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I’m Terry I’m here to help you achieve the body you want. I truly believe anyone can achieve the figure they want, with the proper guidance. Through my eBook I have been able to help thousands of people online lose weight, tone up and get in shape. My goals are to continue to help people all around the world and change people’s life for the better.

The Effective Art Of Gaining Weight

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Looking to gain weight… Tired of being skinny?

Tired of looking so skinny that you feel and look like a wet noodle? Some of us eat like a bull and still can’t look like one. It can be terribly tough at times because it ends up building a lot of frustration. However, there are ways which can help you gain weight. All you have to do is know the right methods and learn them here today. You will be able to put on that extra pounds and look more yoked rather than looking lean and lanky.

So, are you ready to put up weight, become more yoked and show some of your muscle off, rather than being a pile of bones? I know, you must be wondering if this is going to be another of those articles where you will have to put up with things that never turn out to be useful. I assure you, it is not. I mean no chick wants to hang out with a guy who can barely support his own weight, or is standing on pirate pegs. I used to be one of those guys so I can resonate with your feelings, if you don’t believe me you can check out the about me section. Let’s get started on these tips that will assist you in no time. You should be able to get answers to your never-ending questions like how can I gain weight and keep it on for good.

The Top Thirteen Tips to Gain Weight

How can I gain weight … Eat a lot:

You may smirk and say this is a “no brainer”. Believe me, it is easier said than done. It is terribly difficult to eat a meal if you don’t have the appetite to do so. You should do a calculation and see exactly how many calories you should be consuming and add 500. Not only do you need to have more meals more frequently but also every meal should be a well portioned and not a 100-calorie snack. Initially, it will be extremely difficult for you to make adjustments and you may even repeat your chants like I can’t gain weight but over a period of time, you will make changes. Remember, if you can manage an extra of 500 calories every day, you will be able to gain an additional pound over a week. So, ideally, my suggestion to you would be to increase at least 500 calories per day and this should help you put on extra pounds in a week.

Can’t Gain Weight …. Eat good stuff:

Now that I have asked you to eat, it doesn’t mean that you are only going to eat junk and unhealthy food. If you splurge upon Twinkies, taco bell or mountain dew, you will gain weight, but it is of course, not high in nutritional value. In fact, this is the ideal solution for becoming overweight. You want to gain weight and muscle but not at the expense of your health, so make sure you are putting quality contents in your body. This is why you should make it a point to invest in high-quality calories like food that comes loaded with healthy fats, good protein, and good carbs and so on.


How Can I Gain Weight Fast With Protein:

Often called the building blocks for your muscles. If you want to know how to gain weight fast, there is absolutely no better way than to choose protein after a workout. You can eat chicken, fish, eggs, almonds, peanuts, beans and other protein-rich stuff, as they are sure to help you build tons of muscle. Make sure you choose a high-quality protein and I would recommend doing whey as it’s absorbed the fastest into your system.

Do Carbs Lead to Extra Weight, What About Your Muscles?

If your sole focus is merely to put on extra weight and whether or not you can gain muscles isn’t really pivotal for you, you can settle for carbs. Food rich in carbs include pasta, wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice. All these choices are sure to help you gain weight; however, you should also have protein with your carbs to put on the extra muscles. When you are consuming exclusively proteins, your body may use it merely for the sake of energy rather than building muscles. I am telling this based on my personal experience. Back in my days of college, I used to exercise and have three protein shakes every day. They didn’t get me huge gains until I started mixing more carbs with my protein. So, you need to supplement good fat and good carbs along with it and then you will get the most optimal gains.

How Do I Gain Weight And Be Mindful of My Eating Habits:

You can create a journal to better keep track of exactly what you are eating. This will give you the details of everything ranging from the calories you are having and the amount of proteins and carbohydrates which you should have. With the help of the details listed in your journal, you will be able to get an idea of the calories you have to consume and thus will make it easier to know how to put on weight.

How Do You Gain Weight With Compound Exercises:

You need to concentrate hard upon complex and compound exercises and this is why you should indulge in bench press, squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, pull-ups and such exercises. You do not need to worry about bicep curling, triceps extensions or even shoulder shrugs as you won’t see as many gains from single joint exercises. The compound exercises that I have mentioned will help in loading up your body with muscle as quick as possible, not only that, but you will be more functional.

How to Gain Weight Fast And Your Appearance is a Manifestation of Your Fitness:

This is the key logic that the actors who trained for 300 movies used. Wouldn’t you love looking like one of those Spartans? You should concentrate on lifting heavy weights and your focus should be on the 8-12 rep range. You may start slow and find it hard to carry out a lot of exercises, but keep on pushing until it is easier for you to handle. Sooner rather than later, you will find that if you apply all these tips you will be gaining weight in no time.

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Know the Right Resting Details Between Sets:

When you are engaged in exercises, you need to be sure that you are allowing the right amount of resting time. The rep ranges, which you should be performing, are between 8 and 12 and the amount of rest that you take between sets should be 1-3 minutes. This will help you in the right possible manner that can give you the perfect returns which you have been hoping for.

Give Your Muscles the Much-Needed Rest:

Never ever make the mistake of exercising the same muscle over and over again. This will lead to muscle fatigue, hurt your growth and may even lead to an injury. Ideally, you should give it a rest of two days before you begin again on any muscle group. Your muscles rebuild during the rest period, so resting is extremely important. This is why exercise on your muscles with a proper schedule is key for building muscle mass.

Your Sleep Cycle:

Sleep, Sleep and more sleep. I know you may have a 9-5 to deal with, maybe even kids as well, but try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. All your body does when you are sleeping is continue to grow your muscles and repair tissue that has been broken down from your workouts. So, if you’re out late partying and stay up till 3, don’t expect gains to be the most optimal. So while your workout and diet is so important, getting the right amount of sleep with give you absolutely the best results.

Cardio is Not Your Best Friend:

When you are looking to learn how to put on weight, cardio isn’t the thing you truly need. No, it is time to bid goodbye your long cardio sessions. You are not here to look like a marathon runner and suffer from what I like to call skinny fat syndrome. You can engage in interval sprints to keep your body fat down but you will not want to do tons of cardio as your muscle could be broken down for energy.

How to Put On Weight And Have a Routine:

Sometimes you may skip a few workout sessions, it’s ok we all understand that life happens and sometimes you get busy. However, under no circumstances can you afford to skip a meal when you are trying to gain weight. You have to eat no matter how big of a rush you are in, it takes two seconds to make a protein shake, so there are no excuses.

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Fat is a Part of The Package 

When you are doing all this, know beforehand that you might put on a little more body fat than normal when you are building. You have to mentally prepare yourself and understand this is part of the building process. You can always shed the extra pounds after you have managed to put on the much-needed muscle or desired weight.


I have followed all these principles and I am no longer the skinny guy I used be in high school. It took a lot of self-control and dedication but I am certain any person can make gains despite your body composition.

-Terry Asher

Is There Really a “Best” Workout Plan?


I have been asked a ton of people as to what is the best without plan is but I am sorry to state that there is no particular and specific answer as everyone’s body is different. Also, the reason behind this is the fact that the exercise plans differs based upon the specific biology of your body. I answer tons of emails and it is not possible for me to single handled get all the details of your body including your height, weight, lifestyle, diet pattern, age, schedule and more. This is why it is difficult for me to offer you the best workout schedule, but I try my best.

I can give you tons of suggestions, but there is only one person who could make all of it work in the in the end and that person is you. You will be able to get tons of tips today and be on the way to sketch the perfect program for YOU.
Let me start with the question as to what are you doing right now. What are the methods you are using and how helpful has it really been? Listen dude, if your methods are showing the same results and you haven’t been able to shed the extra pounds or see gains, it’s called a plateau. Here is a program for all those who are just beginning or some gym junkie regulars that are looking for some of the best full body workout routines that can make you look yoked in no time.

Analyzing The Situation

Tell me truly. How much time can you give to your exercise plans? This is crucial because it will help in formulating the right kind of routine that will help your body. So, dutifully analyze your answer.
Until and unless, you have been weight lifting for quite some time, I would advise that you opt for a full body workout routine which you can carry out at least two or three times a week or body weight workouts. You will need exercises that will work on different parts of your body ranging from your quads chest, shoulders, push and pull muscles and most definitely your core as well.
I am going to give you a complete breakdown of some simple exercises you should be doing.
Quads: In order to build your quads, you can use squats, box jumps, leg press and even lunges.
Butt and hamstrings: You can always indulge in deadlifts step-ups, leg curls and hip raises.
Chest, shoulders and triceps: Bench press, pushups, dips, incline dumbbell press and skull crushers
Back, biceps and forearms: pull-ups, chin-ups, inverted bodyweight rows and even dumbbell rows are the finest choices for building these body parts.
The core:  Planks, mountain climbers, hanging leg raises, jumping knee kicks, cable woodchops and much more

Ideally, you can pick one exercise from each of these above-listed categories and you should work on at least one of these muscles every single day for a split routine or all together for a circuit. These are merely examples of what you can do as there are tons more you can do as well. As a beginner do not over complicate things and end up injuring yourself though. Also, if you are just starting you make sure you check out the beginner’s workout guide.


Variety Can Be Good For You

When you are carrying out the same routine for a long period of time, your muscles have a tendency to get bored. This is why it is best-advised to choose a different exercise every day. This keeps your body guessing and it won’t adapt and rather have a challenge to watch it every day. This is good for both a better build and body fat reduction.
Also, you need to know that the muscles are not built when you are pumping iron. It is built when you are sitting on your bum doing nothing watching Netflix. So, you will have to take a break and give your muscles the right amount of time to recover, repair and grow.

How Many Sets?

When I am not counting the sets you do as warmup, I would recommend anything from 3 to 5 per exercise for a split routine. The total fitness workouts set should ideally fall in the range of 15 to 25. The bottom-line remains to know your own limits and push yourself but not so much that it would lead to injury of course.

What About The Repetitions?

If you have a lot fat on your body, which you want to get rid of and build muscles simultaneously, you should do 8 to 15 repetitions per set. Why? The more muscle mass you have the more fat burning ability you have. Muscles are your friend when you are trying to lose body fat.
However, if your focus is mainly on building muscle size and strength, you have to vary the reps accordingly. Ideally, you can do heavy, light and lower reps on three different days to infuse the right variety.

The Significance Of Reps Ranges

If you are wondering as to how the  rep ranges count can assist in a workout, here are the details you need.
• When the rep count falls in the range of 1 to 5, it will help you build dense muscles and will increase the strength.
• When the rep count is in between 6 to 12, it will help in building both muscular strength and size.
• If your rep count exceeds 12, the muscular endurance stage will be impacted the most.
When you carry out reps in all these three ranges, you are carrying out an “advanced workouts”.
You can also mix the amount of weight along with the reps and vary them as well. The key is to keep your muscles guessing and not to allow them to settle in a groove, of course, this is called muscle confusion.

How Long To Wait In Between Sets?

I have always followed a systematic and basic formula for the sake of waiting between sets.
1 to 3 reps: resting duration: 3 to 5 minutes
4 to 7 reps: resting time:2 to 3 minutes
8 to 12 reps: resting time 1 to 2 minutes.
13 reps+: resting duration of 1 to 2 minute or less
If you are mixing up the rep ranges, you need to mix this time slot as well.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.53.48 PM

How Much Should I Lift?

If you are wondering about the weight lifting routine, the golden rule is easy. Lift as much weight as you can in a responsible fashion. It is upon you to determine what your 1RM is. You can always go by trial and error or do a simple equation. When you are just beginning, you need to be sure that you are a little cautious because when lifting super heavy, you don’t want to develop muscle imbalances or mess up your kinetic chain.
Once you have the right numbers to help you out, you will be able to make the most out of your body.

How Long Should I Exercise?

In my opinion, 45 minutes to a max of an hour seems standard. Obviously, you need to add a warm-up session of 5 to 10 minutes. So, it can stretch a little beyond an hour at times. It is also, of course very dependent on what your goals are and how much time you have during the day.

The Alternating Sets

Suppose, you have a plan of doing squats and dumbbell bench press, rather than doing one of them continuously and then moving to the next, the better option is to alternate between each set of the exercises. The main reason as to why this is a better choice is that when you are carrying out the other exercise, it will allow the muscles to rest and thus the recovery time will be ample as well. Not only this, it will also ensure that your body is going to get the right kind of rest and thus the total burnout is going to be significantly less.
So, let us check out a sample workout that you can use.
You can alternate lunges with inclined dumbbell press. Carry out 4 sets each and have a gap of 1/2 minutes between each set.
Further, you can alternate straight deadlifts with pull-ups and maintain the same repletion and time gap.

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If you want to burn body fat while exercising but still build a little mass, you have to perform circuits. A circuit essentially means that you need do one set for every exercise right one after the other and there is no stopping in between either. Most of the times, you will find yourself unable to move after a rigorous session of the best circuit sessions. They are hard but great for reducing body fat as your heart is elevated and you will gain some muscle from doing it.


Make sure that you are keeping an eye on all these points during your workout, you will be able to build your muscles and reduce your body fat. Also remember, to warm-up because it is going to help you in the long run as well. So, make a note of all such points and then work it into your routine if you haven’t already. Getting a super fit body isn’t easy, but if you build your workouts correct you will be on your way.

-Terry Asher

The Best Body Weight Exercises You Must Know


Still don’t have a gym membership? Is this your kind of problem?

Absolutely no worries! You’ve landed at the right place as I will get your workout sorted if you don’t have one. Unfortunately, my experiences with gyms have been mixed depending on which one you choose and the crowd of people, it can be overwhelming at times. So if you find yourself without one today no worries.

If you step out of the gym or simply haven’t gotten around to getting a membership yet you can still make gains. You can easily perform some of the best at home workout routines and stay in shape without the need to head to a gym. When you are doing weight circuits, you will not only be able to burn the extra body fat, but building muscles is a whole lot easier as well. Also, I think it’s important to remember if you’re a beginner, bodyweight exercises are actually more ideal to get started with.

Why Are Body Weight Circuits Such A Kickass Choice?

Are you wondering as to why am I propagating body weight circuits so much? I will tell you the facts. When you carry out such exercises, which you are performing, it will utilize major muscle groups and thereby it helps in burning huge amount of calories as well. In fact, when I was digging through the details, I found out that circuit training is a great way to control body fat. Also, steady cardio nowhere fits the equation as it burns very minimal calories in comparison, you can check out my recent article on interval training for more information. So, if you want to cut the extra pounds and you are of the opinion that you can do steady cardio on your treadmill is a sound choice, let me tell you straight – it’s not.

I will share the details of a basic workout routine which you can complete pretty much wherever you are; be it your house, basement or even a park as well.


The Beginners Body Weight Exercises

Now that you have come to this beginner workout routine, let me discuss one of the best among them. When you perform a circuit routine, you have to carry out the exercises continuously without taking any form of a break in between. When you have completed the exhaustive list of all the exercises that are a part of the circuit, you should try and repeat it all over again. If your body has ample stamina and it permits, you can go ahead and opt for a third round. As the exercises are performed back to back, your body may get sore and extremely tired. So, take a little break and breathe and of course drink plenty of water. I am not asking you to burn your body beyond the point of repair but you should be challenging yourself.

Warm Up Is Must

When you are learning the different bodyweight workout routine, you need to know that a warm up is absolutely necessary. You have to be thoroughly sure that you devote ample time for the right kind of warm ups. When you are just beginning an exercise, it is recommended that you carry out a warm up prior to it. If your muscles do not warm up enough, you could be prone to injury. Give your body the right amount of time to heat up as it is only then that you will be prepared to do a little bit of straining and pulling.

None of the best bodyweight exercises should be performed unless you have warmed up properly. You can always cut down the overall time for your workout when you are running short of time if needed as well. When I am asking you to work out, there are all possible ways that you can use the intervals and activity. Feel free to choose any of the following.

  • Jump ropes
  • Push ups
  • Pedal on a stationary bike
  • Run in a place
  • Jog up and down the stairs

Practically, the list is endless and you are free to use your own imagination and pick the choices that seem to be the finest which you can have. Remember, you should not wear yourself out completely but you need to pump up your heart and make sure to sweat it out a little because you should be open to challenging your body.

Now that you are looking for a body weight workout routine, here are the details you must follow.

  • 20 body weight squats
  • 10 Pushups
  • Walking lunges, 20
  • Low Back Extension; 10
  • 15 second planks
  • 30 jumping jacks

When you have completed the entire bodyweight workout routine, grab some water and assess how hard it was for you. If it was too easy try increasing the rep range or reduce the rest times.

Your Form and Fitness Level

When you are doing the body weight squats or even lunges, you can always use a support for the sake of maintaining balance.

Even when you are doing lunges, you have to be mindful that you are keeping your eyes ahead and the upper half of your body should be completely vertical. Sometimes, when I am exercising, I used to see people have a bend in their backs; you don’t want to do this. Your spine should be in a neutral position at all times.


When you are carrying out the low back extension exercises, you can use a stability ball and keep your feet planted shoulder width apart. Also remember to place your hands either on your forehead or behind your head but do not pull on your neck.

This bodyweight workout routine can be carried out for nearly 2 to 3 times per week. One of the important things you need to know is that you’re not building muscles when you are exercising. The muscles are actually built on your rest days of course.

So, I make it a point to follow a routine wherein I train really vigorously and then chillout on the other days and get some rest. This ensures that I give my muscles the right amount of time to make a complete recovery. Not only does it help me build muscles, but also at the same time, it ensures that my body is not burning under its own strain either. You should also take into account your fitness level if you’re very new to workout rest days can be more frequent, starting out.

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Finally, you have to make sure that along with this beginner gym workout, you need to keep an eye on your diet as well. If you follow a crappy diet, all the effort will go to waste and you won’t see the most optimal gains. You need to make sure you’re eating non-processed foods and getting some high-quality protein. Your diet is going to decide whether or not you will succeed and see that extra mile out of your workout. When you have followed all my above points, you are sure to spot the right changes which you want. So, what are you waiting for?

-Terry Asher

The 10 Best Foods For Bodybuilding


Want fast mass gain?

If so, you must be taking into account the foods you are eating on a day to day basis. Make no mistake about it, if your diet isn’t up to par, your results won’t be either.

You can workout as hard as you like in the gym each day, but without that backing of a solid diet, you’re going to fall short.

The number one problem that most people face as they go about their quest to build muscle fast is not getting in enough calories overall.  Basically, they barely eat enough to maintain their body weight and expect to actually gain weight on that intake.

Is it any wonder then why they aren’t seeing results? If you don’t provide sufficient fuel to build new muscle with, you’ll just stay looking the same as you are right now.

So the mission with the top bodybuilding foods is not just to make sure you are getting quality proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats in, but also to make sure that you are choose food choices that will allow you to optimize your total calorie intake.

This said, let’s look at the top 10 foods that anyone who wants to build muscle mass should be eating almost every day of the week.

Dry Oatmeal

First, when you sit down for breakfast in the morning, don’t dish up a bowl of hot oatmeal. Doing this would be a mistake. Hot oatmeal is too high in volume to really help you get sufficient calories in.

For fat loss, it’s perfect. For muscle gain, it’s less than ideal.  Instead, serve it raw. You can eat it just as you would any other cold cereal and you’ll easily take in triple the calories for the same amount of space in your stomach.

Top it with some slivered almonds, dried cranberries, and skim milk for a quick and delicious breakfast alongside whatever protein source you’re eating.

Nut Butter

Speaking of nuts, also consider adding nut butter to anything you can.  Add it to smoothies, make a sauce with it, smear it over your fruit – or just eat it out of the tub.

Few things are more calorie-dense than this condiment and you’ll take in a good mix of healthy fats and protein.  Just do be sure that it’s a natural variety so that you avoid the sugar that typically comes with most nut butters.


Salmon is the next food that you need to be getting in as often as possible. Rich in protein and high in omega-3 fats, this one will help you maximize your insulin sensitivity, which means you can build lean muscle mass more easily.

In addition to this, this fish variety is far more calorie-dense than white fish varieties such as bass or tilapia, so that’s another reason to be getting it into the picture more often.

You can eat 4 ounces of salmon or 8 ounces of tilapia. Which one will be easier to get down?

Gym Junkie Food

Grass Fed Beef

Another must-have on the list of protein-rich foods is grass fed beef.  Grass fed beef contains CLA fats, which can help you burn excess body fat quickly, which is great for staying lean as you build muscle mass as well.

Furthermore, grass fed beef will also contain iron, which is going to be important for keeping your energy levels up for all those intense workouts you have planned.

Once again, it’s a higher calorie source of protein for your body, so one that you must be including into the picture.


Quinoa is the next great food to be adding to any bodybuilding diet plan.  Quinoa is a complete source of protein, so can help you get your intake up a little higher and in addition to that, it’s also rich in complex, slow digesting carbohydrates.

These will help to promote a full and complete recovery after each workout you do, while helping you get those calories adding up.

Serve it any way you’d serve regular brown rice for a versatile side dish you can eat multiple days per week.


The next good healthy fat source to be adding whenever you can is avocado. Many people overlook avocado’s entirely, but they’re excellent for a mild, creamy flavor to the foods you eat.

They’ll also supply you with a good dose of vitamin E, for keeping your skin and hair healthy while improving your immune function and give you cholesterol-lowering unsaturated fat.

Use them pureed in a sauce, add them to a green salad, or simply slice one up and add it to your sandwich.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.20.24 PM

Whole Milk

While you may think that you should avoid whole milk entirely due to the saturated fat content, don’t be so quick to assume this.

Some saturated fat is important to take in as it will help to keep your overall testosterone level elevated. Men who use very low fat diets will quickly see a decline in testosterone release, which means slower progress on their bodybuilding protocol.

Whole milk is rich in calories and will offer a decent amount of protein, so start using this in smoothies or over that morning bowl of oats.


It is still important that you get in some fruits over the course of the day for the beneficial nutrients they provide. This said, choosing the most calorie dense ones is going to be very beneficial.

Bananas come in as one of the top fruits to consider as they not only contain simple fruit sugars, making them ideal for an insulin response after your workout, but also contain a decent level of starch carbohydrates as well, which will digest more slowly and help you maintain that energy for the long haul.

Bananas are fast to pack with you so pull one out and eat it at any point during the day.  Even better, smear it with some peanut butter for a complete snack.

Olive Oil

Always aim to cook with olive oil whenever preparing stir-fry’s or simply grilling your meat. This is a very easy and fast way to get in more healthy fats and calories, while adding texture and taste to your foods.

Olive oil is one of the best heart-healthy fats to be eating, so one that will promote optimal well-being while also helping you grow.


Finally, one last good carbohydrate source to eat immediately after your workout session is a bagel. Bagels are ideal as they are much more dense than bread, so you’ll take in more carbohydrates per serving.

Smear one with a little jelly to get some insulin-spiking simple carbs in and then get that meal in with your protein shake immediately after you finish up in the gym.

A powerful hit of carbohydrates at this time is one of the best things that you can do to help promote massive growth.

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So have a good look at your current bodybuilding diet plan. Are you eating these foods often? If not, it might be time to make a few adjustments to your meal choices so that you are getting them in more regularly. Whenever you add a food to your diet, always assess it for not only the nutrition it provides, but also for how many calories per serving it will give you as well.

-Terry Asher

The Squat-Free Lower Body Bodybuilding Program


Squats. You’ve read time and time again that you absolutely must make sure you get this major exercise into your workout program.  In fact, you might have heard before that if you squat, you really don’t need any other lower body exercise – it’s just that powerful.

But, what if you can’t squat?

For some people, injuries strictly prohibit it.  Whether it’s their back, knees, or ankles, squatting is out of the picture.  For others, they are simply not biomechanically built to squat.  Their legs are too long or their calves are too tight and they just can’t complete the range of motion properly as they should.

Is all hope lost for these individuals? Can they overcome this issue and still see excellent progress with their goal to build muscle fast?

While you may believe that squats must be done, they really don’t.  While it’s highly advantageous to do them without a doubt, if for whatever reason you cannot, you can work around this and still see success with a lower body bodybuilding program.

And quite in fact, for some people, it is better not to squat and to do another exercise instead. Since they can’t complete the exercise properly in the first place, even if they try, they are not going to get as good of results as they could have had they have done an exercise they actually could do properly.

So assess yourself and make an educated decision about what its best for you.

If you do decide that squatting it out of the cards, then let’s talk about how to get around this.

What It Takes To Build Muscle

First, you need to understand and think about what it takes to actually get your muscle tissue built.  The primary requirements to build muscle fast include:

  1. An overloading stimulus
  2. Sufficient rest to recover
  3. Enough food to build new muscle over what you have (a calorie surplus)

Clearly, all of these can be accomplished without the squat exercise, so you can now see why it is still possible to see results.

Squats are a very compound exercise that will hit multiple muscle groups at once, so you need to be sure that you are still going to be doing just that with each workout you do.

Let’s look at the exercise line-up.

Leg Press vs Squat

Perhaps the closest exercise to the squat is the leg press. It is a very similar movement pattern, only this time you are pressing weight away from you, rather than lowering weight toward the floor.

The nice thing about the leg press is that you can typically lift quite a heavy load with it, therefore, you can see remarkable strength gains.

The downside? You lose your core activation.  Doing squats is very demanding on your core as those muscles will be contracting to keep you balanced, so as soon as you transition to the leg press where your back is fully supported, they no longer have to work.

So just note that you will lose some of the core benefits and you may wish to do additional ab exercises because of this.

You can also perform single leg presses as well, which is excellent for making sure that you don’t possess any strength imbalances in your body.


Lunge Excercise 

The next good exercise to be adding to your lower body workout to build muscle mass is the lunge.  Lunges will bring about more core activation, so you can see that benefit here.

You can do stationary lunges or walking lunges – both will benefit you equally as well.  The primary difference is the stationary lunge will work the hamstrings slightly more than the walking lunge.

Whichever variety you do, make sure that you maintain an upright position at all times to avoid a forward lean, which would cause back pain down the road.

You can also do these with a set of dumbbells or a barbell across your back, whichever you prefer.

Split Squat Exercise 

The split squat is a hybrid variation of the regular squat and may be a possibility to consider as well. This exercise tends to lend better to working your glute muscles to a higher degree, so you should see positive gains in this region of the body when adding them to your program.

The key point to remember with the split squat is to lower yourself as low down to the ground as possible. It’s at the very lowest point that you will get the glute activation you desire and fully test your strength capability.

As you press upwards to complete the exercise, also think of pressing up through the heels rather than the balls of the feet.  This will help to distribute your weight better, making sure that you are hitting those glutes as you should.

Do an equal number of reps and sets on both sides to avoid any muscular imbalances.

Deadlift Benefits 

The exercise that typically goes hand in hand for being just as effective as the squat is the deadlift.  You can either do stiff-legged deadlifts or Romanian style, each of which will hit the body in a different way. With Romanian deadlifts, you’ll hit the quads to a larger degree, so it will be more like the squat exercise.

Just note however that this exercise is also really going to work the lower back as well, far more than you would with the squat movement.  So it can easily be a part of your back workout in addition to your lower body workout session.

Vary Your Rep Ranges

So now that you know which exercises you should be doing, how can you best structure your routine to see optimal results?

First, make sure that you vary your rep ranges. You should still be completing some exercises in the lower rep, higher weight range.  This would typically be done with a leg press or deadlift, which then leaves your lunges or split squats to a higher rep range with lighter weight.

Using this protocol will help you work the muscles on all levels, producing complete strength and mass building.

Cycle Your Exercises

Finally, also cycle through your exercises. You likely won’t complete all of these in just a single workout, so change it up over a period of weeks or from month to month.

To keep the lower body responding and getting stronger, you’ll need to keep challenging it in new ways.  For one month, do a regular leg press and the next month, switch to a single leg press. Likewise, split squats and lunges are also another exercise that are easily interchangeable with each other.

This will ensure you don’t get bored and that your body never hits that dreaded progress plateau, but rather, keeps seeing results.


So don’t be too concerned if you absolutely cannot squat.  While it’s vital to know the difference between not being able to squat and not wanting to squat – if it’s a case of not wanting, you may just want to push yourself to do it, if you simply cannot do this exercise, you can successfully work around it and make great muscle gains.

-Terry Asher

How To Burn Body Fat In The Most Efficient Way Possible

Terry Asher Gym Junkies

What’s better Cardio? Weight Lifting? Interval Training… How do they stack up?

Almost everyone that goes to the gym has been interested in shedding additional body fat at one point in their lives. So if you’re looking to lose body fat in the fastest way possible this article might shed some light on your quest to do so. So, do you think that running on the treadmill is the ultimate solution of all time to lose body fat? What is the fastest way possible?

Well, not really if you read my interval training article you would know why. Maybe, sprinting up a hill would help? Or wait, what about those squats and bench presses? I know, we are all fitness trainers and gym junkies in our own skin and you must be having your own idea regarding what will suit you the best. However, I am here to break some myths for you and provide you with the right solutions that will most definitely help you in your quest to lose additional body fat as fast as possible.

The Top Three Contenders

When you are looking to burn extra body fat, you have three main methods that people mostly use (Leaving dieting out) let us take a look at each one of them.

  • Cardio: If you are not really sure about how to use cardio to lose weight, you need to know what it consists of and know that most are done for a prolonged periods of time which lifts up the heart rate and works your cardio respiratory system. Some of the more standard cardio routines are, long jogs, running on treadmills, using the elliptical and the swimming, biking and the list goes on.
  • Interval training: This is another commonly used method that is sure to fetch you some good returns. An example of this is when you are deciding to run or even use the bike or elliptical and you make it a point to constantly vary the intensity as well as the speed, it is known as interval training. Ideally it follows the logic of springing for 30-60 seconds and then you follow it with 90 seconds of jogging or a slow walk. If you repeat this cycle for say 20 to 30 minutes, this is known as interval training and is considered to be an effective method of losing calories and burning body fat.
  • Weight training: Whenever you carry out exercises where you lift weight or even when you carry out compound exercises, it is termed as weight training. This too can be very helpful in shedding the extra pounds. This is also often referred to as resistance training as well. The best thing about weight training is it breaks down your muscle tissue and this increases your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

There has been a number of studies that have been conducted on all these ways and methods of losing additional body fat. I too embarked on many different ways on how to reduce body fat and got a first-hand idea of how things work for my body. So, here I am to share with you and give you a precise idea of the way things work and why. However, before I begin, there is one thing, which you should know.

If you are looking to win the battle of calories, the one thing, which you need out be mindful of, is your diet. It does play a very crucial role, duh! So keeping that in mind and assuming you have a clean diet we will evaluate different ways to burn calories.

Again, the diet you choose will have to do with your fate of course; be it success or your failure. So, until and unless, you have a kick ass diet that is clean, how are you ever going to get hold of your total calories or much less burn additional body fat? I know, it even sucks to think that there will be no more of those pop tarts or the lemon cakes from Starbucks, but when you need to be in shape you need to be able to hold yourself accountable. Let’s be real I am human, I enjoy in and out burger from time to time but when it’s time to buckle down I possess the self-control to regulate my eating habits.

Now that we have the diet thing in check, let us get started to the other aspects and go back to what BURNS calories.

Cardio for Weight Loss

There is a deep relation between cardio and weight training for burning calories. Most basic thing you could try to do, of course, is to jog down the street. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that you will burn more calories doing this and you are bound to lose weight some weight. So, get up on a treadmill and start running three miles every day. You lose 300-400 calories and keep the diet thing correct; you will end up losing weight. Looks pretty simple? It definitely must have some kind of a catch. Let us get to that little catch.

Cardio is insanely boring! But if it doesn’t bother you then by all means keep running on the treadmill. Absolutely sucks the fun out of me personally. Further, it might help you shed the extra pounds but man; you will never get the true shape that you desire if that’s ALL you do. Also, it doesn’t really stress your body a whole lot, unless of course you’re an endurance runner training for a marathon. You really won’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone if you are just doing a slow jog around the neighborhood.

So, why isn’t cardio for weight loss the best choice? The reason is that when you are carrying out cardio, the exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) is pretty low, which means that the rate of burning calories stops pretty drastically, or the moment you get down from the treadmill.

What is good about it? The best thing is that it is a good way to start if you’re a complete beginner or are prone to burn out easily. Remember at the end of the day some exercise is better than none, so turn off the Xbox and drop the twinkles and hit the pavement.

The High Intensity Interval Training

When it comes down to burning calories by engaging in interval training, you will find that interval training is going to be way more efficient as compared to steady cardio. Why is it? EPOC holds the answer. If you are doing high interval training, the rate of metabolism will continue to be high even after you are done with the workout. This means that long after you’re done with your workout, you will continue shed calories. So, yes even if you sit on your bum with a remote in hand, you will continue to lose weight. How cool is that?

So, How Does Interval Training Truly Work?

Interval training constantly pushes your heart in a way such that you will be forced to adjust to the changes. As your heart learns how to get adjusted to the different ways of working, your body will slowly learn the best ways of adapting to the changes. When your heart is constantly sprinting and changing, it will push your metabolism higher and so it will stay the same even hours after you are done with the exercise.

You can check out the statistics and details from some of the top studies that prove how interval training has an upper hand over steady cardio and is the better choice among the two for the sake of losing body fat and unwanted pounds.


Calories Burned Lifting Weights

So, you must be wondering that if cardio is a somewhat okay choice and interval training looks to be the smarter choice, where would weight training fit in? Well, as per the different studies and statistical data that were computed, it was found that people who carried out weight training ended up losing a lot more weight than the other two groups.

So if you keep track of calories burned lifting weights, you will find that it truly helps you burn additional body fat in the best manner.

Now that’s if you stack all three against each other but what if you blend all of them with a health diet?

The Workout I Choose

So, when I closely observed all these three points and actually embarked on doing them myself I have learned that really a blend of all is the most effective. This being said if you are trying to lose weight you will need to watch your diet and have a calorie deficit of around 500. An example of this would be if you normally consume 3,500 you would only consume 3,000.

You also need to choose the right kind of exercises as well and ideally you should look into compound exercises as they burn the most calories. Some possible examples include squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, bench press, kettle-bell swings and so on. When you carry out these exercises in a circuit, it is sure to help you build muscles and at the same time, the number of calories which you will be burning is going to be very high too.

A lot of people I have met have often felt bewildered with the question of which method seems to be best for losing weight. It all boils down to he way you prefer and the way it fits in your life. There are different types of people who can choose to exercise the way they wish to and if you are looking to get the most out of each, here are the key points you need to know and follow.

For The Cardio Lover

You can do and benefit from cardio under the following situations. Go for cardio if…

  • You love spending time on elliptical and treadmills
  • You have a lot of free time with you
  • You are a beginner and don’t know shit about training

For The High Intensity Interval Training Lovers

You should consider doing these workouts if…

  • You really do not have a knack for lifting weights, but you have a zest to burn down the extra calories and that too pretty fast
  • Your available time span per day is pretty limited
  • You have a desire of testing the limits of your own body
  • You’re an athlete, and this will mimic most sports as the are “Stop and Go”

For The Weight Training Lovers

You can carry out weight training if…

  • You have a desire of building muscles as large as possible
  • You want to burn calories without doing cardio because you don’t enjoy it
  • You care a lot about your strength

Ideally, when you are looking to lose the extra calories, the best thing is to opt for a combination of all of the above. Each of these methods has some benefits or offer and when you opt for a blend of all these methods, you are going to reap the best out of all of it.

Some people are more suited to a certain workout than others so, feel free to explore this aspect and then choose accordingly because it is only then that you will be able to explore the endless ways by which you can truly make the most out of your need to look the best possible and shed body fat.


Losing body fat and building muscles might not be a cakewalk, but when you have the facts right; you will enjoy the results. So, do a little bit of cardio, pump some iron and mix in some interval training. On top of it, always remember, what you eat is extremely important when trying to cut body fat. So, be mindful of your own diet and very shortly, you will find that things will improve and you will get the most optimal results.

-Terry Asher

Get In James Bond Shape… Daniel Craig In Casino Royale

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The names Bond… James Bond… Ok not really my names Terry but we can all sure look like Bond if we want with this diet and workout today…

So, here we are analyzing another great actor all over again. Today, the dude we are going to check out is Daniel Craig and his role in Casino Royale where he caught the eye of many. The new James bond can’t really beat that if you ask me.

There is absolutely no doubt that Daniel Craig is considered to be the biggest bad assess we have had ever seen since the likes of Sean Connery. It didn’t come easy though, as he underwent seriously rigorous training to ensure that his body lived up to the hype that comes with the tag of being a BOND, James Bond that is.

He was working out 5 days a week and made sure to eat clean food all the time. Not only this, he had a trainer and dietitian by his side to make sure that he followed his regime. The Daniel Craig workout was remarkably different from the Ryan Reynolds workout which he used in Blade 3 because Daniel didn’t have to put in any additional weight. His sole concern was to lose weight and to build lean muscle and get as ripped as possible.

When you look at the type of James bond workout he went through, you will find that it was way different from what most celebrities went through for their roles. While some celebs did a split routine or other known as one body part a day, the Daniel Craig workout involved the whole body every day. He worked on his muscular endurance (greater than 12 rep range), cardio and short burst movements all together simultaneously. He wanted to be the kind of man that even the villain’s wouldn’t want to mess with.


Daniel Craig Height, Weight And Diet

If you want to get the Daniel Craig body, you have to look closely at the diet. When you want to give the kind of look that says that you have the capacity to kill another human with bare hands, you have to do some serious kick ass dieting to go along with it. Such looks don’t come when you are sitting at your home on the couch munching on Doritos playing golden eye. You already know the saying “You are what you eat”, it is your diet that turns out to be the decisive factor at the end of the day. So, let’s take a closer look.

The first thing, which Craig did, was he quit smoking and um that’s probably a no-brainer for most people. If this was enough of a shocker, he also curtailed his drinking big time. He was only allowed to drink on Friday and Saturday nights. The reason, of course, is that when you are drinking, dehydration’s effect will deprive your body out of the protein which it would otherwise use for creating lean muscle mass. You can also look into the best supplements for muscle growth for an extra edge.

Not only this, he also got rid of all unwanted crap and unhealthy junk from his diet; in my eyes another no-brainer. He used to eat 5 to 6 times a day in huge portions that would lead to fat storage. Those who repulse of the sight of vegetable have bad news in store. He ate shit load of whole grains and vegetables and not to forget large amount of high-quality protein. Fish, protein shakes, and chicken – these became the food he thrived upon every single day.

You may say to yourself, “man, that’s not fun”. Well, dude who told you it was fun? Wake up, if you want to look like James Bond. It doesn’t come easy; it comes at a price, the diet is never going to be easy.

Let us see what a day looked like for the James Bond workout.

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole-wheat toast along with a couple of poached eggs
  • Snacks: Protein shake or fruits along with raw almonds
  • Lunch: Fish or Chicken along with a small cup of brown rice
  • Snack: Protein shakes. It could also be yogurt with some nuts
  • Dinner: Chicken or Fish along with salad and broccoli or other green vegetables

As he had to concentrate more on cutting down the fat along with making muscles, he made sure to stick to low carbs intake. If you do not know Daniel Craig he is 40 and doesn’t have the metabolism of a 20-year-old. This is why he cut down on his white carbs and managed with a very clean diet.


The James Bond Workout

Now that we are done with the diet aspect, we will now shift our focus on the workout. Before you start jumping up and down with excitement; remember, Daniel always had a trainer with him on a daily basis. The trainer guided him whenever he went wrong including but not limited to his form. We certainly do not have this luxury and so you need to know when to draw that line or step it up. The blend of heavy weights with a bad form will only lead to injuries and it sucks big time messing up your kinetic chain that lead to injuries and it sucks big time messing up your kinetic chain.

When I was digging through Internet, I came across huge number of workout routine as to which the one Craig really used. Honestly, I couldn’t care less because all of them certainly revolved around the basically the same principle.

As per reports, Daniel did weight training all throughout the weekdays and he also indulged in cardio and some serious stretching during the weekends as well. Daniel made it a point to follow the full body route for all the weekdays as he didn’t concentrate on a single body part or other known as a split routine. He did most exercises back to back and took a very little amount of rest as well. Furthermore, he blended his cardio right into the weight training as well.blended his cardio right into the weight training as well.

Ideally, those who are looking to lose a lot of weight would make it a point to do a lot more cardio, but remember your gains will also be lost. So, if you are wondering why Craig settled with moderate cardio, there are two main reasons:

  • Daniel Craig had to look like the sexy James bond that redefines what masculinity is. He wanted to look lean, but with decent muscle mass. If he embarked on too much cardio, he would look a marathon runner and not THE BOND.
  • You will need to opt for a mixture of weight training and cardio. This speeds your metabolism and cuts down weight simultaneously.

Let us now look at what his routine looked like from Monday to Friday. Ideally, he started with 10 reps of each exercise and then he followed it with the next exercise which was done for 10 reps too and so on. He made it a point to do 3 full circuits for each of these exercises and thus cut down on his rest. The top exercises which he carried out include the following.

  • Clean and press
  • Pull ups
  • Weighted knee raise
  • Weighted step ups
  • Tricep dips
  • Incline push-ups

I know man, what you must be thinking. It’s pretty intense and is definitely not a beginners workout plan .How did he do all such exercises back to back? The answer lies in the fact that each of these exercises actually worked upon different groups of muscles. When you are doing pull ups, you are working on your back along with secondary muscle groups. When you are working on inclined push-ups, your chest, shoulders and triceps will be stimulated. So, you can always do these exercises one after the other and it is not likely to over extend yourself because of this reason.

Based upon your own understanding, you can shuffle the order of the exercises and choose the ones you would love or just copy it exercise for exercise. Obviously, I would opt to try the original Daniel Craig workout, but then again everyone has a different athletic ability and you should take that into account.

Daniel did 4 sets of 10 reps for each of the exercises. I would perhaps make little adjustments when choosing the workout, which could lead to more or less muscle endurance based on the rep range chosen.



So, what are you waiting for? Check out the diet and workout details and get off the couch and start working towards it today. Yea maybe we can’t get paid like Daniel Craig did, but not only will you look like a million bucks but you will also feel like a million bucks!

-Terry Asher

How Many Rep’s To Build Muscle And Other Rep Range’s


Yes, different reps ranges mean different things to your muscles… let’s take a closer look…

If you’re about to start on a bodybuilding program designed to help you gain muscle mass fast, you need to come to understand how the rep ranges you are using will come into play.

Most people know the basics – lower reps means heavier weight lifted and vice versa, but they don’t fully understand everything that rep ranges will influence.

As such, they may either make critical programming errors with their bodybuilding workout approach or they may wind up seeing less than optimal results because of this oversight.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, let’s discuss some key facts to know about the various rep ranges you’ll utilize in your program. If your completely new to the gym you can check out workout’s for beginners.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.53.48 PM

How Many Reps To Build Strength? The Low Rep Range

First you have the lower rep range. This range consists of working in the 3-8 rep level, with most people falling in and around 5-8 reps. Rarely will an individual move down to the 3 rep category unless they are aiming to test their max.  Five reps serves as a great minimum level to be at which will allow you to lift a maximally heavy weight but still get enough total endurance in there to see the muscle grow.

The great thing about lifting in this rep range is that it’s not very glycogen depleting.  This means that if you happen to be on a lower carb diet or are reducing your overall calorie intake to help boost fat loss results, you’ll typically find this rep range is slightly easier.  The weight will be heavy, but you won’t fatigue yourself due to glycogen depletion like you will work in a higher rep range.

Additionally, since one of the primary missions when on a fat cutting, program is to maintain muscle mass and this is best-done by lifting as heavy as you can, this meets this purpose very well.

For those who want to gain maximum muscle strength, it’s clearly the best choice as well.  Since you can lift the most weight at this level, you will see a direct increase in your total strength gains experienced.

This said, this rep range is also the most draining on the central nervous system. It’s going to take a lot of mental and physical energy to push up that much weight, so you will find that it really taxes your body quite thoroughly. This is one reason why after a few sets of very heavy squats (such as what you’d do in the 5 X 5 program), you’re feeling totally fatigued.  In fact, you might be so fatigued that hitting the gym the next day is out of the question.  Even if you were to work a completely different muscle group, the fact is that your central nervous system is still feeling the fatigue from the day before and as such, won’t be able to generate as much total muscle fiber recruitment and strength to execute the movement.

So that is a drawback to be very aware of. If you train in this rep range day after day after day, don’t be surprised if you are burning out a relatively short time later.

This rep range will also call for you to utilize a few more sets total with each exercise you do, often doing 4-5 sets overall.  You’ll also primarily use this technique during your compound exercises, as this is when you have more total muscle fibers behind you and can lift more weight to start with.

Using this rep range on the isolation exercises will typically put your joints, tendons, and ligaments at risk for an injury, so tread carefully.


How Many Reps To Build Muscle Mass? The Medium Rep Range

Next we come to the medium rep range. This rep range is the happy middle ground, where you’ll be lifting in and around 8-12 reps. This rep range is ideal for hypertrophy training, meaning getting you bigger.

With the lower rep range, you will gain great strength improvements, but you may not gain as much size. You’ll still gain some size without a doubt as by nature if you get stronger and are eating enough calories you will gain some size, but the size gains won’t be comparable to what they would have been had you been lifting in the 8-12 rep range.

Lifting in this rep range is going to also bring about something called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which basically refers to the ‘pump’ you get after the workout you do. This is the build-up of byproducts and blood in the muscle tissue, which is going to make you look more engorged than before.

While this size gain isn’t going to stay present days later, it’s still highly motivating and can also prompt an increase in permanent muscle size increase if the calorie support and heavy lifting is there as well.

The medium rep range isn’t quite as taxing on the central nervous system, so once again, easier to perform day after day.  You can utilize this rep range for either compound exercises or isolation exercises – so there is great flexibility in how you can include it into your approach.

This rep range will reduce how much total strength you gain, but at the same time, you will see an increase in total muscle endurance, so this fact can help to train your body how to tolerate fatigue build-up better, which can help you push harder in all the future sets to come.

The medium rep range is the most commonly utilized rep range in bodybuilding programs, so one to definitely consider making good use of it. For even more muscle gains you can check out the best supplements for muscle growth.


How Many Reps To Build Muscle Endurance? The High Rep Range

Finally, you have the high rep range of 12-15+ reps per set.  This rep range is typically strictly limited to isolation movements, unless you are trying to bring a muscle to full exhaustion on a compound exercise or strengthen the mind-muscle connection you have. Since you will be using a much lighter weight when doing this rep range, it can help you really ‘feel’ the movement, which can then bring about better results when you increase the weight again using the same feeling.

If you just go through a movement without thought, results will not be coming along.  Really feeling each muscle contracting is what will do it and this technique can help.

This rep range is primarily targeted toward muscular endurance, not strength gains and while you may gain a little bit of added size using it, it won’t be nearly as significant as you would doing the low and medium rep range. You can find this in many top military workouts as they are very focused on muscular endurance for combat.

Utilizing this rep range when doing isolation exercises such as bicep curls, triceps extensions, or lateral raises, can be a good way to help bring out additional muscle definition and really fine tune your physique once you’ve built the level of size that you’re after.

So keep it in mind for that purpose.  There’s no real benefit to going beyond the 15 rep range however – at that point you will simply be using such a lightweight that it no longer becomes beneficial in any regard other than to burn up a few calories.


So with this information in mind understand your rep ranges play a huge part in the way your muscles will turn out.  Know how to program them into your workout program and use them properly and you can build muscle fast and achieve that goal body whatever that might be.

-Terry Asher


Become Your Own Version Of Gerard Butler In The Moive 300


Can you really look like Gerard Butler in 300? Sure you can it just takes time…

Now is the time to check out, one of the most ripped dudes of Hollywood, and what the heck he was doing for his workout; our very own Gerard Butler. In this article of how to look like Gerald, we will learn how Gerard Butler got in such great shape for the movie “300”.

I have to admit the movie 300 is one of my all time favorites and is packed with action in every direction. “Madness? This is SPARTA”. That killer story line, the power in the dialogue and oh yea a ton of extremely fit people, what’s not to like about this movie. The actors had so much testosterone; the most likely had to apply every tactic in how to gain the testosterone naturally. This might be one of the best macho movies ever made and is up there with classics such as Terminator, Troy, Gladiator and Brave Heart just to name a few.

If you watched this movie munching your popcorn and sipping your coke, you must have thought at one point, “Man can I look like that guy?” Definitely not with the popcorn and coke! However, here is the chance to latch on to the glory. Gerard Butler had to prepare thoroughly for this role.

He had to go through some of the most rigorous training so that he could really look like the Spartan warrior he was. There were different circuits and various exercises, which were done to ensure that every single ounce of fat was scorched and he could have a nice amount of lean muscles.

Gerard Butler had to make some extremely important changes as he went through training for the long months to get ready for 300. Not only did he change his diet, and workout, his mental state of mind had to change. So, ultimately Gerard Butler not only ate and exercised like a warrior, but he had to think like one too.

Exercises And The 300 Actors

In order to have  the raw power, which every Spartan had, Gerard Butler sought help from Mark Twight who is a renowned mountain climber. He insists on training in such a way as if your whole life depends on it in that very moment. Gerard also had a personal trainer who took care of all the different training ways and methods, which he used.

Gerard Butler had to undergo a mixture of weight training, circuit training and then he even trained thoroughly with his swords and spears. The choreography that he had to learn for this movie was different and so that was a part of his training too. So, if you thought it was easy, it’s not that easy a lot of thought and work was involved. He trained for nearly 6 hours every day and followed this same routine for a period of four months and we thought it was such a cakewalk being an actor. Dude, no one has it easy life not even actors. Not only this, he also made it a point to lift weights between shots so he could have a “blood buff” look that made his muscles stand out even more. While having two trainers breathing down my neck is too much to bear for me, I do appreciate what Gerard Butler put in for his role and his dedication showed on the big screen.


The Gerard Butler 300 Routine

Rather than carrying out muscle group exercises individually, Gerard Butler made it a point to surround himself with such routines that totally beat the crap out of him. If you are wondering what the exercises he did, here are some to give you a snapshot.

  • He flipped massive tires
  • Olympic ring exercises
  • Sprinting with bungee cords
  • Boot camp training
  • Various other unconventional exercises

During these workouts, one theme was always present was “muscle confusion”, it meant that he kept his muscles guessing and didn’t allow them to settle in a groove or routine. This ensured continuous growth and consistent development. He mixed weights and cardio and took minimal breaks in between. Let’s look deeper into his workouts and see some styles that made Gerard Butler in the Spartan he was.

  • You thought that we could do regular push ups and look like Gerard Butler, no sorry. Gerard used to put up his feet up on a bench then at the same time, he used to extend out and all he had for support was two Olympic rings that kept hanging from the ceiling. This sounds shit crazy, doesn’t it? Well, think of Gerard Butler; he did it almost daily. As he exerted his body, all his muscles and chest and even triceps were put into motion. Gerald was utilizing his core extensively while hitting his target muscle group chest for this workout, killing two birds with one stone.
  • When Gerard Butler used to flip tires, it made his lower body, lower back and even his shoulder work out in the best killer way possible. Not to mention flipping tires is mostly all power training and short bursts.
  • He also kept doing tons of pull-ups until he felt like his arms could fall off from his body.

So, did you notice this entire pattern? He didn’t train extensively with heavy weight or machines or even barbells. In order to look like a warrior, he trained like a warrior and he flipped some heavy objects and mostly utilized his body weight. He also did many functional exercises that aided him in his role of being a Spartan.body weight. He also did many functional exercises that aided him in his role of being a Spartan. I believe he also researched the top muscle building supplements for muscle growth as well. 

Now is the time when we will take a look at the Gerard Butler 300 workout and see what we have in store? You have to do 300 reps of very different exercises.

  • Pull ups; 25 reps
  • Deadlifts with 135 lbs; 50 reps
  • Push-ups and box jumps; 50 reps
  • Floor wipes; 50 reps
  • Clean and presses using a 36 lb kettlebell; 50 in number
  • Pull ups once again to complete the 300 workout

If you look at the 300 actors, you will find each one of them had a pretty ripped mid section. They all were taught to do this whole circuit and one of them even completed the whole workout in less as 18 minutes! Holy hell! Not sure how long this would take me to be honest, but I will say I am pretty impressed with 18 minutes.

Let’s get one thing straight it’s going to take a lot of work and dedication to look like Gerard Butler! But the Gerard Butler workout diet/workout is good for just about anyone out there, unless your a beginner to workout. Seriously, he gave it his all and because of this he blended right in with Sparta. I want you take away a key point about his workout, however, it’s not the best for gaining muscle mass. Yes, you heard me correct; a more traditional split routine would be more ideal for gaining quicker and larger. Notice you don’t see any Arnold Spartans out there? Just simply put different ways of training that lead the body adapt in certain shapes and sizes.beginner to workout. Seriously, he gave it his all and because of this he blended right in with Sparta. I want you take away a key point about his workout, however, it’s not the best for gaining muscle mass. Yes, you heard me correct; a more traditional split routine would be more ideal for gaining quicker and larger. Notice you don’t see any Arnold Spartans out there? Just simply put different ways of training that lead the body adapt in certain shapes and sizes.


The 300 Diet

I did some serious research to find the 300 diet that Gerard Butler had to follow on set. However, there was a lot of miss information put out after the movie. I did however find the most accurate options and then I had to come to my own conclusion on just what diet would go great with the workout. He most likely had had to eat the following.

  • Crazy amount of protein: found in stuff like eggs, steak, chicken, tuna and more. You really don’t make muscles without good sources of protein.
  • Complex carbohydrates: they are responsible for the energy needed to carry out the workout. These include oats, brown rice, and multi-grain pasta and so on.
  • Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Huge amount of water as he was most likely dehydrated from working out so long

As Gerard Butler had to cut down every single ounce of fat and needed to look strong and keep lean muscle mass, he made it a point to cut down every single thing for his diet that didn’t assist him in lose body fat or gaining lean muscle mass.

The 300 workout was such that he was working out a lot of hours and he made sure to eat multiple meals a day so that his body had energy to carry out the strenuous exercises which he was performing. This is something I like to call grazing throughout the day instead of consuming huge portions to only spike blood sugar and lead to fat gain.

Butler didn’t have it easy, he literally bled for the role, but he was one proud man, seeing himself on screen and no doubt we all loved him; men and women alike. Gerard Butler told of his own role, “I was standing there feeling like a lion.”


You can look like him with an insane amount of work and strict diet. I am not sure if you had enough time in the day to follow what he did, but what’s the harm in trying if that’s what your goal is? Every time I look at the 300 actors, I always knew mentally and physically what it took to get to that point, a lot of hard work and discipline.

7 Optimal Recovery Tips You Must Be Doing


As you go about your workout plan to build muscle fast, you need to be paying close attention to the recovery that you experience between each workout you do.  Your progress is going to be strictly limited by how quickly you are able to hit the gym each and every session and that is strictly limited by how quickly you are recovering.

Basically, if your recovery is low, so will be your progress.  So what can you do to help promote a faster overall recovery?

Here are seven great ways to go about the process, all of which will help you see more successful results.

Foam Roll

First, consider getting involved with some foam rolling. Foam rolling is a classic technique that has been used by athletes for quite time and now you too can see results from including it into your protocol.

For this technique, you’ll simply get a piece of cylindrical foam and roll back and forth over it, wherever you are sore.  You will feel the tight muscle slowly losing its tension as you move over the ‘knot’.

If you do this often, you’ll eventually loosen up and any post workout muscle soreness you may be experiencing will be gone.

Eat Well

Next up, your post workout nutrition will be a game-changer as far as your recovery rate goes. If you are not eating well immediately following each workout you do, make no mistake about it, this will influence the results you see.

Your body is hungry for nourishment after that workout and to deprive it means you just stay in that broken down state longer, delaying progress. Remember, you don’t get stronger and larger while you are in the gym.

In the gym, you actually get weaker. It’s when you’re out of the gym, feeding your body well and recovering that progress is made.

Your muscle tissues are like a sponge immediately after each workout you do, ready to soak up the nutrition that you feed yourself.  So eat well – including both protein as well as fast acting carbs as quickly after you finish as possible.

You will notice an immediate difference in how you feel by doing this one simple thing.


Stretching post-workout is something that so many people who want to build muscle fast skip over because they just don’t think that it’s going to have many benefits.

And from an aesthetic point, it doesn’t have any direct benefits. But from an indirect viewpoint, it certainly does.

Not only will stretching help to reduce post workout muscle pain, allowing you to hit the gym sooner, but it can help ensure that you move through a full range of motion while doing your exercises, which then means more progress.

If you aren’t using the full range of motion during any weight lifting movement, you’re only reaping half the results you could be.

Stretching can help prevent this.  Take 10 minutes and get the stretching in.


Do Light Cardio Training

While it may seem counterintuitive to be training when you should be resting, but light cardio training, as long as the intensity is kept down, is one way to actually speed up your recovery.

The reason for this being the increased blood flow moving to the muscle tissues will help deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells, which then clears away byproduct that can cause soreness and fatigue.

So if you’re especially sore after a workout, don’t sit around. Get on the treadmill and go for a light walk, or just do some easy cardio on whatever machine you prefer. Just do be sure to keep the resistance low if on the bike or elliptical.

Focus On Sleep

Moving long, sleep is also something that you absolutely must make sure you are looking after. If you aren’t sleeping well each evening, you’re going to pay the price in the recovery that you see.

Sleep is when your body goes into deep repair mode, so when you make a larger amount of recovery progress.

If you’re only getting 5-6 hours per night, this will mean far less time repairing those damaged muscle tissues, which means it’ll take you that much longer to see the full recovery you’re after.

The two most important things for making sure that you are recovering well are taking in good nutrition post workout and sleeping well at night.

Do not neglect these.


Stress is something else that can eat away at your recovery without you even realizing it. Far too many of us lead very stressful lives on a day to day basis, which not only hampers the hormonal levels in the body, making it harder to build muscle from the start, but in addition to that, it also impairs your ability to recover. Those who have high stress levels will also typically notice lower testosterone concentrations in their body, meaning they have less overall potential to build muscle.

If you feel like you just aren’t making progress and are doing everything right, stress could be the cause.

Evaluate your life and see what may be causing you stress – possibly without even realizing it and then take steps to minimize this.

The more controlled your stress is, the easier it’s going to be for you to feel 100% in each workout you do, giving those sessions your full effort.

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Plan Your Workout Properly

Finally, last but not least, make sure that you are planning your workouts to build muscle fast properly. There are many things that will influence how quickly you recover between workouts including your rest time between sets, how much weight you’re lifting, how many sets you do overall, along with the type of exercises you are doing.

Each of these contributes to the total volume, which refers to how much weight you’ve lifted over a certain period of time.

In addition to that, you also need to take into account your own personal recovery ability. Certain people naturally recover more slowly than others, so you can have two people on the same workout programs and each one of them requires a different length of time to make that complete recovery.

Learning your own body and catering your workouts as such is going to be the best way to stay on top of things.

Also keep in mind that each bodybuilding workout you do should have at least 1-2 days of complete rest each week as well, which will allow your CNS to recover.

It’s just as easy to overwork your central nervous system as it is a given muscle group, so you need to be mindful of not only time between working each muscle, but time between workouts period as well.



So there you have the primary factors to know on things you can do to boost your recovery ability.  Recovery is paramount to success, yet so many people who want to build muscle quickly think their job is over the minute they leave the gym.

To see really optimal success with the goal to gain weight fast, you absolutely must be ‘on’ 24/7.  This means being mindful of all that you do and whether it supports or takes away from your results.

-Terry Asher