicals is what produces the ‘runners high’ but more importantly, this is what produces the feeling of well being that enables us to approach the rest of our day, outside the gym.

There is also a connection between positive body image and optimum performance—essentially when we know we look good, we feel good and approach every situation with an increased level of confidence. This combines with the mental sharpness, refreshed feeling and positive morale that is built by exercise.

When we’re not exercising, there are only a limited number of ways that our brains experience the endorphin rush that exercise provides. Depression and lethargy have a tendency to feed on each other. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest stay at rest until another force acts upon them. We have the ability to make a choice to exercise and move our bodies and provide a natural burst of positive brain chemicals.

This is not to suggest that there are not serious cases in which depression and anxiety must be treated with clinical care. However, those suffering from mild symptoms who are considering the path of pharmaceutical treatment, it’s worth first considering how much power we have to improve the way we feel through exercise.


A Duke study involved 150 people suffering from the symptoms of depression, divided into groups with some participants being treated with Zoloft and others being assigned exercise. While all the groups reported feeling ‘better’ after three months, the group prescribed exercise had a lasting improvement that went far past 6 months. By this time, other participants had reported slipping back into depression symptoms.

One of the things that many people learn through a training regimen is that the positive impacts of exercise cross over into many other aspects of life, from our love life to our professional life. Now it would seem that science has proven a direct line between optimum brain function being directly tied to exercise.


Most Gym Junkies know they feel better after working out. The burst of endorphins we experience is part of what keeps us going back to the gym to keep pushing and improving. However, it is also this burst of serotonin and dopamine that refreshes the brain and instills a sense of well being.

The proven science behind exercise and the brain has established a new option for treating our own conditions and improving our mental faculties. The positive impacts of exercise on the nervous system are being documented on new levels, even as far as producing new stem cells. While many athletes have experienced the benefits of exercise on the brain, it is always remarkable to witness the power of the human body and brain. Next time you have a big day at the office or school, try starting your day with the gym.

-Terry Asher


Build Muscle Fast with These Simple Rules


Let’s be realistic to gain muscle and lose belly fat you will have to exercise, rethink your eating habits and of course get sweaty. You can however optimize your workouts by working out smarter and not harder. Today I will go over some simple rules to follow when embarking on your fitness journey. Remember not one of these suggestions will be the sole reason for getting you in great shape, but by following these simple rules you will be in the fitness fast lane!

The Food Pyramid Lies to Us

Ever seen the food pyramid in school when you were growing up? It’s actually not the best guidance when you are trying to put on lean muscle and shed fat. The problem with the old school food pyramid is it has too many refined carbohydrates, is very low in protein and fat. Below I will showcase a much more effective “food pyramid” for us Gym Junkies. Also remember you must be consuming the correct fats for more information you can check out my blog post on Eat Fat to Burn Fat.

Nuts and Avocado- stick between 1-2 servings a day

Fats and Oils- stick between 2-4 servings a day

Fruits- stick between 2-4 servings a day

Starchy Foods- stick between 2-4 servings a day

Low Starch Vegetables- stick between 3-4 servings a day

Protein Foods- stick between 4-8 servings a day


Go Green or Go Home

Research has suggested that by consuming more greens you are less likely to fatigue. This is especially important if you are an athlete seeking to have an effective game. I know eating green is always not the best tasting but there are some recipes you can make that will make it more tasty to the palate. You can always add some greens to your protein shake, throw some frozen berries in their and some almond milk and blend it up! If you need some healthier smoothie ideas you can check out my smoothie guide here, for a very low price.

Suns out Guns Out

 Well sort of, but not to show everyone how in shape you are but rather to get vitamin D. A recent study suggested that over 75% of Americans are vitamin D deficient and this can drastically impair your athletic performance. You want to get at least a minimum of 500 IU a day. If you happen to have fair skin you can always consume vitamin D orally in a pill form.

Banner Protein

Protein in Doses

If your trying to gain lean muscle mass it’s much more effective to consume protein six times a day verses 3 times a day. The will also help balance blood sugar throughout the day and cause you to hit less “peaks and valleys”. I would also suggest consuming whey protein as it is absorbed the fastest in your body. If you want to check out Gym Junkies protein you can here, all natural very low carbs and very high in protein.

Why the Gym Junkies Whey? 

Different types of protein are better for different things. However the reason Gym Junkies invested in whey protein is because it digests the fastest out of the protein family. Whey protein will also help control cravings all day research suggests. Whey Protein will also assist you in replenishing the nutrients you lost from your workout and help you build lean muscle.

Full body Workouts for Strength

Remember if your going for strength how many times you workout and how hard you workout will both be contributing factors. You can burn more calories quicker if you do a full body workout; try to do a full body workout 3-5 times a week. Make sure your hitting your muscle group anywhere between 10-15 times during the duration of the week.

Pump More Iron

When targeting your primary muscle group you can try to focus on secondary muscle groups as well. For example if your squatting you can pretend to pushdown on the floor, by doing this you will activate your gluteus more. Same goes for bench press up and try bending the bar as this will work out your upper back and create a much more stable platform when benching. This will also assist you in building more power for your lifts.

Lift Something Awkward

Barbells and dumbbells don’t really pertain to everyday life. An example of this is holding your child or even grocery bags during the day. So try to do something in the gym that helps your functional strength as well, try lifting a medicine ball, kettle bell or a sandbag. A great website to check out for some of these exercises is Anthony DiLuglios


Blast Your Core

Doing a hundred of sit-ups will not give you a six-pack, I wish it were that easy. You’re going to have to get creative when it comes to blasting your core, and do rotations, leg lifts, table tops and a host of other things if you want a ripped mid section. Remember when you’re doing a sit up or a crunch your only moving in one range of motion. Mix it up and hit different angles, reps and weight. For great core workouts check out the blog post I wrote on how to get ripped in 10 minutes a day.

Run In Burst

I enjoy running a lot, and to avoid plateaus I will constantly mix my runs up, with different elevation, incline, pace or even environment. By doing this I am always keeping my body guessing what’s next. If you’re someone that prefers running inside and have the AC blasting, then trying bumping the incline up by 3% to mimic the calories you would burn outside. Also remember interval running is more effective than long steady cardio when it comes to burning calories. You can check out some short burst workouts with my TNT Fat Loss Guide.

Drink more H20

You will burn more calories if you consume more water everyday, 16oz to be exact. Drinking water can raise your metabolism a whooping 30%, that’s a big difference. Remember water is the most optimal choice for gym junkies, so drink up!

Don’t stay stationary

Moving around is your friend, even if it means you’re up doing the laundry. If you’re in walking/biking distance to the store or neighbors house make the extra effort not to drive. By making these changes you could burn up to an additional 2,000 calories a week. Remember you can always multi task and walk in talk at the same time.


Sleep More and Consume Less

If your not getting good sleep and you’re consistently getting less than 7 hours it could lead to overeating. It also releases your hungry hormone Cortisol, and makes it hard to control eating habits. It’s important to remember your bodies need sufficient rest in order to perform in their most optimal state. You can learn more about how important sleeping here in one of my recent blogs.

Power Verses Strength

Often people confuse these, as they are very different. Power is the ability to exert strength quickly. For example box jumps, vertical jumps, cleans or medicine ball slams. To increase your power you can incorporate some of those exercises before a lifting routine.

The Road to Recovery

It’s important to treat recovery as a separate workout, because of its great effects on your body. Also you will as gain muscle much faster by doing this. So make time during the week for recovery such as foam roll, or even yoga. You can also check out my recent blog post on how yoga can help you build muscle mass here.

More Activities Between Sets

I am the king of making the most use of my time, and actually there is a huge benefit when it comes to weight lifting. For example in between sets I will drop down and do table tops, or do body weight squats or pushups. Not only am I burning more calories by doing this but I am also avoiding injury as well. So keep moving in the gym, don’t be one of those gym junkies that exercises their mouth in between sets.

Practice your Agility

To perform at your most optimal capacity you will want to practice agility, speed and quickness. If you’re an athlete this is even more important as most sports are “stop and go”. A good example of this is to set up cones in a square and do many variations of short sprints. For some great agility exersise  you can check out this website here.


By following theses simple rules your workouts should improve significantly. Remember to incorporate as many of these as possible; just focusing on one will not cut it. It’s all about working out smarter and not harder with your gym time; always make the most of it. Remember to sign up for FREE fitness tips here, and you will also get notifications on when I publish more articles during the week.

-Terry Asher


Change Your Physique With 15 Minutes a Day


Is More better?

In today’s world everyone assumes more is better, why not take two multi-vitamins; why not get a double cheeseburger instead of a cheeseburger or better yet take four scoops of pre-work instead of just two scoops.

So it seems the same for working out right? If you workout for two hours verses one hour it must be more effective.

Take a closer look…

Have you ever glanced over to the treadmills or elliptical at the gym, I bet you see the same faces there. If you analyze them further you notice that there bodies don’t really change, even after the 100th time they get off. This is simply because they are set in the old way of thinking, more is better.

They will do countless hours of cardio over and over again, with zero change to there body composition. Simple being a cardio junkie is not the best way to change your body.

Research says… 

If you select the right program in only 15 minutes a day, you will be able to get great benefits from it. Your Benefits will include better heart health, weight loss, increase lean muscle mass and improved mental state. So setting 15 minutes a day aside is not a lot to ask for all those great benefits. You will want to stick with working out major muscle groups by doing, squat, chest press, row and tabletops for core. By setting aside 15 minute it’s possible to have a body transformation.


Replace Fat with Muscle

As stated above if you select the right program and choose about four different exercises you can see tremendous improvements. In fact the Navy recently just did a study and found that by working out just for about 15 mins a day you could lose about 4 pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle in just 8 weeks. Remember to select major muscle groups, as you will burn the most calories and have the most metabolic effect from this. For example if you were to work out forearms verses your quads, the benefit would be much more minimal. You will want to be the most efficient with your time and get the best results possible.

Burn Calories

Another study suggested that by doing a set of about 9 different exercises or about 15 minutes of strength training 3 times a week individuals raised there resting metabolic rate. Meta-What? Metabolic rate is the number of calories you burn while you are just hanging out, for example just watching your favorite Netflix show. This is enough to keep unwanted fat away and keep your body healthy.


Sleep better

By working out you will sleep on average about 25% better at night. That’s a significant difference for doing a strength-training program for 8 weeks. By working out individuals were able to fall asleep faster and sleep for longer. This makes a huge difference in your waistline, if you have poor sleeping habits it is very hard to shed belly fat. Stanford University did a study that stated if you slept below 7 hours your body would release cortisol (fat storage hormone) and ghrelin the hunger hormone. So it’s very important to get a good nights rest especially if weight loss and creating lean muscle mass are your goals.

Stay youthful 

Unfortunately as you age you will continue to lose more and more muscle mass as time goes by. Strength training is a great way to combat this loss of muscle mass as you enter adulthood. If your trying to lose weight muscle is your biggest calorie burner in your body, burning 5x more than fat. So by losing your muscle mass your essentially taking away your fat burning ability and taking your foot off the accelerator.

Keeping muscle mass on for older men is even more important. Only strength training has been shown to help your increase strength and muscle composition. So you will not get the same benefit from running (however running has other benefits). Keeping lean muscle with ultimately keep you more youthful as time progresses.

Upgrade your appearance

What do you wear to work? Working out will have a huge effect on how your clothes fit you. Did you know that 1 pound of fat takes up 20% more room than 1 pound of muscle? That’s a lot of room and it adds up fast. I’ve often heard business people tell me that they would be more concerned with putting on mass and not being able to fit into there clothes, however there body fat is taking up much more room at the end of the day. Again 15 minute is not a lot of time to sacrifice for keeping a trim waste line and lean muscle mass.

Stress out less

Scientists have actually discovered that the fittest people have much lower stress than the average individual. By being fit you will also have lower levels of stress hormones as well. Stress will build up cortisol, and the more of this hormone the harder it is to keep belly fat at bay. So by having less stress it will also convert over into looking better physically.


Happier in life 

Strength training has also been shown to help people suffering from anxiety, depression or even attention deficit disorder. University of Sydney stated that if you lifted weights on a regular bases you were less likely to suffer from depression as well. For the mental boost in happiness cardio has also been shown effective for this as well.

Reduce Heart attack or Stroke 

Your most important muscle your heart and regular resistance training strengthens it. Not only does resistance training strengthen your heart but it also improves your entire cardiovascular system. A study found just by doing strength training 3 times a week for 8 weeks you could reduce your blood pressure by 8 points. Both systolic (the top number) and diastolic (the lower number) were reduced. This converts into a 40% reduction in stroke and a 15% reduction in heart attack.

Strengthen Your Bones

If you want to strengthen your bones weight lifting is one of the most effective ways to do so. Men do not lose bones strength as fast as woman however they are not immune to osteoporosis either. You will want to take advantage of this at an early age as to not run into problems later in life. One Study actually found that high intensity workouts were way more effective for bone density verses low intensity workouts.  Again look at those people on the treadmills, their bodies are not changing nor are there bones.

Improve Flexible 

Muscles shorten over time as well, so it’s important to stretch as much as possible. Using your muscles in a full range of motion with combat this and leave you way more flexible. Working out 3 times a week for about 16 weeks showed huge improvement in range of motion in hips and shoulders. Not only does keeping flexible good for range of motion but it actually can help you breath better as well and has been linked to a better cardiovascular system. I talk a little bit about in the eBook I wrote which is available for purchase on this website here.


Think Faster 

Research has also suggested that after working out for a year your brainpower is increase by over 13% percent. Weight training also leads to better attention span, long-term memory and short-term memory. So yes working out makes you smarter, proven by science.

Have more Time

I mean let’s face it, that’s the real reason your reading my blog post right? If your willing to just commit 15 minutes a day, your much more likely to stick with it for the rest of your life.

Everyone starts somewhere you won’t turn into a gladiator over night. Starting with just 15 minutes a day is a great start and your body get’s amazing benefits from it. Time to workout!

-Terry Asher