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Xanogen Review – Oversized Promises?

xanogen free trial

I came across Xanogen and HGH factor and was astonished at their claims of serious male enhancement results and decided we’d take a look for our readers. Xanogen claims to be able increase big time in 4 weeks, so Gym Junkies took a closer look at the Xanogen male enhancement product to give you an honest review as to how effective it truly is.

For the sake of this post, I ordered the trial pack to see if it really works without wasting my hard earned money. So, the trial package arrived shortly and I began the use of Xanogen. Here, I will offer you an upright and honest Xanogen review of how I found this product to be and if this male enhancement product really does the miraculous work its makers claim it does.

What is Xanogen all about?

If you check out the official website, they claim Xanogen to be male enlargement medicine. As per the website, the increase that will occur isn’t temporary or short lived because they actually claim that Xanogen makes permanent changes of up to 2-4 inches.

However, when it comes to male enhancement, most sites make huge claims and few of products in this market really deliver results. That’s why Gym Junkies strives to bring our readers the real deal on these and other products so you don’t waste your money.

As I checked out the details of the content of Xanogen, I found that it did contain nearly all the same set of ingredients that are found in other male enhancement products including the likes of horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, Yohimbe bark and maca root extract.

Yohimbe bark deserves a special mention because it has been shown to produce long lasting erections. However, don’t even get me started on the number of side effects that it has to offer. For some people, it can lead to nausea, vomiting, headache and upset stomach. For any supplement or medicine that can have side effects you need to consider the risks, and if the benefits are worth the risks for you personally. For some guys, male enhancement is a major priority.

So, if you want to buy Xanogen male enhancement, you need to buy it from the official site because it is not sold on popular medicine stores like Walgreens, Wal-Mart or even GNC.

What do you mean by the HGH factor?

HGH factor is a natural ingredient that has to do with supplementing the release of the growth hormone. Human growth hormone is linked with bone density, body energy levels and various other functions of your body. With age, the levels of this hormone tend to dwindle and this is why many people choose growth supplements as these pills help to increase the supply of this hormone.

There are several kinds of ingredients used in the HGH factor to trigger the growth of this hormone. Some of those ingredients that are commonly used to promote natural human growth hormone levels include L- arginine, L- glutamine, L-Glycine and L-Lysine as well. Astragin is another useful ingredient that helps in increasing the rate at which L-arginine and Citrulline is used and it is chemically very similar to Bioperine.

There are reports that when you are taking HGH factor, you will be able to spot an improvement in your overall energy levels and at the same time, the muscular strength and the overall stamina you have is going to increase as well. However, with Xanogen and HGH factor, there are claims that they additionally deliver male enhancement benefits. The million dollar question remains if it truly works?

People’s Results

As it was promised both the supplements were delivered to my address very discreetly. As per the instructions I had to take both the pills once in the morning and once before going to bed. I must point out that after a couple of days; I did not spot any major changes. Yes, there was a slight increase, but nothing like the absurd 4 inches that was promised. The energy levels and overall stamina of my body were not diminished, but any improvement was slight so it’s hard to say if it was truly effective in that respect.

However, the major shock came to me when I logged in to my bank account after some time. Both the products had billed my account and upon calling the customer support desk, I was told that I was billed for using the trial product. This was infuriating.

Final Verdict

It is important to know that these products really do not work regardless of the countless Xanogen reviews you might have read where guys claim their sex life was revolutionized by this product. Don’t be fooled. There is absolutely no product which can help you gain as much as 4 inches. There will be an increase in size but it is going to be minimal and not something really noticeable. Further, the billing situation was not a good sign of how things are run at Xanogen.

So, try and look for alternatives that can offer you something better rather than wasting your hard earned money on a product that has too many false Xanogen reviews with fake claims and empty promises.

My Xanogen review is that you should pretty much only go and try this product if you have too much money to waste. The net result won’t amount to much. Yes, your energy levels may increase a bit from HGH factor, but there other products more suited for this purpose, without the engorged claims of male enhancement.


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3 Good Habits That Will Speed Up Your Metabolism Today


Yeah, we all know that guy. That guy that sits around half the day playing video games and eating whatever he wants and stays ripped. Seriously? Personally if I lived this way, they would need a crane to get me out of my place.

Getting your metabolism working for you instead of against you should be #1 on your diet to-do list. I’m going to tell you how to use some very simple habits to make a huge difference right now, no waiting weeks for results.

If you are anything like me, you may have picked up a few habits that are actually working against you. Nobody’s diet is perfect. I know I did in a big way and was surprised that some habits I thought were healthy, were reducing the efficiency of my body’s metabolism. Mostly, it was just not eating most of the day, or eating the wrong things at the wrong time.

I was busy, I mean B U S Y... And you’d figure that alone would keep things burning. WRONG! A busy schedule can very easily mess up your eating schedule and leave you grabbing take out instead of cooking healthy foods at home. I was doing a crappy job and I started looking crappy and feeling crappy. In the end, I found out I was doing some things that were just plain stupid because I was counteracting my own goals.

It turned out all I needed to know about how to speed up my metabolism were a few things I could adjust right away. No crazy diet plan, no 80 minute work-out. Just some solid daily habits that turned the whole thing around for me.


Good Habit #1 Start the day off right -Hyrdate

First things first. The best thing you can do in the morning to speed up metabolism is to drink a big glass of ice cold water as soon as you get up. Don’t shove anything else in your mouth before you do that. In fact, give it about half an hour before you have anything else. Don’t grab the gatorade to quick and ask yourself this question is gatorade good for you?

This might be the single most important step in learning how to speed up your metabolism successfully. This research project in Germany found out that water can kick start it up close to 25% and keep it going for an hour and a half. If you can’t get anything else down right now, start with this step. You can handle it.

Keep it going throughout the day too. Hydration, specifically with cold water, is going to keep boosting the fat burner and kicking the toxins out of your body. Water is best at speeding up metabolism when it is chilled. Not super cold, not warm.

60141 2

Good Habit #2 Don’t Starve

It makes sense, if you want to lose some fat, you stop stuffing your face, right? Wrong. Well, mostly anyway. Stop stuffing your face with too much of the wrong stuff. The problem is, if you stop eating enough calories your body will go into survival mode. It will save up most of what you eat and store it as fat because it thinks the sudden lack of calories is proof that there is a food shortage. Your body goes in survival mode and it’s going to hang on to every scrap it can because it doesn’t know when it’s getting fed next.

What to do:

  • Get your calories from natural foods

Processed food falls apart in your system and start bouncing around your bloodstream screwing stuff up. Food and Nutrition Research published a report where Professors in the Department of Biology at Pomona College fed people a meal of junk and a meal of healthy food seeking to understand how to speed up metabolism better. The healthy food rocked it out with 50% more butt kicking energy. (No surprises there). Also if your looking to put on mass you can check out the top 10 muscle building foods.

  • Get your fats from healthy sources so you don’t feel deprived

It’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s sugar and starches that make you fat. Don’t cut down by cutting out foods that have high calories because of natural fats like avocados, nuts and seeds. Your brain and muscles need that stuff to fire up your work-out.

Fish actually might be the #1 food that can change your metabolism the most. Omega3’s send signals to the liver and thyroid. These are directly responsible for directing both your metabolism and your immune system.

Protein is essential for those muscles to use too. But because it is the hardest thing for your body to digest, it has to work really hard to break it down. Score! That’s how to speed up metabolism without lifting a finger. Your body’s doing all the work. That will keep your metabolism from slowing down.

Have you noticed all of those diet tea commercials? They usually claim drinking their tea can make you skinny. There is some actual science to that claim, but you don’t need to shell out 20 bucks for a box of tea. Really, it’s mostly that the compounds in green tea rev up your metabolism. Other teas like black, anise, oolong and red teas are good, but nothing kicks out the numbers like green tea.

  • Spice it up

Spices like chilies and red peppers can give your metabolism a lift. They also make you feel more satisfied. This is a plus if you have issues with feeling food deprived during the day. These spices might also make you want to gulp down some water, which is never a bad thing.

  • Season with herbs

Some specific examples are turmeric and ginger. These will give your metabolism a kick and will help it burn better by maximizing the cleansing of toxins from your bloodstream.

Calcium works alongside your metabolism to change how fat is stored in the body. It’s another one of those survival mechanisms. When times are lean and there is no calcium available, the body gets triggered to hold onto fat. So, make sure to eat a few calcium rich foods everyday.

  • Eat your A,B C’s (and D’s)

These vitamins are found in most healthy food sources and make a huge difference in how you feel. That’s because they are absolutely necessary to build great muscle. Making sure to pack them in is only going to make you stronger and leaner.

Man-Dumb-bells-work-out-exercise-The-Trent 2

Good Habit #3 Eat ALL Day

No, really. Snacking throughout the day is show to be better than sitting down for fewer larger meal. As long as you don’t consider a triple decker cheeseburger a snack that is. You don’t want to go all crazy with it. What I mean is grab a handful of this and that at least every couple of hours. Building strong muscle means getting the right stuff to them. It works like throwing a log on a fire to keep it going.

In fact, people say stuff like burning and furnace when they are talking about speeding up metabolism because it really does work like a fireplace. If you can wrap your head around that and keep it in your mind all day, you are going to own this.

So think of it like this: in the morning, it died down to coals, you need to build the fire back up.

  • So drink the water to build it.

Once it gets going, you need to throw a log on it, eat some protein and healthy fat.

  • Eggs are amazing. Vegan? Nuts.

All day long, keep it going, graze all day on good stuff, drink to keep hydrated, and get moving around.

Then bank the fire at night

  • Eat that bedtime snack for an overnight burn. Nuts are also good at this time as they digest slowly. Sleeping is the longest period your body will go without food or water so get some nutrition in before you hibernate.

Sweet, you’ve got some good habits to work with. But you are at risk of undoing all of that in the long run if you don’t ditch a few bad habits. Remember how I said you could do this without much effort. Well, you can to begin. But if you really want to see some serious changes, you are going to have to step it up and ditch some bad habits.

Healthy College Diet

Bad Habit #1 The Party Scene

Stay away from the party scene. I know, I’m cramping your style now. When I first started looking into how to speed up my metabolism I might have thrown in the towel if somebody told me, no more parties. It’s not really that drastic though. Sure, go to the club, have some seltzer, act like a maniac. Do your thing. But remember, when your body is busy purging all of those toxins the next day it slows down. Way down. For up to three days. You just can’t be tearing up your body like that and expect it to feel amazing. Add in the effect this has on muscle recovery after training and you’re really working against yourself.

That’s the same reason why you should consider jumping on the natural and organic train. It’s not because you need to be a green freak and save our planet. If you want to, right on, if not, do it for yourself. The deal with eating organic is not just about pesticides causing cancers. When you eat food that has been in contact with any kind of toxin, your body has to divert energy to getting it out of your system. The chemicals sprayed on food to keep bugs from damaging profits must be filtered out by your kidney, liver and thyroid. Stress those out and they get too busy to speed up metabolism.

Bad Habit #2 Chill Out, Man

Stress kills. Don’t let things get to you. If you are the serious kind, relax. While sometimes unavoidable, Stress is bad news and contributes to up to 90% of human illness. Your body starts cranking out all of these chemicals that are great if you need to run from a man eating bear, but when you don’t burn that stuff out fighting for your life, it acts like poison to your brain. This will kick out so many toxins, your body won’t know what to do with them.

Take time out to do something that helps you clear your head. Yoga is absolutely effective for this. Letting too much stuff pile up in your head is counter productive. Not only are you going to feel like crap, giving stress headspace is going to mess with the way your body processes chemicals. Stress literally releases chemicals and toxins that straight up destroy muscles. True fact.

What to do:


Reduce your stress level by identifying the things that are messing with you and set some goals to change what you can. Figure out what makes you feel calm and peaceful and make it a priority to do it a few times a week. This can be the single most destructive habit you have so take it seriously.

Make sure to take relaxing at night seriously too. Get some sleep. People who sleep right burn more fat, build more muscle and feel happier. It’s because your body is busy rebuilding itself. It’s like anything else, you are the most productive when you can focus on one thing. When you are awake, your body is busy running all of your systems and keeping you moving. When you sleep your body gets to focus on just two things: keeping you alive and repairing itself to be bigger faster and stronger.

Adrian Peterson, Leon Hall

Bad Habit #3 Get Off Your Butt

Yep, you knew that was coming didn’t you? Just because the rest of those things are easy fixes doesn’t mean it’s all going to be easy. You probably knew there was going to be a little work required at some point. The fact is that heart pounding, adrenaline rushing feeling you get when you work so hard you can hardly breathe is exactly how to speed up your metabolism for hours of burning. You can’t build a little muscle without breaking a little sweat.

What to do:

Get your heart racing at least three times a week. And I mean get that thing pumping. You might have your favorite gym routine or fitness machine. It really doesn’t matter how you do it. The afterburn is what you are going for here. Working hard and getting your heart pumping and your muscles burning will keep your body burning calories for up to 12 hours after you train.

Strength training is the single most productive exercise to get your metabolism sped up. First it gets your muscles hot which is your ultimate goal in the first place. Second, just like it burns energy to digest protein, it also takes energy to rebuild muscle.

how to speed up my metabolism

How to Speed Up My Metabolism…Got it?

Back when I was a teenager, I didn’t worry about processed foods and empty calories as much. I didn’t sit around thinking about how to speed up my metabolism. But with my goal being looking and feeling awesome, I have to pay more attention to what I’m doing. If you want to look great and feel awesome everyday, you really just have to pay attention to the little things that will really pay off with big results.

60138 2


Feeling great and getting your metabolic furnace burning requires no mysterious secret. You just have to be doing the right stuff everyday. There are some things you do for just a little while and reap some specific benefit. There are other things that are more like lifestyle changes. If you change these small habits, it will change your life and your body forever. Lastly, always remember that the best way to get rid of bad habits is the addition of positive ones.

-Terry Asher

The Lowdown on Intermittent Fasting

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Are you considering intermittent fasting? Have you heard about the benefits it has to reap? Let’s take a look at this kind of fasting and see if it holds the key to breaking through some diet plateaus you might be facing.

Don’t Miss Your Breakfast

The whole struggle of trying to lose weight is that you need to create a calorie deficit, but starving yourself isn’t the answer either. When you are looking to shed the extra pounds, you still have to eat. Even if you are shrinking your portion sizes of meals throughout the day, your breakfast will always hold a great deal of value because it fuels you throughout the day. These are the first calories you ingest in your day and the ones your body will use first. If you’re going to have one large meal a day, breakfast is the time.

When you are looking to lose weight on an easy diet plan, you need to be sure that you begin your day with a healthy breakfast. This helps in kick starting your metabolism in the right manner. And helps fend off hunger between meals.

Some people believe that when your focus is on losing even more weight, you should try and eat six small meals and spread it all across the day as this will you’re your metabolism burning at an increased rate. I would support this notion, but emphasize the importance of a high protein breakfast to start out a successful day of healthy eating.

A few studies have also pointed that people who have their breakfast earlier in the day are more likely to shed the extra pounds. Coupled with exercise, this makes some sense as well, as they people would be kick starting their metabolism early in the day.

The intermittent fasting diet is a bit controversial on the other hand, but depending on your goals, could pay off for you..

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Now, this is not a diet in the sense that certain foods are restricted. Rather it focuses on timing and triggering your body’s signals to burn fat. Put simply, you’ll be eating food to suffice your calorie needs and fasting for some time. This alternate eating and fasting schedule can trigger the metabolism to use body fat for fuel, and can enhance the rate at which you burn body fat.


How Does Intermittent Fasting Works?

When you choose this form of dieting, your body is going to work differently under the two modes- feasting and fasting.

Just after you had a meal, your body is going to spend some time for the sake of burning the food and converting it into useful energy which will then be processed as well. When you have a diet that is rich in carbohydrates, your body is going to tap the recently acquired food and break that down to energy rather than use the one which is available in your fat reserves.

When you are in the fasting state, your body is deprived of those recent calories, and therefore, will fall back on your fat stores to fuel activity.

This same logic applies when you are working during the fasting state too. When your body already has a ready-made supply of glucose and glycogen which it can use, your body will use that. However, if it is not available, it will fall back upon the stored reserves

Thus, the fat cells are put to use and the amount of stored fat which you have will start to melt down too.

All of this works because there is immense, difference in the way our bodies react to the way energy is consumed. This is linked to the production of insulin in the body. If your body shows a high sensitivity to insulin, you are going to be a lot more likely to lose weight and even build muscles faster as well.

The glycogen which is stored in your body can get depleted. The rate of depletion is phenomenally high when you are sleeping and also fasting. Not only this, if you add workouts and training to the equation, it is going to improve the sensitivity that your body has towards insulin by several notches. For this reason, I recommend that you should have a meal right after your workout because it is going to help your body in ways more than one.

When you compare the insulin activity of your body when you are intermittent fasting to a day when you are working as usual, you will find that the glycogen levels in your body are much more likely to be accumulated in the form of fat.

When you are fasting, you will find that growth hormone is going to increase as well. The dual effect of decrease in insulin levels and increase in growth hormone means that you will be able to enjoy both muscle growth and loss of extra body fat as well.

In simpler words, intermittent fasting can train your body to understand the need to use the food you eat in a more efficient manner..

Are 6 Small Meals Important Too?

Now if you are wondering about the 6 small meals a day approach, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. Whenever you eat a meal, your body will have to burn a few extra calories for the sake of processing the meal. This infers that when you eat meals all day long, your body will actually be burning calories all through the day. Your metabolism is going to stay high and thus bring you better results. When you are looking to shed the extra pounds, you need to be sure that your metabolic rate stays high and having ample meals all through the day is the best way to make sure that you follow this point.
  2. Eating smaller meals at frequent intervals is much more likely to ensure that you do not end up overeating a lot. If you find it difficult to get ahold of portion control, it is best advised to eat small portions all through the day. Overeating slows your metabolism and leads to inefficient absorption of nutrients.

Why Intermittent Fasting?

Though it’s not for everyone, it works for many. Not all calories are equal and you still need to be mindful of overall caloric consumption, but this method seems to be effective.

Intermittent fasting can also save you some time. Rather than having six meals a day, all you need to do is eat twice. Preparing meals six times a day is a large task. When you don’t have to prepare 6 meals, it means less preparatory work, less dishes and lot less trouble. Not only do you end up saving time, but it helps in saving money as well. It’s definitely worth a try.

Fasting also improves stronger insulin sensitivity and increases growth hormone production. You may find that these hormones work in tandem and to promote faster weight loss and stronger muscles simultaneously.


Are There Drawbacks?

I know you must be waiting to hear the wrong part of the story. So, what does the other side of the argument say?

A lot of people have concerns about how this form of dieting is going to lead to issues of low energy and problems of focusing. We’re generally used to eating frequently, it can present a bit of a shock to the body to change your habits. Some people report that with intermittent fasting, they feel hungry all the time and because they are fasting, find it difficult to concentrate on work. This is natural and should be taken into consideration. Plan fasting around times when your brain has lower demands to meet.

When you are making a change from eating all the time to intermittent fasting, your body might put up some resistance and transitioning can take some time.

Sometimes you may feel really irritated when you need to skip your lunch and it might lead you to feel hungry and dissatisfied. This can impact your mood and it’s important to keep an eye on this for yourself and others.

60141 2


When you are practicing intermittent fasting, not only are you going to shed the extra pounds but this method has shown success for building muscle at the same time. You can actually improve the efficiency of your body’s digestion and absorption. So give it a try but don’t skip breakfast, we don’t want you getting too grumpy at work.

-Terry Asher


Your Ultimate Guide to Bacon

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Bacon…Bacon….And More Bacon!

Bacon. Isn’t the name enough to make you crave it? This salty pork product has been the topic of much discussion in the fitness and food worlds. Varying opinions exist on whether bacon fits into an easy diet to follow. One thing is for sure, it’s delicious.

The collective obsession with bacon is all too real right now. These days people are pairing different types of bacon with pretty much every category of food.

When it comes to planning a simple diet plans, there are some questions that arise about bacon. The most common is probably Is bacon good for you? Here are a few others that you might be wondering about.

  • Does bacon go bad?
  • Is bacon healthy?
  • How good is sugar-free bacon?
  • Is there a limit to the amount of bacon you can have?

So, if you are wondering what the answers to these questions are and you are looking to know a lot more about bacon, here is your chance. In this article, I am going to share some insight about bacon, in an effort to help you balance healthy foods with delicious ones.

Some diets like Paleo and other high protein, high fat diets encourage bacon, while some others do not. We’ll take a look at these considerations and help you see where bacon fits into your diet.

What Is Bacon?

Perhaps, you are already aware of the fact that bacon actually comes from a pig. Ever since 1500 BC, bacon has been around and in all these years, methods for making this delicious treat have only improved.

It is actually the belly of a pig that is used for making bacon. This also explains its high fat content. However, if you look at places outside America, you will find that even loin or shoulder cuts of a pig are used for making bacon. As soon as the meat is cut from the pig, it then needs to be thoroughly cured and this is done using a combination of salt and sugar.

Sometimes, nitrates can be used too in the making of bacon—you want to avoid this. The meat also needs to be dried thoroughly and the curing period can stretch from weeks to even months. The most delicious bacon is smoked, in my opinion!

how-to-make-bacon-4 2

What About Veggie Bacon?

If you’re a vegetarian, have at it. If not, you might as well go for the real thing.

You may find a lot of people trying to convince you that non-pig bacon is the healthier choice. The big question is how much of this is true? One of the common impostors we so often find has to be turkey bacon.

If you take a closer look at the ingredient list of such turkey bacons, you will find that they often just modified different bits of turkey to ensure that they can get the perfect bacon shape. It is certainly not bacon by any means.

Real bacon has some fat content to it, so instead of seeking out alternatives which are still heavily salted and possibly heavily processed, the real thing, in smart proportions and at appropriate times can be the healthier option!

Are All Bacons Created Equal?

Bad Bacon: This is the kind of bacon which is highly processed and contains huge amount of artificial ingredients soaked in preservatives. This is the type of bacon you need to avoid. There is plenty of quality bacon where the unwanted stuff has been avoided.

Good bacon: Less, ingredients means the product started with higher quality meat and is most likely much more fresh. These are unprocessed and contain little else but pork, brown sugar, salt and water. As always, the closer to the farm, the higher quality your food generally will be.

Uncured Bacon Isn’t Real

There is no such thing as uncured bacon. When you are making bacon, you have to cure it or else the pork belly doesn’t change to bacon. This means there will be salt used in any bacon product. If your doctor has warned you about your sodium levels, you’ll want to tread lightly with any salted meat product.

Nitrate Free Bacon And What Are Nitrates?

Nitrates and nitrites are often discussed along with bacon. You’ll often see nitrate free bacon advertised at higher prices. The big question is whether the increased cost is worth it.

Nitrates are present in our vegetables and you also get it in some quantity in cured meats as well. The microorganisms which are present in the digestive tract of our body helps in converting the nitrates to nitrites and some can act as carcinogens.

Basically, when you are heating meat and at extremely high temperatures, it can lead to production of nitrosamines which is a carcinogen. Another thing you need to know is that even those bacons that say nitrate free actually use celery instead of sodium nitrite. So, you’ll have to make your own call on nitrate free bacon.

meh.ro4999 3

Too Much Bacon?

Now, I hate to break this to you but having too much of bacon can be hard for your body because it does contain a lot of sodium. Those who are following Paleo must already be aware of the need to cut down on sodium from your diet. If you are overweight and you want to shed the extra pounds, too much of bacon is going to impede your progress.

Further, if you are eating processed bacon, you’re adding a number of unwanted chemicals to your diet. There are studies that state both sides of the coin as you will find people arguing that bacon is a healthy choice because of its protein and animal fat needed for growth. Moderation is always key.

Cooking Bacon On The Stove

Bacon might well be the easiest thing which you can cook. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Place the pan on the stove top and make sure to let it warm a bit before you throw the bacon on.
  2. Now, you should place little strips of bacon side by side to each other. Ideally, I place four to five of them together. When they will start to sizzle, you will find that they are going to shrink a little. After say 5 minutes or so, you should lip them over.
  3. Unless they become crisp, keep monitoring the progress of bacon.
  4. Once you are sure that the bacon has been cooked thoroughly, you can turn off the heat and make sure to remove them one at a time. Ideally blot it with clean paper towels so that you get rid of the unwanted grease.
  5. Now, it’s time to chow.

Some Other Facts About Bacon

There are a few other fun facts about bacon you can share with your buddies.

  • There is now bacon beer and bacon vodka. There is even bacon toilet paper!
  • If you google any actor, you can simply add “Kevin Bacon number” to the name of the actor and this will give you the degrees of separation.
  • The father of Philadelphia was named Edmund Bacon.

60141 2


To wrap this all up, there are a few keys to keep in mind as you navigate the bacon craze. Too much bacon can be a bad thing but like other foods, the quality of the meat and the amount of processing are essential to consider. Always opt for fresher, more natural meats and keep an eye on your sodium intake. Keep moderation in perspective but feel free to enjoy this delicious treat!

-Terry Asher

Review: Black Ant Pill

Look In the Mirror (1)

Have you heard of Black ant pills? This male enhancement product is designed to improve performance in the bedroom. These days, a lot of guys are looking for a supplement to assist in this category, but it’s important to do your homework before taking anything of the sort. There are a lot of products out there, but for today, we’ll take a look at the black ant pills. There has been some negative press about these, so I’ll try and shed some light.

Is this product really worth the price? Can it deliver what it promises and help you improve your sexual performance? Are Black ant pills a diamond in the rough, or not worth your time? Let’s check out the facts.

How does it work?

The key ingredient that is used in this product is actually African black ants. Basically, it is the polyrhachis vicina roger that is used in the making of the drug. There are a lot of other minerals and amino acids that are a part of this product. However, one of the major problems is that they do not disclose the full list of the main ingredients that are a part of the product. Always keep an eye out for this with any supplement.

The ability to conduct your own research on the ingredients of a product is extremely important. This is especially true if you are taking any other kind of prescriptions or supplements.

When you are not even aware of the ingredient list, it can be a dangerous risk to ingest a product. What if you are allergic to some of the compounds? What happens if you get sick, how is your physician going to treat when he does not have a clue of what the problem truly is? I personally do not recommend such products because I never know what these pills truly contain. There are other pills which I can find in the market and they give clear details of the components that are a part of the pill and I would recommend these type of products so that you can be completely sure of what’s going into your body. Especially when it comes to male enhancement, you really shouldn’t take gambles on what you ingest.

I will mention that the makers of Black ant pill insist that they tested this pill on a large number of people who were extremely happy with the results. They add that the pill did not yield any wrong side effects and those who tried it found considerable improvement in their sexual activities. While this sounds positive, the lack of ingredient transparency is still suspect.

Ginseng is the only listed component known to benefits when it comes to improving the sexual ability. However, all the remaining ingredients and even the ones that are not disclosed remain a baffling mystery and there is no details whatsoever of the same.

I made it a point to check out the details on the official website and found that they have listed a lot of information about how the African black ant plays a significant role in improving the sexual abilities of a person and also in male enhancement. However the details look a bit too over-hyped and are not very plausible. To be honest, I see this all the time in the fitness industry. If it sounds too good to be true, guess what, it is.

Black Ant Pills Reviews and Feedback

As there isn’t much detail about the ingredient list and the exact way in which this product works, I was forced to fall back upon the reviews and feedback. I was not surprised when I saw that black ant pills had lots of negative feedback. There were even some people who complained that they did not experience any changes.

There were positive reports too but there weren’t any reviews from people who had problems with erectile dysfunction, so while it might improve some blood flow, it’s unlikely to make turn you into Hercules in the bedroom.

Putting it all together, between lackluster reviews and questionable ingredients, I’m not confident in the effectiveness of Black ant pills.

Some reviews have generated a lot of hype and they claim that the erections are longer and the turnaround time is pretty quick. However, the main point about using such pills is to help those with a sexual disability or disorder and I found no such reviews emphasising that point.

Further, there is no money back guarantee on the product which means that if you got no benefit from it, you’re still stuck with the product. The fact that a company won’t guarantee its product is another red flag.

Black Ant King The Price Factor

I would not call this product a smart buy because it does fall on the expensive side with questionable results. You need to take the pill before you engage in an intercourse which means that if you are sexually active, and are looking into male enhancement or sexual performance supplements, you could spend a boatload on products that don’t necessarily work. You can buy the pills from the official website, but you really have to ask yourself if it is worth the price at all.


After weighing all the points and checking these details, I don’t recommend the black ant pills because I would always go with a product that is more transparent about the ingredients they are using.

While I cannot be sure that using this product will lead to side effects, I wouldn’t take that risk for myself or recommend that you do the same. In the end, it’s your body and your decision.

If I was to recommend a male enhancement product, I would suggest VigRX plus as a smarter choice because it delivers the necessary benefits without using mystery ingredients.

Just remember, when it comes to taking any kind of supplements, there is always going to be hype about products delivering incredible results. Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body, especially when it comes to male enhancement.



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Tricks for Eating Healthy

Urban Life. (33)

Do you make bad eating choices? Has your doctor told you to lose some extra weight? Or maybe you just want to cut some fat and feel a little more confident at the beach. All our bodies are different, and we all have different goals, but eating healthy matters to everyone.

We also all make excuses from time to time when we make poor eating choices that don’t fuel activity in our bodies or brains. You’ll never hear me tell you that you have to eat perfect all the time. Instead, I’ll share a few key points that can help you win some healthy eating battles.

Shedding pounds isn’t easy and there’s no one secret move or diet that works for everyone. The fact that you’re here, doing your homework on how to improve your diet is a great start.

A few of the questions that some people get stuck on are:

  • Do I have to count all my calories and track everything I eat?
  • Do I have to permanently cut all the junk food 100%?
  • Is eating healthy food going to bankrupt me?
  • Is working out going to make me over-eat?

Don’t worry. I can help you learn how to eat healthier without having to go completely hardcore on tracking every single thing you eat. You can have cheat meals and still reach your goals. Buying all organic, farm raised and premier quality foods do cost more money—an unfortunate fact of life. However, when you offset the cost of high-quality food by the health impact of processed and artificial alternatives, your priorities may shift.

healthy-eating-300x2574-1024x685 2

Our Diet Philosophy

As I’ve said, there’s no one solution for everybody and I don’t have ALL the answers, but I can tell you what works for me and the people I’ve trained. The best advice I can give when it comes to diet is not to set a million restrictions, but instead ADD positive principles to your diet. Does that sound odd?

Here’s the thing. We as humans are known for wanting what we can’t have. For some people, as soon as they know Twinkies are a no-fly zone, want a Twinkie twice as bad. Don’t set yourself up to fail by setting unreasonable standards.

Learning to eat healthy is about setting up pillars that are the foundation of your progress in the gym. The following is not a short term ‘diet’ for losing quick weight, these are some principles that can help you lead your healthiest, fullest life possible over the long term. Remember, the guide to healthy eating is a guide, not a set of laws. Here is an easy diet to follow.

1. Real Food

The closer to the farm you can get your food, usually the better. Preservatives, frozen foods and heavily processed fast foods are NOT going to help you. Sure a Big Mac has protein, but at what cost to your overall health? We are what we eat and the quality of your food sources will determine the quality of your body.

2. Balanced Meals

Every meal should consist of a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy natural fats. Maximize your energy levels and curb hunger cravings by having some of what your body needs in every meal. This will help you avoid overeating and veering away from your goals.

3. Understand Caloric Deficit

You won’t hear me tell anyone to count every calorie, but it still is important to understand how calories and weight loss work. If you want to burn fat, you need to burn more calories in a day than you take on, this causes your body to use its fat stores for energy. However, if you are training for size and strength, you will have a hard time growing and also trying to burn fat at the same time. It costs your body calories to train hard in the gym.

4. Win the War

Every time you open the fridge you make a choice, there is a little battle between what tastes good and what IS good for you. It’s ok to lose a battle, but don’t let this distract you from the big picture. It’s important not to beat yourself up for making a misstep in your diet from time to time. Don’t be discouraged because everyone does it. One of the things that helps me a great deal is to remind myself why I am eating, and think of my gym plan before a meal. This can help put your goals in focus.

5. Hydration

One of the most common reasons for over-eating is actually dehydration. A lot of people mistake their bodies’ signals for hunger. Making sure you drink as much water as you can manage throughout the day will help you keep real hunger separate from dehydration. This only becomes more important as you train heavy because your appetite will increase as well. The more healthy natural foods and water you drink, the clearer your body’s messages will be about what it needs. It’s true; you can even develop a craving for veggies. If you train your mind to focus on what good food does for you and cut out the artificial flavors of other foods that train us to think vegetables are bland, you’re on your way.

6. Sugar is Your Enemy

Refined sugars and processed starches like white bread are the biggest enemies to losing weight and are major causes of obesity. The less you can eat of these, the better you will look and feel.

Eating Healthy For Dummies

If you’re wondering how to start eating healthy, but have no clue about dieting, here are a few things to know about how to start a diet.

A pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories.

So, if you are looking to lose a pound of fat per week, you have to ensure that you cut down on 500 calories every day. As you create a deficit of 500 calories every day and you continue with the right set of exercises, you are sure to clinch your target goals. Sounds easy? It’s not. That’s why it’s very difficult to lose a pound of fat per week—and why this approach is not recommended.

healthy-eating1 2

The Quality Of Calories

Another key point to remember is that not all calories are created equal. When you consume 200 calories of vegetables, its effect on your body is very different than 200 calories of doughnuts (which is about one bite). There are different ways our body digests different types of foods as their varying chemical makeup requires. Here are a few handy details.

  • Proteins: every time you exercise, the muscles get broken down. They later use protein for rebuilding. Ideally, you should try to have 1 gram per pound of lean body weight. Beef, chicken eggs, pork, legumes are considered to be rich protein sources.
  • Carbohydrates: every time you consume carbohydrates, they are changed to glucose in your body. It is then used for providing energy to your body. Complex carbohydrates like brown rice provide more sustained energy while starches cause a glucose spike and crash. Refined sugars are you worst enemy when it comes to eating healthy.
  • Fat: you need to know that fat is critical for your body and there are different types of fat. Avoid heavily saturated and trans fats, and make sure to try avocado, fish oil and flax.

60141 2


Two of the most common questions I hear from beginners and friends looking to make positive changes are: how to start eating healthy, and how to get healthy. As you probably know, the answers are related. You can’t optimize your health without taking a hard look at the foods you’re eating, regardless of your current condition or physical appearance. When people ask me how to start a diet, my answer is don’t, instead put in place the guiding principles you need to make smart, sustainable progress and live a happier, healthier life. Don’t waste every second counting calories or tracking every food, unless you feel you need to. Always go for quality food products and balance your meals with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats and keep your portions in check. And remember, win the battles, win the war.

-Terry Asher

300 Spartan Workout: Last You’ll Ever Need?

300 Workout What is the big deal with the 300 workout? We explore…


If you’ve seen 300, you must have noticed the unbelievably fit actors who transformed themselves through hard training and rigid diet into the warriors of Sparta.You will learn Gerard Butler 300 workout and everything in between.Even the extras in this film are absolutely yoked. If you’ve ever been interested in getting fit, you’ve got to ask yourself what their plan was that produced the ripped abs, chest and arms you’d expect a Spartan warrior to have. If your absolutely new the gym you will need a beginners workout routine first.

It should not surprise you to hear that to achieve that level of definition and muscular size, you’ve got to be training your whole body, intensely. Routines, that emphasize either only your biceps or legs, for example, will not cut it(Single Joint Movements). Also, keep in mind that actors are on a tight schedule to get ready for a film. So, this workout had to be designed to produce fast results for the whole body. Hold on your hat because this is no joy ride.

I see a lot of guys at the gym isolating each angle for each muscle group, slow and with lots of rest before varying different angles. However, if you’re goal is to get ripped not just big, the 300 Spartan workout is worth trying. You’ll find that this kind of exercise is actually a compound formula. This workout and others like it are designed to work offsetting muscle groups in order so that you’re using active rest to produce more output during your workout. Also, focusing on large compound movements involving multiple joints and muscle groups is one way to increase productivity in your workouts.


The Real 300 Spartans

Ok, so if you think about the setting of the movie, 2000 years back in time, warriors didn’t have any kind of heavy machines. There were, no cable pull machines and not even exercise balls or treadmills to run and stay in shape. There were real life tests of strength and hunting and farming to do. These guys developed hard strength through hard lives. Every now and then, even if it’s just through a functional strength workout, It’s good to try and replicate the difficulty of manual labor and outdoor activity that Spartans would have had to undergo. This can offer some perspective on how convenient our modern lives are. We might all be in a little better shape if we didn’t have it so easy!

It’s likely that they didn’t lift things at all for the sole purpose of getting stronger. However, if you make a life full of highly demanding activity that is constantly putting demands on many of your muscle groups, including battle training, you might start to look like a Spartan. Add a diet that consisted of none of the processed foods and sugars we eat today, and you’re getting even closer. For the sake of this article, we’ll use the best of what we have available today to recreate this physique. So we’ve developed the evolved Spartan workout.

There are few ways to get a human body in better shape than having to fight for survival. Spartans tested their bodies constantly. Today, my goal is just to help you achieve a body that might help you feel like a Spartan, even if you don’t have spear skills.

Spend enough time with the 300 workout and you might just scare away some enemies. One of the best parts of training is the confidence and self-assuredness that comes with improving yourself. So let’s get down to the real deal.

images (1)

300 Workout Routine

Try and follow this 300 workout routine for some serious results.

  • Pull-ups, 25 reps.
  • Deadlifts, 135 lbs x 50 reps.
  • Pushups, 50 reps.
  • 24 inch box jumps x 50 reps.
  • Floor wipers x 50 reps.
  • Single arm clean and press w/36 lbs kettlebell x 50 reps.
  • Pull-ups x 25 reps.

This workout should look a little intimidating to most people. That’s alright. If you have to take breaks in between, do what you have to. As long as you complete the reps, you’ll see gains. As you progress, continue to rest more. If you really want to look like Gerard Butler did as King Leonidas, you’ll have to work hard.

People are often looking for an easy way to get fit, the Spartan 300 workout is a great example of how good old fashioned hard work can chisel the body you want. I have seen people get fully ripped muscles from workouts like this

Of the 300 workout components listed here, I found the floor wipers to be the most difficult. You might have a different experience, but the best thing you can do is keep moving. Even if your reps are slow, push yourself. Keep in your mind, “What would a Spartan do?”

While you might never be able to replicate the Spartan 300 workout from real life, the actors in this film hit the nail pretty much on the head and I have seen some great results from those willing to overcome its challenge.

Movies like 300 can do a lot to keep you motivated in the gym. This is one of my favorites. It gets me fired up every time, years after its release. Always try to find motivation like that this and keep these things (or people) close to you. This will greatly improve your chances of sticking with your gym workout plan.

It will take some time before most people will be able to carry out the entire 300 workout session, but in the end, you can build up to this. You can even use the movie to get you fired up for this exact workout.

60138 2


The movie 300 features some of the most ripped actors we’ve seen in an absolutely badass story. Taking inspiration from this epic flick, try out the 300 workout for yourself and get a glimpse of what everyday might have been like for the Spartans. This full body, high intensity, high repetition workout will develop muscular endurance as well as build lean ripped muscle. While heavy weight and low rep workouts can be useful for building size, actors like Gerard Butler didn’t have the time to bulk up and cut down later. Because we’re able to combine muscle groups and employ active rest by working one muscle group while resting another, this workout produces a great chance for a sculpted, chiseled physique. If you’re ready to scare away your enemies and then head home to the queen, give it a try

Sprinting Workouts to Blast Cardio


What’s the big deal with sprints? We explore…

I get a lot of questions about sprinting workouts and where the fit into which sorts of fitness goals. Today, we’ll take a look at how to determine if sprinting can help boost your fitness level and the best workouts to help you reach that end.

Is Sprinting Right for My Goals?

One of the best ways to think about this question is to look at the Olympic athletes who best exemplify their respective running styles. If you are a person who is seeking a long slender frame, then distance running and other low impact cardio workouts might suit you better. If you look at most high-level sprinters, they look like body builders but faster.

Sprinting workouts or adding simply sprints to weight lifting workouts in an interval set up can boost the intensity of your workouts significantly. In a bit, we’re take a closer look at the best ways to actually incorporate sprinting workouts into your fitness routine.

It Comes Down to Output

Part of the reason professional sprinters are so jacked is that a sprint in many ways is like lifting weights with many of your body’s muscle groups all at once. By forcing your body to create more force to propel itself faster, you are adding increased load on all of your muscles.

Think of it this way, if you’re trying to burn calories, sprinting burns more in less time. More than this, if you’re trying to look shredded, sprinting actually builds power and muscle size in addition to burning calories and leading to fat loss. If you want to increase muscularity and definition, sprinting will do much more for you than distance cardio.

When I say it comes down to output, what I mean is that sprinting workouts require your body to do more work in less time. We’re all here on this blog because we’re interested in optimizing our bodies through training. I think we can all appreciate efficiency and sprinting, especially interval workouts, are the best way to get the most work out of your muscles in the least amount of time—far more than distance cardio.

Adrian Peterson, Leon Hall

Sprinting, Intervals and After Burn

It is a well-proven fact that when you are working out at a lot higher intensity, your body will create an oxygen debt. Your body then needs to recover from this debt and this state is called as the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Some call this the after burn effect.

By driving your body into a state of after burn, you are effectively continuing to burn calories and fat, after your workout is complete. Sometimes, this effect has the potential to last for as long as 72 hours, even while you are asleep. This means that if you’re going to be working out at all, especially at high intensity, you absolutely must take your sleep and recovery seriously or you’re just wasting your time training.

Another reason that sprinting is always my pick over distance cardio is You need to make sure that your body manages to recover from this debt and it is the aerobic system which will be able to cover the debt. When you choose to sprint, you can get all these benefits padded into one.

advance. It is advised not to sprint with 100% effort, right at the very start. To get the most out of your training sessions, sprint at nearly 80% of the top speed.

Getting Down to Work

If you grew up playing sports, you’ve probably done some sprinting drills at one time or another. If not, don’t worry about it. When it comes down to it, a lot of the drills coaches use aren’t necessarily informed by the best use of fitness knowledge. One thing to keep in mind is that if you haven’t been doing any kind of high-intensity workouts or sprints for some time, keep it to about 80% intensity for your first few workouts—feel free to scale down those detailed below.

Sprinting Workouts

The following workouts are just some ideas to get you moving in different directions. The key is to push yourself intensely for short bursts, catch your breath and get back after it. Between sets, tilt your head back to open up your airway and pump oxygen into your body. Don’t rest so long that your heart rate goes back down.

King of the Hill

Regardless of whether you are just beginning or you are a seasoned vet, you should definitely try hill sprints. Gravity adds additional stress on your muscles and it’s almost like running with weights on. This will force you to be efficient in your strides and use of energy.

When it comes to hill sprints, you’re going to have to be your own judge and adjust your repetitions by the intensity of the hill. Remember to use a hill that does not require you to slow down significantly to complete a rep. Use a hill just small enough that it allows you to maintain a consistent speed and intensity from bottom to top.

When you slow down you work different energy systems and will veer towards aerobic training as opposed to anaerobic, the general focus of sprint training.


 Flying 30m

This refers to a workout where you put in an 80% maximum sprinting effort for 30m and then jog or walk 10m. When you’re just starting out, use a sprinting distance of 10m and you build up to 80% max. Try two rounds of 10 reps (1 rep = 30 sprint / 10 jog).

You can build up your distance but cap it around 100m so that you are maintaining an intense sprint for the whole time. Use the walk to fill up on oxygen and keep your muscles limber.

Corners And Straightaway

This is an interval workout where you sprint for 100m and then keep on walking without stopping for another 100 m followed. When you are on a 400m track, you should make it a point to sprint on the corner and then when it comes to straightaways, you should walk. You also have the option of switching both these styles as well.


You will need an open area and as always make sure to warm up. After that, you should sprint for a minute or followed by a jog for the next 2 minutes. Obviously your sprint won’t be at 100% for the full minute. Push yourself hard for a minute and then think of the jog as your rest. If you can do this for 3 rounds, you’re doing well.

This is one of the favored sprinting workouts of those who like balance between distance cardio and high intensity.

Warm Up

With any workout whether it’s on the track or in the gym, I can’t stress enough how important it is to warm up. This importance is only compounded when you’re talking about getting into high-intensity training. If you think sprinting is lower risk because it’s just running, think again. Sprinting causes huge demands on your body and if your muscles aren’t loose and warm, you’re opening yourself up to major injury.

If you want to reach your fitness goals, don’t sideline yourself by ignoring a healthy warm-up activity before sprinting workouts.

Ease Up on the Gas and Refuel

For some this might go without saying, but it’s always good to jog out of your sprints. Slow your body down gradually and let your momentum naturally subside. A lot of Achilles’ injuries happen at the end of a sprint. Remember, ease off the gas then engage the breaks, don’t just hit the emergency break.

When you finish a workout of sprinting intervals it’s also good to jog slowly, take a leisurely lap and bring your heart rate down.

60138 2


Lastly, when you finish sprint workouts, you should refuel your body just the same way as you do after lifting weights. You’re working your muscles hard and you need to get plenty of water, sleep and nutrition if you want to maximize your gains from sprinting workouts. Make sure to refuel your body with a balance of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Get your sleep or your muscles won’t grow, simple as that.

Product Review: Extenze – Does it Work?


Extenze has become a household name these days. They’ve been producing male enhancement products for a long time dating back to the 90’s. I have personally tested their products and I a have to say that over the years, things have changed and Extenze seems to lack the same quality it once had. Extenze extended-release is their new formula and they claim that it can give long-lasting effects. However, is their old formula much better or are their claims true? Today, we’ll take a look and find out how useful these products really are.

What is the Extenze Extended Release Formula?

As the name suggests, the Extenze extended formula has been built on the previous formula but is just a modification with more ingredients and even better output. The company claims that these updates should produce increased stamina and control, as well as a fuller erection. Sounds like what a lot of guys need, but does it work? That’s the real question.

There have been some major changes of ingredients and the delivery time has improved a great deal. The previous formula was in the shape of a tablet and if you took it before intercourse, it took some time for the effect to kick in. However, this new extended formula comes in the form of a gel cap and so it is a lot faster to digest and the results were promising. Owing to the gel cap, the ingredients are absorbed much more quickly.

I was really impressed by this new rapid release feature which, if you think about it, is a BIG deal with this particular type of pill. The gel cap is not only easily absorbed, but at the same time, it comes with time release beadlets. These beadlets are include certain ingredients that slow down the metabolism. Owing to this, the results last a while and at the same time, the possibility of side effects is decreased.

My Results

When I was conducting Extenze review to ascertain the effectiveness of the products, I reached the following conclusions.

When I received the sample 2 months back, I have to admit I was curious so I had to try them. I experienced no dizziness as on the contrary I felt pleasant, no issues. You can probably guess what happened next and no complaints were heard!

Obviously discretion is necessary when you decide to try Extenze, don’t take it until you’re ready to use it. Hopefully, this part is self-explanatory.


There are a lot of benefits to using this new improved formula and some of the key ones among them for me would include:

  • New and much-improved formula.
  • Gel capsule increases delivery speed.
  • Results don’t lie!
  • The effects last longer than competitors’ formulas.
  • No side effects were experienced by me personally.


No product is perfect and side effects can occur with many kinds of supplements and medicines. You should never take anything that affects blood flow without speaking to your doctor. You should also be sure you are healthy enough for sex before going out to buy a bottle of Extenze or anything else for that matter.

So, after performing some research, I found out the following issues.

  • Extenze is only available in limited countries and I believe that the availability factor should be taken into consideration.
  • While faster, the formula will never be instant. Of course, this can cause some awkward waiting time for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • The price hasn’t come down at all despite the company’s impressive sales.

The Verdict

Overall, based upon my research and the Extenze review I conducted I believe this to be a solid product. In general, I think there are a number of things to try before taking a pill to increase blood flow to your manhood. If you smoke, don’t exercise and eat garbage, you should not expect a trophy winning performance from your star player.

However, if you are genuinely suffering from ED, there are features and advantages that make this a better product than most of its kind. Like weightlifting supplements, the male enhancement product market is full of garbage, hype and unfortunately, ineffective products made with who knows what. Advertisers prey on our natural male desires to be big and strong and be the king of the bedroom. Be aware, because they know how to sell you on an idea and at least Extenze seems to be focused on providing a safe, effective product.

Again, male enhancement is not for everyone. This won’t stop some of you looking to impress someone special, but my recommendation is that if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Be mindful of the dosing if you are taking Extenze. We’ve all heard a few horror stories about effects lasting too long with these sorts of supplements.

Across the web, many of the Extenze reviews you’ll find tend to be positive as a lot of people have actually benefitted from the use of these products. So, as always, fitness and diet first will give your body the best chance it has at optimum performance in the bedroom, but if you need a little boost, this one will have you fixed right up.

Extenze Review
Reviewed By:
Terry Asher
3.5 OUT OF 5.0
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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Ok, who watches walking dead? I know I love that show…

Zombies are more popular than ever in movies and television and some even believe a zombie outbreak to be a real threat. If this sort of disaster were to take place, what would it take to survive?

No, I am not a superhero, but I’ll walk you through some key points to help you learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This isn’t going to be easy and there are a lot of things you have to learn. Check out beginners workout if you’re completely new to fitness.

For some, video games and science fiction, have provided some imaginative background knowledge for zombie apocalypse survival. No one can say for sure which of these would be realistic or not, but in any sort of survival situation, whether it’s zombies or a massive power outage, preparation and knowledge are monumental.

Stay Fit to Stay Alive

First thing is first. Whether you’re a human running from a monster or a zebra running from a lion, don’t be the slowest or the juiciest. Zombies and lions go after easy target. We can’t always predict disaster, but we can be physically fit to keep us prepared for anything, anytime

So, now comes the million dollar question; how exactly do you stay in shape when an apocalypse hits? In a survival situation, you may not have unlimited resources, so conserving your energy, while rationing supplies is necessary.

In terms of fitness, you would still want to be sure to keep your muscles limber and strong at all times. You may not get the chance to stretch in a zombie chase.

So the most logical thing to do, is to spend time stretching, and focus on body weight movements like squats and pushups that can be done with no equipment. Combine these in the burpee movement to save time in case you’re being followed by walkers.

It’s in the Preparation, Not the Game

What if you really do not have too much time and let me even take the instance where you lack resources as well? Here’s a quick workout that you can do at home to keep you prepared for Z-day.

  1. 100 jumping jacks – Warm up
  2. Pushups – 2 x to failure
  3. Squats – Your legs need to be fit. Luckily, squats work 85% of your muscles in one move.
  4. Wide Grip Pull-upsBN-CC229_zombie_G_20140326100627. If you have access to any kind of pull up bar, these will help you the most for climbing out of situations.


Sprints and High Intensity Intervals—Not Cardio

People often think that the best thing you can do when saving yourself from zombies is to run and so cardio may be your best friend. However, I have a different opinion here. Sprints and high-intensity interval training are more likely to serve you in a survival situation, especially if you have to battle your way out first and then run.

Moving past the basics of zombie apocalypse survival, keep in mind that combining strength training moves like pushups and squats with sprints and jogs directly after a set trains multiple energy systems in your body. This is the most effective training to help you in improve your oxygen capacity and so you can improve your endurance limit and even your sprinting ability as well..

Interval training is also considered to be one of the best ways by which you can develop your body strength. When you have ample strength in your body, the odds of beating down a zombie will multiply considerably.

Parkour Training Can Help

When you have zombies breathing down your neck and chasing you down, you might want to be able to jump over some obstacles. Parkour training has your back. You might as yourself what is Parkour training? 

Parkour essentially teaches you about different body movements and how to overcome the obstacles that you may find in your path. You may have seen youtube videos of these daredevils jumping between buildings—who couldn’t use that skill in a zombie outbreak?

When you are learning the different Parkour moves, you don’t have to concentrate on back flips and wall runs; there are other ways of doing the same. Ideally, you need to be sure that you are skilled enough to climb and jump over the different horizontal and vertical obstacles that come in your path.


Prepare Your Food Supply

When zombies are on the prowl eating humans alive, you need to be sure that you have ample food in stock. Food stores would likely be the first ones looted in any disaster. Staying mobile and healthy are your main priority, so having food stored at home is a must. Whey powder is great as it requires no refrigeration and will last a long time.

Again, preparation is the key to survival here. Stay fit so that you have the ability to move effectively, stay prepared so you can optimally fuel your body at all times. These principles are the same principles that rule outside of a survival situation, but with higher stakes!

In any disaster, fresh water will be the biggest challenge. Keeping a large amount of water at home can only take you so far, keep a water purifier handy.

Save The World

So, now you’re well versed in the ways of zombie apocalypse survival. So far we’re safe from zombies, but for any survival situation, many of the same principles apply. First and foremost, secure a water supply. But with zombies as with any other imaginable disaster, keeping fit keeps you prepared for any situation and physical demand.

Even taking some basic steps to store food and water (and make sure you have plenty of protein powder), can really help improve your chances of survival. Interval training can keep you prepared for sprinting and climbing. Parkour can propel you over obstacles.

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As many threats and disasters we face, there are so many ways to train and prepare our bodies for any situation. So don’t fret, stay fit, keep some MRPs around and a fresh pair of hiking boots, just in case it gets ugly out there.

-Terry Asher