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I’m Terry I’m here to help you achieve the body you want. I truly believe anyone can achieve the figure they want, with the proper guidance. Through my eBook I have been able to help thousands of people online lose weight, tone up and get in shape. My goals are to continue to help people all around the world and change people’s life for the better.

How To Look Like Ryan Reynolds Shape In Blade 3

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Sometimes you want to look like a hero and I don’t blame you. This is the part of the superhero series where I will take you through the ways by which you can get the body, which we have often seen actors having on-screen. Here, my focus is on Ryan Reynolds. We may bitch about how he is a complete jackass, but in the end, you just cannot ignore the fact that this man looks like good with ripped muscles, I’ll give him that.

Before I begin with the lesson of how you too can become as sexy as Ryan Reynolds, you need to know a few things about him. Reynolds has always been in the right shape even before he became the popular icon, which he is today. Before he started preparing for his role in Blade 3, he had an extremely low body fat percentage. This means that the platform was already set for Reynolds and all he had to do was to keep the momentum going and build upon it.

He was offered crazy amount of money for this role and along with it he got a personal trainer with a dietitian to stay on track. He obviously doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job to look after and not even a bunch of kids to greet at home. So, if you are expecting to get the Ryan Reynolds abs overnight, sorry to disappoint you but, things don’t work this way unless you have a magic wand with you.

Being the guy who looked good already and with low body percentage of fat, all he truly needed to was to add the lean muscles. So, the Ryan Reynolds diet only aimed at adding up the good weight and cutting down on the little portion of fat which he had. The Ryan Reynolds workout which he followed was so draining and terribly exhausting that he had to take a break after shooting for the movie, because even for someone in such great shape like him, it was just too much. So, be prepared for some serious shit and kickass workout. If you want to get Ryan Reynolds body, you will have to burn your sweat literally. Don’t flinch though and don’t get back and let us kick start in this journey of getting the perfect Ryan Reynolds abs.

Ryan Reynolds Diet

Now, the very first thing is to begin with the diet. When you want Ryan Reynolds height and weight, you have to be mindful of every single thing that you eat. I have worked out for innumerable years and yet failed to put on the extra weight at times. So, I get on to my diet and that is when the big changes came. The Ryan Reynolds diet definitely helped him too and this shows in blade 3 and shows very prominently too. The diet he followed comprised of having as much as 6 to 8 meals every day. The meals were repeated every 2 hours. The diet was primarily composed of proteins and a whole great deal of complex carbohydrates. These meals are taken all throughout the day. However, proteins without the presence of carbs were taken just after 8 pm. Apart from this, he made it a point to eat massive amount of proteins and carbs immediately after the workout sessions as it helps in promoting growth. The carbs were used to refuel the body and so the protein was used for the sake of building some really strong muscles. So, you might be wondering as to where the heck do all the proteins come from? The answer lies in eggs, protein carbs, shakes and chicken steaks. In order to get his dose of carbs, he consumed a lot of oatmeal. If you are licking fingers and salivating at the name of oatmeal, you need to know that the oatmeal was devoid of added sugar. Still, anything for looking hot, right?

So, if you were really excited about getting the body, you might be yawning right now at this boring diet. Well, you cannot help it. You got to lose some to win some. Ryan ended up treating his body like a machine because he had to literally measure the nutrients he was having and he had to make sure to gather the right amount of muscle and keep the fat away. As far as my calculation goes, it took him four months for the sake of putting 15 lbs. Of all these 15 lbs, 10 of them were his muscle and 5 was the fat which means that the ratio was immaculate for him. The last two months of his regime was probably for the sake of cutting the fat and leaving the muscles aside.

This is possibly the diet plan which he used to follow.

  • Breakfast: it generally had 2 eggs along with a spoon of almond butter and even avocado or oatmeal as well
  • Midmorning snack: protein bars
  • Lunch: it comprises of either salad or albacore tuna wrap and sometimes chicken
  • Mid-afternoon snack: Mainly protein shakes and bars
  • Dinner: brown rice, salad or broiled fish and chicken
  • Evening snack: protein shakes like whey


The Supplements

Apart from these 8 meals, he also took different types of supplements to get the signature Ryan Reynolds body. He refrained from the use of steroids but invested on creatine, CLA, multivitamins, L-glutamine and a good muscle builder.

Ryan Reynolds Workout

Now that you are done with the diet, we come to the Ryan Reynolds workout which you need to follow. Ideally, I think he worked out for nearly three hours every day. These three hours of training covered various aspects. He concentrated on one single part every day like chest exercises on Monday followed by legs on the next day, the back on Wednesday and so on.

As every day had a new body part, he made sure to work upon it extensively and then did nothing for it for one whole week. There are too many details which you need to know. You can have a very specific regime which you have to follow. It is best advised to have a trainer along with you because the without sessions are such that it will leave your body extremely sore. You will need to take breaks, time your sessions and then sweat your ass off. There may be hardly time for you to breathe and you will feel like you just cannot go any longer, but man, you will have to. It is not easy being Ryan Reynolds, right? Now, the next time you see him onscreen in Blade, you would appreciate the work he put in. There are rumours that he did as many as 500 to 1000 sit-ups for starting his workout. Never in my holy life could I imagine myself doing 1000 sit-ups, and besides I prefer planks they do more for you. It blows my mind thinking of the same. So, you can adjust the way you want but you have to work a little harder. Getting the Ryan Reynolds body is not going to be the easiest task for you.



Does the mention of cardio blow your big bubble? Do not worry. He didn’t have to lose the extra pounds. He was doing strength training and fighting training and so he could use the cardio in the weight training itself. When you know the dynamics, it is easier to make the right adjustments and leverage the most out of it.

The Blade 3 Training

So there is no doubt that if you have insane amount of dollars and you already come with good genetics and you have all the time because you do not have a boss breathing down your neck, why wouldn’t you love to train like this and be the Greek God? I did follow most of the parts which I could and dude, it helps.

I gained the right weight; my muscles are decent size and I do have a very well toned body. I can’t get the same level of muscles which Ryan but I am pretty close. Even he must have felt happy returning back to his normal life. So, it all comes down to the way you want to train and the amount of sacrifice you are willing to make. When you have done so, you will begin to see the main signs and symptoms and it is sure to bring about the change.

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So, the next time you want to enjoy the gazes of others peering at your body, you know the way to go and the right methods to choose. It is indeed possible to have Ryan Reynolds blade trinity look if you work hard enough.

-Terry Asher

How To Train Your Body To Burn Fat


Is it actually possible to program your body to burn more body fat? We explore…

One of the most significant processes that occurs during a successful diet is triggering the mechanisms in your body to burn fat for energy instead of protein (or muscle). Different forms of eating will produce this effect in different ways.  One process which occurs when the body is burning fat is called ketosis.  Ketosis is the body’s mechanism for reprogramming your metabolism for energy production.   The human body generates energy from the natural glucose in starches and carbohydrates or from the ketones that are found in fat.

When you limit your intake of any source of nutrition, your body will resort to whatever means necessary to provide fuel.  Involuntary mechanisms will switch into “survival” mode, much like our ancestors did when food supplies were limited, and provide your body with alternative sources for energy.  The great news is that once you have manipulated your metabolism into recognizing fat as the primary source for fuel, you can burn nearly unlimited amounts of fat without interrupting the process.

Not only will you lose unwanted fat stores on your body, but you are actually providing your body with a healthier source of fuel.  Many of the organs in the body actually perform better when fueled by ketones than by glucose.  Fat is also a more concentrated source of energy with over twice the amount of calories than carbs. Carbohydrates also provide a shorter lasting period of energy than fat.  This means that you have to eat more, and more often, to achieve the same result.  Rather than creating blood sugar volatility via insulin spike, fat keeps your energy levels, focus, and hunger steady.


Fat Storage And Insulin

At the most basic level, fat stores are the body’s way of preparing for emergencies.  Because fat lasts longer and sustains just as successfully without eating nearly as much, it is more likely to put you into a daily negative energy balance which means faster weight loss.  When your body is successfully generating energy from fat stores, your body is in a state of ketosis. Since most individuals generally eat a diet that is comprised mainly of carbohydrates, very few regularly experience a state of ketosis.  When you fast, for example, for longer than one or two days, your body will begin to rely on your fat stores for energy, allowing you to experience a true state of ketosis. When this happens, it becomes less difficult to fast or eat less carbs because your body has switched into survival mode.  Cravings become less intense and the diet becomes much simpler to abide by while you’re burning fat.

In order to achieve this state in a healthy manner, most dietitians will recommend a diet that includes a ratio of high fat to moderate amounts of protein to low carbohydrate intake.  Carbs should consist of mainly leafy green vegetables that are low in starch. It may take a few days to notice, but your body will adjust and begin to rely on the fat stores more.  You will probably begin to feel like you’re out of energy and even tired.  When this begins, your body is making a major metabolism shift – to help you sustain, drink bone broth or fermented beverages such as kombucha tea.

Ketosis Weight Loss And Testing Your Body

To determine if you are in a state of ketosis or not, there are several methods.  Blood tests can measure ketone levels accurately and there are newer methods that can even measure ketones in the breath.  A breath meter is relatively inexpensive and extremely reliable. Don’t expect to be in a complete state of fat-burning mode for a couple of weeks as your body makes this major adjustment.

For people who have a great amount of fat to burn, this is an excellent way to do it.  By burning fat stores, you can eat as much protein as you desire.  However, one rule of thumb you should aim for 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein at each meal. This should leave you feeling full and continuing in this state of fat burning.  In terms of protein type, the main staple protein in your diet should be meat, and not lean meat. Lean meats lack the necessary hormone regulating cholesterol, yes cholesterol, that you need to burn fat and build muscle. Aim for free-range, grass-fed cuts of meat that are fattier, such as rib-eye steak and chicken thighs with skin.


Ketosis Plan And What To Eat

Most people who lose fat by maintaining a state of ketosis in their body rely heavily on red meat because it tends to provide a feeling of being full for longer periods of time. Not to mention, grass-fed red meat provides a significant amount of fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-factors, etc – all necessary to get you lean.  You can try eating any kind of fresh meat including beef, pork, poultry, bird, fish, and new zealand lamb.  Organ meats such as beef liver are especially rich in nutrients and minerals, but be prepared to marinade them properly as they carry an extremely intense taste! Bacon can be great too, since everything tastes better with bacon, but try to limit bacon consumption since most pork is not prepared properly (soaked in brine).

Butter from grass-fed cows is excellent on steamed vegetables.  Not only does it enhance the taste (which can become somewhat bland at times) but it aids the body in absorbing the nutrients easily and more efficiently.  Some favorite low carb vegetables include sprouts, tomatoes, leafy greens like spinach or lettuces, broccoli, peppers, herbs such as cilantro, basil and parsley (these can really add flavor to any meal), celery, onions (also another big flavor booster), mushrooms, cabbage, avocado, green beans and cucumbers.

Whole eggs and raw dairy are considered superfoods due to their extremely high content of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Don’t be concerned about eggs raising your cholesterol – the primary studies linking high cholesterol to heart disease were performed on herbivorous rabbits instead of omnivorous humans. If dairy upsets your stomach, try switching to something fermented like kefir, or cut dairy out altogether until your gut flora and gut wall heal, which could take a few months or longer.

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The most important thing to pay attention to is your body.  When you begin biohacking your body’s natural metabolic processes, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor if you start experiencing unfamiliar symptoms. As stated before, expect to feel tired and a little bit lethargic when your body starts to make the change for a day or two. Any other symptoms should be discussed with your doctor.  Or, if you have diabetes or any other type of chronic condition, consult with your physician about the safest way for you to undertake this method of weight loss.  Becoming adapted to burning fat for fuel is a healthy and efficient biohack for peeling off fat while continuing to build muscle mass.

Once your diet is in check, and you need an adaptive workout program, try the Exerscribe App. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket that adapts to you with every workout.

Guest Blogger

Kusha Karvandi

Why You Should Be Doing Inverted Rows

How To do Inverted Rows

When I head to the gym, I make it a point to keep things as simple as possible. As a matter of fact, I am an ardent fan of both pull ups and chin ups because I believe that it is these exercises give you a true measure of the fitness level. Don’t you think that there is something totally pretty cool about having the capability of lifting your whole body? Obviously, it requires tremendous biceps and back strength, which makes you looked yoked, raw and impressive to say the least. Remember if your new to workout out I would suggest taking a look at the beginners workout plan.

There are a lot of guys who are just beginning fitness training and so when you are doing a pull-up, it may look like a distant dream but that is completely all right. About 80 percent of people can’t do it either. So, you do not have to beat yourself too much about it. Just because you cannot do a pull up doesn’t mean that you have no right to carry out back exercises. I have just the right set of exercises for you that will help you out and it is the inverted row that will be the exact thing you need.

So, now if you are wondering as to what the row exercise is, take a deep breath and let us get started. You are not the only one to wonder about what this exercise truly is because I have met bundles of people who are so utterly clueless and they keep asking me as to what is the fuss about inverted rows. So, here, I will explain all of it to you.

The Inverted Row

Even if this is a foreign concept to you, I’m sure you must have heard of regular barbell row. In this exercise, all you have to do is pick a barbell and then you need to bend over from your waist region. Make sure to keep the back straight along this exercise and then you need to pull your weight up towards your chest.

Though I love this exercise, I could never get the correct form and as I kept progressing to higher weights, my problems increased rather than being solved. It is pointless to add that I was merely awaiting an accident if I kept training incorrectly. However, when you are doing the rows exercise; it will take care of any mistakes. This is because you will get used to the body weight and at the same time, no extra stress develops on your back. Along with this, you will be able to get a pretty good workout too.

This exercise is mainly termed as reverse bench press because after you have grabbed the bar, you need to pull your body towards the bar rather than lifting the weight. To make this simple, the analogy goes like what a bench press is to pushing, inverted row is the same to pulling.


What Makes Inverted Row Such A Great Choice

Now I seriously love compound exercises (link article) and I also love the ones that do not need special expertise or even fancy gears and equipments. When you are choosing inverted rows, it will work your biceps, back and even your core. If you have only stuck with pushups and bench press, you have to make sure that you carry out equal work with your back as well. This will help you stay away from injuries and balance out your body.

How To Do Body Weight Rows

Now is the time when you will teach you exactly how you need to do it. If you have a gym membership, you can use the smith machine. I mostly do not love this machine, but when it comes to inverted rows, I would take it. So, here is what you need to do.

  • Lie down on the floor right beneath the bar. Ideally, it should be so positioned that you can reach it easily from the ground level.
  • Now grab the bar with a tight grip such that your palms are faced away from you.
  • You must know that you should contract your abs and you have to be sure that all your body parts are aligned in a straight line together (Spine in a neutral position).
  • You should then try and push yourself to the bar in such a way that the chest begins to touch the bar.
  • Now, lower yourself with your back down.

Remember, when you are carrying out body rows, elevating the feet in the right position can sometimes be terribly difficult and so you should do this only after you are sure that you have mastered this art thoroughly.

Even if you still find it hard and you are struggling to get a grip, don’t be discouraged, dude. It is completely alright. You just need to take a little different approach. You should ideally set the bar a little higher on smith machine and the angle should be such that when you are leaning back, your body shouldn’t make a 90-degree angle.


Inverted Row The Tips And Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks that can come in handy for you.

  • Do not drop your behind: When you are exercising, you should keep your butt straight and not let it drop down as this will put stress on your low back.
  • No flailing of elbows: you need to grab the bar a little closer as compared to when you are doing a bench press.
  • Pull the bar accurately: you should not pull the bar towards your throat nor should it be pushed down the belly button. You just need to keep it in the middle.
  • The abs and core must be tight: all across your routine, you have to keep the abs tight.
  •  Now pull your shoulder blades together when you are exercising.
  • Make sure to go all the way and do not be a lazy ass about it.

When Should You Do The Body Rows

When I am heading to a gym, I have a very packed schedule sometimes and have limited time. So, I have a very rigid schedule that I follow. Here is the sample two-day regime that I use if I’m on the run or time is limited.

  • Day 1: bench press, dips, inverted rows, squats
  • Day 2: no exercise
  • Day 3: pull-ups, planks, deadlifts, overhead press
  • Day 4: complete off

On both 1st and 3rd day, I make it a point to carry out a complete routine. This is why I take the next day off so that I give my muscles the right amount of time to recover and build. I also consume a very high quality whey protein after workouts.

When You Don’t Have A Gym

Even if you don’t have a gym nearby or you are just too lazy to go to one, here is what you can do. All you need is to be creative and follow these couple of tips.

  • A wooden dowel or a pipe: you need something strong which can support your weight. Once you have a wooden pipe or so, you can lay it across the chairs and make it a point to lie down beneath it. You need to be sure that the support is sturdy enough and ensure that the bar isn’t going to break.
  • Use the kitchen table: you can also use your desk or whatever it is that comes without a back and fits the point. Make sure to be very careful when you are doing this. You need to grab the edge of the table with a solid grip and then try and pull yourself. Make sure not to pull the table over you because this may create more problems rather than being of help.

Never forget the fact that your aim is to maintain the perfect balance. You need to work your back along with carrying pushups. So, it is time to get smart and be creative because when you do so, you will be able to build your body in the right manner.

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Now that you are aware of the ways you can carry out body weight rows, it is up to you to perform and implement them into your workout routine. When you keep on carrying out these exercises, you will begin to see great results you can scale further.

-Terry Asher


Advance Bodyweight Workout

Urban Life. (2)

No gym around? Need some advanced body weight workouts to kick your butt?

Are you looking to get in great shape and failing time and again? Do not give up, that’s the first step. I have seen some seriously skinny people build their body into some serious muscle. You too can achieve it. All you need is the best body weight exercises. When you are aware of the top bodyweight workouts, you will be able to get the yoked body you always wanted.

If you are thinking of the gym, you need to know that you can make headway without it and skip the very pushy salesmen and people who don’t know shit about working out. So, even if you do not have a gym membership, you are still in safe hands. You really can churn your body in the right manner by merely following the some simple instructions at home. Here, I am going to talk about some advanced bodyweight workout tips that you can use. Make sure that you are prepared to work hard and focus on making gains.

Advanced Body Weight Workout Sessions

We must begin with a warning. When you choose this workout, it may end up making you sweat like a pig and you may be too sore to walk down the stairs. If you have barely finished your beginner’s bodyweight workout, this workout may seem to be terribly difficult so make sure you master the first workout. The very first time when I carried out this routine, I had a feeling of needing to throw up and it took me two complete days to not feel sore anymore. Some of my fitness friends told me however that it gets easier with time as your body keeps adjusting to the stress, something I was very familiar with. So, now that you have been warned already, here are some advanced body weight workouts.

If you are sensible enough, you must already know that you are free to make a few variations here and there in order to ensure that you can carry out the routine in the most efficient way possible. However, I am also not asking you to sit on your lazy ass and cut short all the tough parts. You have to work your way in this routine and you have to be prepared to do some really tough body weight workouts. The idea is to push yourself beyond what your comfort zone is. So, it is upon you to check out the details of how much your body can endure and then work accordingly. I am not asking you to burn your body entirely but in the end; you need to put a little extra and stress the muscles so that they build in the best possible way.

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Best Body Weight Exercises And The Need For A Pull-Up Bar

When you are carrying out this bodyweight workout, you will have to use a pull up bar or buy one. Those who do not have one at their home can always head to the nearby park and make use of one there. You can also substitute it with inverted bodyweight rows as well if you are not strong enough to carry out pull-ups and chin-ups.

Warm Up Is Must

Make sure not to forget to warm up. You can run around places, jump over ropes or even pedal on a stationary bike but the key remains that you must carry out some type of warm-up before you decide to perform full bodyweight workouts.

If you are looking to dig a lot more details about the topic, here is the full list.

  • One legged squats; 10 reps. Make sure to have one on each side. This is terribly difficult and so you need to be in optimal shape.
  • Body weight squats; 20 reps.
  • Walking lunges; 20 reps. Divide it such that you perform 1 for each leg.
  • Jump step ups; 20 reps
  • 10 pull ups
  • Dips and bar stools; 10 reps
  • Chin ups; 10 reps
  • Pushups; 10 reps
  • Plank; 30 seconds

This will complete one rotation. If your body permits, you should try and carry out three complete rotations. Do not burn yourself out and take the right amount of rest as and when needed. You need to concentrate upon getting the perfect form even before completing the whole circuit. You do have the option of cutting out on the number of repetitions that you are doing, but never do a rep with half your heart, give it your all. You need to challenge yourself but make sure that you do it in a reasonable manner and do not burn yourself out for the same.


Body Weight Workout and What if You Can’t Do Pull Ups?

I take it that pull ups and chin ups are considered by many to be one of the toughest exercise. A lot of you may be of the opinion that you may not be able to do the right pull ups and in such cases, you can always use inverted body weights as it will help you build your body in preparation to complete a pull up or chin up. All you need is your kitchen table and you will be able to carry out the right routines in a desirable manner. When you are using a kitchen table, you need to make sure that the table is so built that it will be strong enough to hold on to your weight. Hopefully, it doesn’t break into two or else it could lead to serious accidents.

While this isn’t the best choice that you have, it is better than doing absolutely nothing if you can’t find a bar. While inverted bodyweight rows are pretty tough for a beginner, compared to pull-ups and chin-ups; it is going to be much easier.

Best Body Weight Workouts And Scale Your Routine

As you must already be aware of the fact, the entire bodyweight workout routine is based upon your ability to carry them out. Listed below is a sample routine, which can be used by someone who is already experienced with a beginners workout program (link article).

Make sure to follow the same and it is definitely going to help you build the right kind fit body.

  • Body weight squats; 10 reps
  • Walking lunges; 10 reps
  • Jump-ups; 15 reps
  • Pull ups; 3 reps
  • Dips; 8 reps
  • Chin ups; 3 reps
  • 10 push ups
  • 30 second planks
  • 30 jumping jacks

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So, regardless of what your fitness levels are, you should try and make it a point to keep pushing one level harder. Try to move beyond your comfort zone, it will help you in building your body and increasing lean muscle mass. So, set a limit for your body and then keep pushing until you are improving. Peak fitness isn’t the easiest to achieve but when you are dedicated, I can tell you with time improvements will most certainly happen.

-Terry Asher

P.S Let me know what you think of these advanced body weight workouts, comment below!

Get Motivated and Achieve a 6-Pack

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.51.12 AM

I have the pleasure of knowing a friend who had one of the most transformational changes of all time. It is his journey that proves that even an overweight can have a perfectly chiseled body with ripped muscles and obtain 6 pack abs. Wondering how? I am going to show you exactly that today.

Before I start to tell you about how to get a 6 pack, I am going to take you through the details of how I and my friend know each other. These details will help you understand his journey and seek inspiration to have one of your own as well.

We met back when I was in the freshman in high school and it was our love for video games that made us bond instantly. We did a lot together back in the day and still are great friends to this day.

As my friend started gaming more and more, he spent a larger part of the day sitting behind his desk. It is needless to add that his weight kept on increasing and he soon realized that gone were the days when he looked like great and didn’t do much to maintain it. However, my friend, isn’t one of those who goes down without a fight. So, he took up the challenge to shed all the extra pounds and boy, he did ever. Now, let us see the details of his epic journey.

January 2006: 260 Pounds

Back in the month of January, my friend was probably at his heaviest. It was during those days that I received a phone call from him where he said that he wanted to get in shape. He told me that he had realized that this wasn’t what he wanted from his life and so he wanted to make changes.

I asked him then and there to bring in two main changes – one, he has to start with resistance training and second; pick a decent diet.

Now, he wasn’t really willing to head to the gym right way and this is why he thought it was much better to begin with the second option, which was dieting. Dieting has a lot of diverse definition too and he started with curbing the amount of bad food which he was eating. Not only did he cut down on junk food, but also at the same time, he tried and made sure that he was eating a lot more nutritious food.

He also started increasing his cardio because he knew that in order to get in shape, the perfect solution was to exercise more and eat less (Calorie Deficit). It took him three months, but he managed to lose as much as 30 pounds. Yeah, it wasn’t as easy as it looks. He did everything from counting the calories to shifting to healthier breakfasts and even opting for protein rich diet and cardio as well.

A lot of people would have been happy with the loss and would have ended the program there. However, he isn’t just like everyone; he wanted more than being just another average guy. He continued his journey further.


Summer 2006: 200 Pounds

In the first three months, he had received phenomenal results. However, he seemed to have hit a plateau after that. Despite following the effective regime, his weight stood steady at 200 pounds. It was then that he quickly phoned when I was in college and told me that he may never be able to shed the extra fat and his dream of weighing less than 200 pounds might never be real.

Like the guy I am, I still remained firm to my previous point and said that he needed to choose the right foods and diet and focus on resistance training and the results will come with patience. Sometimes, it takes a lot more to be inspired. He tried something, then stopped and kept switching between different options. A year passed by like this and he was still waiting for the right source of inspiration and motivation to hit him at the right spot.

September 2007: 195 Pounds, Body Fat: 18%

Now was the time when the real shit began. He was really hitting it hard, resistance training, cardio and a great diet.

He now started measuring every single detail. He checked his body fat percentage, even measured his waists, chest, thighs, shoulders, and hip and even kept healthy track of his meal. We were together analyzing his every move.

It was at this juncture that I introduced him to Paleo diet success stories but despite that he looked a little hesitant.

January 2007: 190 Pounds

He followed a healthy diet which was not Paleo for nearly 6 weeks and teamed it with cardio. He lost 6 pounds but it was still not giving him what he had wanted.

Though his weight was dropping by a few notches; his body fat percentage wasn’t showing the kind of decline he wanted. This is when he finally agreed to opt for more compound movements and joined a more serious gym. So, he started the series of deadlifts, squats, pull us, dips, presses and more.

Once strength training had started, he also began working on paleo diet as well. The Paleo diet success stories seemed to have finally worked and this began the real big change. He was not worrying on the amount of exercise he was doing any longer.

March: 185 Pounds, 9.9% Body Fat

This was the time when the changes had finally kicked in. His body fat dropped down to 9.9%. Though the weight didn’t drop a great deal, but his body weight showed a huge and massive transformation. No doubt, he was so happy at having accomplished his objectives.

I spotted a huge transformation in the way he carried himself. His confidence has improved by a lot of notches too. Remember, the weighing scales are not always everything. They are only a part of the story and they may not always reflect the true success of your journey. His story shows how much you could alter your body and you have complete control if you’re willing to do so. So, you too can take inspiration from this story and now I will show you how to get a 6 pack abs and what you could possibly learn from this journey.


Why Was My Friend Successful?

After fiddling with a lot of different options, changing the diets and even swapping the different exercise programs, he finally managed to taste success. Different people tend to react in various manner and the bodies can work differently too. So, you need to be sure that you can understand the details of how to get abs and work your way around exercising to perfection.

There are the main reasons that contributed to success.

  • Competition: He never had any kind of incentives in the past. All he wanted to do was just lose weight for the sake of having a great body. However, he ended up having a challenge with one of my other friends and so he started working hard and having the right competition and the best set of incentives, ensured that he gave in all his effort. It was this competitive spirit that ensured that he put in all his efforts.
  • Specific goals: apart from having the right kind of competition; it was having a very specific goal that helped him in his pursuit. He did not just want to stay in shape, he had the right kind of goal in mind and he wanted a body fat percentage which was in single digit. It was this specific goal which gave him the right focus to work upon his target.
  • Education: in order to shed the extra pounds, you need to be taught about the exercising regimes. He was willing to walk the extra mile and he did his part of research for the sake of understanding the right exercises to be done. He was completely clueless of what paleo diet is; however, when he was trying to learn; he educated himself about the Paleo diet success stories and more.
  • The paleo diet: if you want to get a low body fat percentage, one of the best ways you can use is to opt for paleo diet. I am absolutely sure that it is this diet was a great addition to his plan. Regardless of what some say, I very strongly endorse this form of diet.
  • Strength training: there is no doubt that strength training remains one of the most important and influential ways by which you can get the best body shape. Instead of wasting a lot of hours on long steady cardio, he did the smart thing by opting to use strength training. Strength training helps in cutting down the fat and increasing muscle mass which boosts your resting metabolic rate.
  • Meticulous measurements: it is important to keep track of things. He did a smart thing by counting his calories recording his weight periodically and most of all he was always taking pictures of himself to see the kind of changes that were occurring. It was this statistical record that ensured that he could excel in the work which he was doing.
  • No excuses: when you are committed to a task, you need to be sure that you are not making any excuses. The moment you start offering excuses, you will be on the road to failure. He never made an excuse when he finally kick started his campaign. This secured his success.

What Can You Learn From This?

There are a lot of lessons that you can learn from what he did. Here, I am going to talk about a few of them. Whatever your goals are, you can always try and learn from these lessons and then implement the same as well.

Set the right goals: you should not be vague when you are setting goals. You need to find out what are your goals are and then focus upon them like he did. You need to have quantifiable goals.

Do you really want it: you need to be desperate for your target goals. When it came down to being really desperate about cutting down on his body fat percentage, the real results started kicking in. So, when you are looking to achieve something, you need to have the ultimate desperation sometimes. If you are not desperate enough, it is not going to assist you at all.

Challenge yourself: you always need to challenge your own self about it. If you are not pushing the boundaries and if you are not trying hard enough, you are never going to excel in your goals. I am not asking you to be frustrated with yourself or always be in a battle, but there is absolutely no harm in trying to challenge yourself. So, make sure that put your body on the line and try and outdo your own capabilities. This is one of the best ways of bettering who you are.

Dieting is important: the diet you follow has the power to make and break your training routine. If you go on an eating binge, it is never going to bring about the change in the way you eat. So, you should try and be sure that you are eating the right kind of diet. For me, once again, it is paleo that works best because it is going to bring you pretty good rewards.

60138 2

Resistance training: once again, you need to be sure that you must choose to lift. It is only really resistance training that will boost your resting metabolic rate in the fastest way. When you have done that, you will be able to see the changes.

So, get inspired and know  how to get a 6 pack with the proper motivation. 

-Terry Asher


How To Carry Out The Perfect Pull Up

Urban Life. 2Before I begin this segment, I must tell you I absolutely love pull ups, and I have plenty of good reasons. The reason it is an ideal workout is because it works your back as a primary muscle group and works out your forearms and biceps as secondary. Many people don’t know this but pull-ups a great way to have huge biceps as well . The pull up workout indicates the overall standard of fitness you have, and is often used by military and physical education programs. If you can carry out a pull up with perfection, it is an indication that you are truly in the right muscular shape and overall fitness.

However, before you start getting too excited, you need to know that pull ups could be a pain in the ass and if you are a beginner getting into working out, it will take time to adjust. This should give you an extra incentive to keep trying and perfect the art of pull up and other related movements such as chin-ups. So, if merely the thought of doing a pull up gives you a nightmare or if you are very close to perfecting the style but need one more push, you’ve come to the right place. I will be your guide for the day.

So, if merely the thought of doing a pull up gives you a nightmare or if you are very close to perfecting the style but need one more push, you’ve come to the right place. I will be your guide for the day.

Work to be the badass guy who can do pull up like it is a piece of cake.pull up workout

The Starters’ Tips

  • Now, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that heavier people are going to find it harder to do a pull up. So, if you are looking to excel in the art of pull-ups, you need to evaluate your body fat and weight. I have tried the Paleo diet and it has helped me shed the extra pounds so can always consider that. When you weigh less, it would be so much easier to pick your body weight, common sense.
  • Some people neglect back exercises. Most of us have a habit of doing all other exercises and avoiding your back. When you are doing your warm-up, you should always emphasize on your back as it supports many muscle groups like your chest.
  • The steps I will be listing here is an article you can follow. However, it is by no means a strict rule that you need to follow to the T. I choose a pretty standard measurement; however, those who can learn fast, can make swifter progress. It is okay to make your own tweaks.

Level 1: Bending Over Dumbbell Rows

In case, you are a complete beginner, this is a good one to start with. It is one of the most basic exercises which you get use to. In order to do this exercise, your main focus should be to lift more and increase your weight.

Ideally, you should use a dumbbell and carry out lifts in three sets and have 8-12 repetitions. You can have a minute of break in between the sets. Once you are comfortable with these numbers, you can then head on to heavier dumbbells.

When you are comfortable carrying out dumbbell rows with something your close to failure on, you should try to move to the next level of exercises. At the same time, be mindful of your weight.

Level 2: Body Weight Rows

Bodyweight rows are one of the best exercises to precede pull ups. These exercises work upon the same set of muscles, but the angles differ and requires tons of core strength. Although, I strongly detest most machines, for this exercise; I would recommend you to make use of smith machines. It will help you in carrying out the rows with perfection. You will have the option of adjusting the bar height and even difficulty level as well. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

  • Clench your rear end and make sure to keep your abs tight. This will help you straighten your body. Make sure to pull with your arms.
  • The bar should be set at a height which is challenging enough to test your body.
  • Once you have completed 3 sets comprising of 8-12 reps each, you should lower the bar.
  • You can bend your knees and even lay your feet flat on the ground to minimize the strain the exercise puts upon you.

When you start carrying out body weight rows at angles which is either 45 degree or even lower, you can progress to level 3.

Level 3A: Assisted Pull Ups

I am not a really big fan of assisted pull ups machine because it fails to give you the complete feeling of having done a pull up, but it is a good way to start if you’re a new to working out. I do have a couple alternatives for you.

  • Assisted pull-ups using chairs: use your feet only for the sake of support and make sure to put the highest pressure on your upper body.
  • Assisted pull-ups with exercise bands: there are different kinds of exercise bands which are available. Put your feet in them and try and pull yourself.
  • Assisted pull-ups with a partner: ask your friend to hold your feet and then complete every rep.

Sample Tips:

Here are a few tips you can use for improving your pull up exercises.

  • Do not swing while carrying out the exercise, form is so important especially to avoid injury.
  • The shoulder blades should always be placed behind you and you should focus on pulling the bar down by using your arms.
  • Do not take help from external sources or people if not secure.
  • Try and use different bands with varying tension so that you can alter the resistance.
  • When you can do 3 sets comprising of 8-12 reps, move on to the next level and make it more challenging.


Level 3B: Negative Pull Ups

Now think of a situation where you neither have a chair nor a rubber band and not even a friend to hold you, so what do you do? All you have is a pull up bar and this is when we will carry out negative pull ups.

When you are carrying out negative pull ups, your focus is to jump above the bar and then you need to slowly lower down your body making sure that you are in control all throughout.

For those who are overweight, this can be a deadly exercise and this is why you should take it slow. Negative pull-ups are one of the best ways of building the right amount of body strength. The speed with which you lower down your body and the type of control you have is crucial because you should not end up destroying yourself completely in one rep. After you have carried out 3 sets of 5 repetitions each; you are ready for the next level.

The speed with which you lower down your body and the type of control you have is crucial because you should not end up destroying yourself completely in one rep. After you have carried out 3 sets of 5 repetitions each; you are ready for the next level.

Level 4: Chin Ups And Pull Ups

Okay, gym junkies, based upon the amount of fitness and strength you have and how skilled you are in the preceding exercises, you may even succeed in carrying out more than one pullup as well.

A lot of people find it easier to carry out chin ups as compared to pull ups initially because your palms face towards you when you are doing a chin up opposed to pull up where you need to push them away from you. These are the things you need to keep your focus on.

  • Make it a point to keep your shoulder blades back when you are carrying out the exercise.
  • Keep your rear end tight and your core engaged.
  • The chin should be raised above the bar.
  • Try and do as many reps as you can before your body completely gives up.
  • You can add in a few negative pull ups in between to make sure that you develop your body strength as well.

This can be a big transition for you and this is why you have to give your body the right amount of time to develop. Another important point, which you need to bear in mind, has to be the fact that you should have a break in between sets because they become very tiresome. This is important because your muscles actually build when they are recovering and not when you are straining them. If you carry out the exercises every day, your muscles will not get the time to recover and thus the building time won’t be present. You can learn more about muscle recovery from this article.

Level 5: Next Steps

When you can carry out 3 sets comprising of 8-12 pull-ups or even chin ups, the next steps you can have are the following:

  • You should always try and get better at doing more reps. You can increase sets and increase the reps to 12, 15, 20 if you need to challenge yourself.
  • There are different types of pull ups which you can perform and try and add in the variations to test your body with the different pull ups exercise like side to side pull ups, uneven pull ups and so on.
  • You can always add weights to your pull ups and challenge your body even more.

I am particularly interested in carrying out weighted pull-ups because they add the whole resistance factor. If you want to do so too, here are the things you need to know.

  • Get a weight belt: I bought one for myself and it did serve my purpose just fine. Sometimes using a weight belt can turn out to be the best choice for you if you need to store it in a bag and move it around.
  • Add small amounts of weight first: never make the mistake of dumping huge weight all at once. You have to put in weight in little amounts successively. Start slow and then keep on adding to it steadily.
  • Do not stop: when you are carrying out weighted pull ups, you should keep on challenging yourself. Add little weights and keep on pushing yourself a little more each time. Every time you add the weight, you are going to challenge your body further.

Simply following these points should be enough to help you excel in pull up exercises. These points have been formulated after making a detailed and thorough analysis of how pull-ups are done in the gym. You are free to use pull up machines or carry it in the natural manner.60138 2Conclusion

I have offered all the tips that you needed. Regardless of where you started from, you are all prepared to excel in this exercise with practice. Check out the method which suits you the best and as I asked you before, you do not have to follow every single point diligently, you can mix and match. All you need to do is find the level you are comfortable at and then keep on challenging your body and make progress.

I have offered you the whole exercise in a systematic manner and if you are following it in the way I have mentioned, you should be able to master the skill of the perfect pull-ups in no time.

If you have never done a pull up before, this is your time to learn this exercise and begin. The only other thing which you should constantly keep in mind is to be sure that you cut down on your weight. Pull ups can be a tough thing to do for those who are obese and so your first aim should be to get rid of the unwanted weight and get your body better shape. Carrying out the exercises will become a whole lot easier with the dedication of losing weight. Now be sure to add pull-ups to your already awesome gym junkie routine.

-Terry Asher

7 Ways To Use Your Brain to Unlock Super Strength



Brain Power Leading To Strength….Is it Possible?

Whenever you go through your normal workout routine, do you ever spend time thinking about your state of mind? Better yet, do you ever think about the impact your vision plays on your strength? That’s ok, most people don’t. Most people are completely unaware of the limitless potential that they truly have when they unlock the power of the brain.

Many research studies have attempted, using a myriad of techniques, to determine exactly how much of the brain the average human being uses. Studies include the use of physical tests to determine this, like brain activity as displayed on a PET scan and fMRI, attempt to more clearly understand the brain and the way it works. The average human being typically only uses anywhere from 10% of their brain. So what is the other 90% doing?

Just like your brain needs fuel (aka oxygen and glucose), your brain needs activation. When the brain lacks activation in certain areas, because you sit too much or stare at your computer/phone all day, your brain becomes unhealthy. This eventually manifests as pain, tightness, decreased strength and increased stress hormones (aka more body fat).

But this surprisingly tends to be the circumstance for most people in the gym. These are the same people who keep plugging away, step after step on the treadmill but still the same body fat percentage, foam
rolling and stretching but still tight, cranking out the same lifts but still not seeing significant gains.

Today, all of that changes. Because today, I’m going to fundamentally change the way you think about strength & fitness.

Ok, I’ll just cut to the chase already. Here are 7 brain hacks you need to know:

1. Increase your Saturated Fats & Cholesterol

If you’re like most people, you’ve been told to stay away from saturated fats and cholesterol because they aren’t good for you, right? Old school weightlifters – the Golden Era weightlifters – ate nothing but a high cholesterol, high fat, high protein diet and maxed out their potential.

They achieved amazing super-strength capabilities in the gym and were extremely healthy. Research studies began finding high correlations between high fat, high cholesterol diets and risk of heart disease and obesity. Funny thing they forgot to mention though was that the primary study behind this propaganda was done on a rabbit. Rabbit? A rabbit is an herbivore. Humans, on the other hand, are omnivores. But we’ve been swayed by the media, doctors, and big pharma to believe low levels of cholesterol and saturated fat intake are venerable. Wrong!

Your liver actually sequesters cholesterol for many important tasks such as tissue recovery and anabolic hormone production. That’s right, you need dietary cholesterol from high-quality saturated fats in order to produce enough testosterone to get bigger and stronger (not to mention your brain is made up primarily of fat). When I say high-quality I’m referring to grass fed meats, free range chicken dark meat,raw whole dairy, all of which are naturally balanced in fat composition (grass fed lamb typically contains 40% saturated fat, 30% monounsaturated fat, and 30% polyunsaturated fat).

Research also shows that a diet with any less than 45% fat will result in decreased testosterone levels. Testosterone is not only essential for a healthy sex life (in both men and women) but is elemental in building strength, as you well know.


2. Ditch the Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps have long been considered a staple piece of equipment for weight lifters. Heavy weightlifters and serious bodybuilders consider them to be stabilizing for the wrist area and excellent
for compensating for weak grip, and most won’t workout without them. While there may call a time and place for their use, wrist wraps by and large will jar your wrist joints making you weaker.

Since your brain regulates your muscle strength output, when you jar your wrist joints you activate specific receptors known as nociceptors. Just like you have thermoreceptors that allow you to sense changes in skin temperature or baroreceptors that allow you to feel changes in pressure, you have nociceptors which send signals to the brain whenever they sense a threat is present. And your hands and wrists in particular are especially dense in these receptors.

So when you jar these joints you send a message to your brain that there is a threat, and in return your brain sends a signal to shut down muscle strength output. Additionally, since most of us are neurologically stronger in one hand versus the other, one wrist will get jarred more than the other creating asymmetrical strength dysfunction.

Instead of using wrist wraps, try doing an ulnar nerve glide. Activating the ulnar nerve will help keep the weaker part of your grip super strong (the last two fingers). To do an ulnar nerve glide, bend your elbow to 90 degrees in front of you, then rotate the elbow out to your side. Make sure your palm is facing up and fingers are pointing down toward your earlobe. To drive the movement, tilt your head away from your hand 3 times slowly. Repeat on the other arm.

3. Importance of Doing Vision Drills for Increasing Strength

Vision drills are not only used by professional weightlifters and athletes but also by military forces and law enforcement agencies. How is your ability to build strength and stamina connected to your vision?

Strong vision, which can be achieved by doing simple vision drills for only a few minutes each day, not only greatly improves hand-eye coordination but can actually make your body move with more efficiency, your reflex reaction time increase and minimize your possibility of becoming injured because your visual acuity is aligned with your brain and your body. Better vision equals better athletic performance.

To break it down scientifically, think of the brain as a GPS unit that is constantly trying to create a clear map of the body relative to space and time. It uses three “satellites” to get the information necessary to create a clear map: vision, vestibular (inner ear balance), and proprioception (muscles & joints). Since most of us don’t get enough peripheral or distance stimulus, our brain gets poor information and thus it limits the amount of strength we can produce because it thinks the situation is unsafe.

By doing visual drills regularly, you improve your flexibility, hormones, and strength. Your eyes don’t just see – they interpret depth perception, your ability to see the peripheral distance around you without moving your eyes – your vision even affects how you think. If you stop and look at something, you aren’t snapping a picture – you’re analyzing it visually. By strengthening your visual acuity, your physical stamina and strength will be indirectly affected because of your accuracy, your ability to judge distance, and your ability to process the visual information about what you are doing while you are doing it.

Try doing these two drills daily or in between sets:

  1. Eye circles:1. hold a pen at arm’s length and take it in three circles each direction in your peripheral while your eyes stay focused on the pen. This exercise helps activate the six extra-ocular muscles in the eyes.
  2. Pencil Push Ups: hold a pen at arm’s length and bring it toward the nose until it becomes blurry, then push it back out. Repeat 3 times, per arm. This exercise has the added effect of stimulating your cranial nerve number 10, the Vagus nerve. This helps create sympathetic tone in the body, balancing out the “fight or flight” with the “rest & digest.”


4. Importance of Doing Vestibular Drills for Strength

Vestibular drills are simple balance drills. The vestibular system involves the entire system within your ear – not necessarily for hearing, the vestibular system is responsible for your ability to balance, your equilibrium (when you feel dizzy, your equilibrium is not in check), and your awareness of up. Your ability to balance is what allows you function in daily life normally without stumbling, falling over sideways, and any other activity that requires the ability to remain in an upright position and remain stable.

Being oriented to your balance and strengthening your ability to do so by doing vestibular drills is an extremely important skill when strength training. Like mentioned earlier, your vestibular system is a satellite your brain gets information from to create a clear map, and when it gets bad information (because you sit too much and don’t exercise it) your brain creates the dreaded blurry map – and strength is limited.

Try this VOR (vestibulo-ocular reflex) drill: hold your thumb at arm’s length and keep your eyes focused on it while your rotate your head left to right, up and down, and in both diagonal directions. The key is to never rotate so far that both eyes can’t see your thumb clearly. Do 2 reps in each direction with each arm.

5. Importance of Doing Joint Mobility Drills for Strength

Your vision and vestibular systems are only two of the three components that feed your brain with critical information about “safety.” The other is proprioception, or your muscles and joints. When your joints are jammed, say, from poor footwear, sitting hunched over a desk all day, etc., our joints get jammed. Jammed joints create weak muscles because they trick the brain into thinking you’ve reached end range-of-motion of that joint when you’re moving when you really haven’t.

The fix for this is to re-educate your brain of that joint’s mobility with a mobility drill. Here are some examples:

1. Ankle tilts: standing upright and shoes off, tilt your foot out slowly. You are focusing on creating a gap in the space between the malleolus (bony ankle protrusion) and your heel. Do 5 slow reps on each foot.

  1. Toe pulls: standing upright, put one foot behind you with the top of the foot on a yoga block or towel. The goal here is to create a gap in the top of the foot, where the tibia meets the foot. Do 3 slow reps, driving the movement by bending the standing knee. Repeat on the opposite side.
  2. Thoracic glides: sit with one foot on a yoga block and hold your knee with both hands. Extend your upper back by sticking your chest out, then relax the upper back by caving the chest in and back. Do 3 reps then switch to the other knee, this exercise tells your brain you have more range of motion in your spine than it thought, which allows you to move better, creating less of a threat to the brain.

6. Doing Math in Between Sets to Improve Strength

Math between sets? You must think I’m crazy by now. Well, it’s not all that crazy, actually. If we go back to my previous example about how the brain needs activation as much as it needs fuel, many people respond very positively (physiologically) to a cognitive stimulus like math. Just to give you an example of how powerful cognitive load can be, the famous chess player Bobby Fischer was said to have lost 11 lbs during his chess tournament because of the cognitive demands.

Remember, more activation will likely lead to a healthier brain. This means your brain’s “threat” level will be lower (safety of your body is your brain’s #1 job). When the threat level is lower, your brain increases the amount of strength your muscles can produce.

Here’s a simple drill you can try in between sets:

1. Die Counting: hold a die and rotate it in any direction, adding the numbers together each time. For example, if the first number you see is a 1, then you see a 4, and then a 3, you should have calculated a sum of 8. The sum gets larger with every rotation of the die. This is a very simple drill, but surprisingly effective at keeping you strong and keeping your form solid for your next set.

7. The Importance of Positive vs. Negative Thoughts on Strength and Hormones

The significance of positive thinking isn’t just for the personal development books. It’s something you should be concerned with if you want to be successful in the gym (or in life for that matter). Research has shown that our unconscious mind gathers 41 million bits of data per second from our environment. Our conscious mind, on the other hand, only gathers about 41 bits per second! Since most of your thoughts are unconscious, it’s important to make sure you’re programming the right ones.

From a physiological perspective, your thoughts are impulses that influence your blood chemistry. If you carry many negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, you will be influencing your blood chemistry adversely – stimulating a cascade of stress hormones to optimize your body for storing body fat and burning muscle. You’re basically one giant petri dish, where your skin is the petri dish, your blood is the culture medium, and the cells affected are the 70 trillion cells that make up your body.

Positive thinking goes beyond just daily mantras and affirmations. You need something practical. Something you can use. Here are two things I like to practice:

1. Gratitude journal: being aware and conscious of what you’re grateful for will help yield better subconscious thinking overall. Write down three things you’re grateful for, every day.

2. Mental Anchors: when you’re feeling lost or unfocused, use a mental anchor. A mental anchor is an association like an image of something you can think of to immediately trigger a new state of mind. My favorite is to think of the falcon. The falcon is so laser focused on its target it can snatch its prey with extreme precision, even when flying at speeds of 200 mph!

60141 2


So there you have it. Seven simple brain hacks you can do nearly anywhere, anytime. If you practice these habits regularly I promise you will be shocked by the results you will experience in terms of strength, body fat, and overall well-being.If you’re lacking a workout plan, try my Exerscribe app. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket, providing you with a long-term workout program that adapts to you with every workout.

Guest Blogger

-Kusha Karvandi


Learning the Skills for Parkour Training


What the heck is Parkour training? And how do you do it?

So, you came here with the hope of finally learning something about parkour training. Don’t worry; I won’t disappoint you there. Today, we will look at the details of this form of training and how it can help you stay fit and healthy.

Let us first look at the ways parkour is associated with training your body.

Train naturally: parkour is without a doubt one of the best choices for those who are looking for natural movement training.

Intelligent training: parkour principles make it a point to emphasize both use of your environment and even the circumstances as well. It stresses on the need to perform under pressure and you will have to give your best and offer the most that you possibly can.

Training for fun: parkour training inspires people to be creative and the spontaneity associated with it makes training enjoyable and dynamic.

How to do Parkour

If you are still a little clueless as to what this whole parkour thing is, it is nothing but effective movement that is classified as “natural”. Parkour is basically the touch of efficiency that can be applied to different forms of movements that occur in our everyday life. If you look at the broader picture of things, it also encompasses having a considerate type of attitude towards everything living or even inanimate. Everything can be used as a tool to perform and grow. This encourages a whole new way of looking at obstacles and objects in our daily life. It basically comes down to celebrating life in the best possible way that you can. It is the kind of movement that you use for the sake of overcoming the barriers that you face in everyday life.

Parkour Training and What It Is Not

Now that I have told you about parkour moves, I am now going to talk about the things that do not fall under this category.

If you thought aerobatics, tricks and even high flips are a part of parkour, they do not exactly fit the need. While these movements help you in overcoming some obstacles, their use is a lot more aggressive. You don’t have to be able to do a backflip to benefit from parkour training. These advanced moves are a part of parkour but they are only to be used when they become absolutely necessary, or when you’re absolutely ready. First and foremost, you have to be sure that what you are doing is safe and effective. There are parkour movements which are terribly scary and packed with adrenaline, but they are not truly necessary.

Here is a Video you can watch on Parkour

Parkour Can Be Used By Everyone

Figuring out the right method of traversing any kind of obstacle is not terribly tough. It is merely a shift in mindset which you can use for the sake of finding the best possible way to handle the situation and the moment, all the while training your body and mind. Sometimes you will have to work on the same obstacle for multiple weeks. The developing eye of a traceur will see a lot of ways that can be used to overcome a challenge. There are a lot of conditions over which you will have absolutely no control. You can ignore them but it will be at your own risk because sometimes they hold pivotal importance. When you become familiar with the conditions and tap the most out of it, you will be able to benefit the most.

At the same time, there are conditions that are under your control. These include the ones that are related to your body’s readiness and your mind as well. You must excel in ways through which you can exercise complete control over them. When you do so, you will be much better prepared for them going forward.

Be in Control of Your Life with Parkour

Whatever you do in your life, it is either simple or difficult because you allow it to be so. The aim of parkour is merely to make you realize what an obstacle is. When you have an obstacle in front of you, you can execute it in a very short time frame, given you are preparing for the same and are willing to get creative and take a calculated, prepared risk. However, if you are offered no preparation time, the same task may turn out to be difficult.

When you are doing something truly challenging and maybe even shit scary, you can come to either of the conclusions, “That’s totally easy,” or, “This shit is scary.” When you are standing atop a huge hill and you look down at the tiny pebbles or even the flowing river, you will have a pit of dread in your stomach. That is the feeling that everyone gets; this is natural. If you have trained yourself for the event well in advance, the dread may be a lot less than what it would otherwise be.

This is why it is advised to train thoroughly, in advance and ongoing. Good parkour moves is extremely easy; however when it comes to aggressive and even fast paced parkour, it can be badass and at times terribly complex. If you want to emulate the type of parkour that we see on YouTube, you will have to stress your body and mind, stretching your limits way beyond what it is used to. Your time per movement should change from let’s say 5 seconds to less than half a second and this is going to increase the difficulty level by ten times or possibly more. Everything will have to change accordingly as well, but life is full of obstacles. Did you get the hang of what parkour training is all about? Now let’s get moving.

Beginners’ Training

If you’ve done some kind of body weight circuits, you’re already somewhat prepared for parkour training . Ideally, you need to learn your own body’s movement limitations and abilities, this makes it easier to learn parkour. You should try and immerse yourself in activities like yoga, swimming running, boxing and so on because such activities help you in keeping your body in strong physical shape. Here is a basic routine for Parkour that you should follow.


10 squats

10 push ups

10 leg lifts

10 pull ups


Basically, you should perform 2 sets from this list and repeat it every day. If a part of this list seems to be too hard for you, you can choose to reduce a few reps per set—but developing strength in these body weight movements is pivotal to the body control necessary for parkour. The main idea is to start with a limit you are comfortable with and then every week, push yourself a little more. Here is another way you can make further progress.

Every week, try to add 1 or 2 reps to your exercises.

When you have managed to double the total reps for your exercise, you can go ahead and add one whole set to your workout session as well.

After you have achieved your limit, you should now try to perform every rep even faster and more explosive as well.

I am always looking to challenge myself even more and tackle new exercises as they come my way, you should do the same.

Getting To The Good Stuff

Concentrate On Jumping

You will have to practice jumping using your whole body. You could use the stairs as a prop for example. Try and be relaxed and then maintain the right upright posture and try to land softly on your toes. Ideally, jump from a little height before you expand your workout even further. Mostly, I have seen that 1 – 2 steps should be fairly easy. If you want to step it up further, you can settle for 3 to 4. 5 to 6 steps would be difficult and if you hit beyond 7, you should be well trained.

Here’s a Video of me doing 22 steps…I guess white man can jump.

Also, you should make it a point to sip on some H20 after each set too as this will get tiring. Don’t fall back on energy drinks or soda; they‘re bad habits. As you must have already noticed, I didn’t talk of steady cardio here. However, I do love sprinting and I have the capability to sprint as much as 300 yards on the trot.

Make it a point to ensure that your exercises and jumps are at 100% effort and form-focused, but don’t end up crippling your body. Ideally, the thing you need to keep in mind is to try and push your own limits and still define the upper limit which your body can handle.

Plyometric boxes can be extremely useful in this effort too. If you have access to rubber barbell plates, you can stack these on top of the box as you increase your max height. For safety’s sake, stick with the rubber plates; the grip is entirely necessary.

Catching up with Difficulty

Some of us tend to over exert our bodies, unaware that this overtraining can do more harm than good. This is something you need to be careful of. Do not start off at such a high pedestal that you can’t settle at the start. This will upset your whole training rhythm and create larger trouble for you as you create unnecessary strain on your body. You should push yourself but make sure that your body can adjust at an equal pace.

You need to be the best possible judge of your capabilities. There are a few people I know who have sprained their ankles or even pulled muscles because of their over zealousness attitudes. You need to know where and how to draw the line. There are advanced parkour moves that you can try as well. However, before you set your heart on those, you need to carry out the following with impeccable fluency.

Jump 24” high and catch hold of rails or ledge for carrying out pull ups.

Jump high and then tuck your knees so that you can land gently on your picnic table or even the bench.

Broad jump at elevation of 4-6’ and land with perfect balance.

Carry out plyometric push-ups with ease.

If you are done with these, time to step the bar a little higher.

Advanced Training

Never forget shoulder rolls as they are elusive and fun. You need to be sure that you are aware of how to shoulder roll meticulously before you start doing them. Don’t just chuck it; this isn’t the x-games. There are a lot of training videos that will teach you how to perform advanced parkour moves, just be sure you follow the same safety parameters and exercise awareness of your limitations.

Traceurs who are new to this should carry out 10 push ups and 10 pull ups in sets of 3. Remember, you are as strong as your weakest muscle and do not overkill it.

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Are you going to be super yoked from Parkour training? Unlikely. However, I can tell you by training this way and incorporating varying ways of exercising into your life, you will develop extremely functional strength and be prepared for almost anything life has to throw at you. Stay motivated and watch the right training videos, then go all out and make the world your gym.

-Terry Asher

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The Art Of Carrying Out A Proper Push Up


Today, we are going to focus on pushups. If you are wondering why, well it’s because I like working out my chest and shoulders. Jokes aside, most of us do pushups and I am so sorry to admit, most of us do them wrong. A push up isn’t merely bending your elbows and getting your arms straight; there is a lot more to it.

If you ask me my opinion, I would say that push upsin general are perhaps the best exercise that has been invented, and do you know why? This is because it requires no extra equipment and at the same time, you will be able to tap into strength, all over your body as well. If this doesn’t seem enough, you can also bring in ample variations and so you are less likely to get bored when you are carrying out a push up.

You can also count the number of pushups you have done easily. So, measuring the number isn’t hugely difficult either. Need more reasons, probably not? So, now we will go into the details of how to do a proper pushup and more.

I have a hectic schedule and I tend to travel a lot. It is needless to add that I miss my gym terribly at times. However, not being able to access a gym everywhere doesn’t means that I would say goodbye to my exercises on the road and this is why I decided to rely on pushups because they can be carried out right inside a hotel room and even on a forlorn beach as well. So, now I am going to share my expertise with you and make you aware of why this is the best exercise, which you need to be well versed in.

Let’s get going.

Push up Basics

When you are carrying out a push up, the form and your posture hold a lot of importance. You need to be sure that you are doing the pushup perfectly because it will give your body the right kind of strength, balance and gains. If you are not doing your push up perfectly, your body will not reap the kind of maximum benefits which it otherwise would.

So, here is what you need to do to set yourself up for the sake of attaining the perfect push up form.

  • When you are going down on the ground, make sure to set your hands at a distance that a little wider than  shoulder width apart. Obviously, you need to measure the amount of comfort you are feeling and do not want to end up straining your body a great deal. If you want to cut down on the stress, you can turn your hands inwards as well. If you want to get hardcore you can do push-ups on your knuckles if that makes you happier. The choices are numerous and varied.
  • Next comes the feet. They need to be so set that they should feel perfectly aligned and comfortable. It could either be spaced shoulder width apart or you could even let both of them touch as well. Mostly, it is seen that the wider the feet, the more comfortable you would be in carrying out the push ups.
  • Imagine your body to be one big straight line ranging from the top of the head to the bottom of your heels. Also, take care of your behind as it should neither fly high in the air, nor sag at the bottom.
  • If despite reading and implementing the above tips, you find it hard to align your body in the apt push up form, you should try and clench your behind and then make an attempt to tighten the abs. This should allow your body to set in a straight line, and keep your spine in a neutral position.
  • Further, you need to make sure that your head looks a little ahead of you. It is said that when you get down while doing a push up, it is your chin which should be the first one to touch the floor.
  • You need to make sure that your arms are laid straight and they should support your whole body weight.

If you can follow these steps, you will be able to get the proper push up form and excel in the same.

push ups

Perfecting the Push up

So, now you have the proper form and so I will take you through the process of the perfect pushup. While the things I am going to tell now are hugely important, it’s important to remember not to lose focus on the form lessons I have taught before. It is important, every repetition, to carry out a proper push up.

These are the steps you need to follow when you carry out one complete repetition of the perfect push up.

  • Keep your arms straight and clench your behind and flex your abs. Now, you should slowly lower down yourself and make sure that your elbows are either at an angle of 90 degrees or may be even slightly lower. Depending on the amount of flexibility and practice you have, you may not be able to go beyond 90 degrees.
  • You should try and be sure that your elbows don’t go flying away with every successive repetition. You should keep them close to your body even when you have got dead tired.
  • When your chest goes down to touch the floor, you need to pause slightly and then try and inflate your chest all over again.

That’s it. It only takes these tips to do the perfect pushup. You should try and do as much as you can until you find that your body is not going to take it any longer. You should not carry out pushups after you have lost the posture or form because they are not going to help you out as this could lead to postural dysfunctions. Take down how many you did and then try to beat your own performance over a period of time.

I Still Can’t Do It

No worries. Don’t panic. I totally get you. All you need to do is start with an easier style and acclimate your body. Once you manage that, you need to slowly progress successively.

Wall Push-Ups Are A Good Start

Just like when you are carrying out a regular push up, you will have to follow the same things, but this time you can place your hands on the wall and you can stretch the width to something even larger than shoulder width—focusing in the stress on your pectoral muscles. You should try and walk backward and do so until you find that the arms are completely extended and can support your weight.

You can carry out 4 such sets and it is most advised to have a 2 minute rest in between each set. You should ideally note down all the statistics in a notebook and then you should focus on improving the numbers each week.

Elevated Push Ups

These come next and they are carried out when you rest your hands upon some kind of an elevated surface. You could choose anything that you wish and then based upon your strength and even experience levels, to carry out this exercise.

When you are just making a transition from wall push ups, it is advised to pick a height which you can handle. The backside of a park bench or even a picnic table seems to be an apt place to start.

You can try to carry out 4 sets of elevated push-ups and you can choose to take a 2-minute rest between each of them. You can then work upon increasing the height of the elevated push ups.

How To Improve At Push Ups?

When you are looking to learn how to do a proper push up, here are the tips that will help you improve the art of the push up.

  • You should try reducing your body fat as much as possible because this will make it easier for you to manage your push-ups.
  • Never give up on your body form, even after you get tired. You have to maintain the proper push up form until the very end.
  • Your muscles need ample time to build, replenish with energy again and grow. So, do not carry out push up workouts successively for two days in a row. Your muscles need cushion time to recover and build.
  • After you finish your workout, you should try and guzzle some protein into your body as it will help in repairing your muscles and it will give your body the much-needed recovery.
  • When you can carry out 4 set that comprise of 20 to 25 push-ups; each with perfect form, you can then try even more complex forms of push up as well.

You can carry out planks in order to build your core muscles and make them strong that will also help your push up form.


Keep Push Ups Fresh with Variations

No doubt, push-ups can get boring, but thankfully, you have tons of variations to fall back on.

The world of push-ups are exciting and there are so many different options that you are never going to fall short of choices if you just get a little creative.

Here are some of the endless variations which you can try…

  • One footed push ups: One of the easiest variation which you can find. You must make sure that you do not end up losing out on your balance however.
  • Walking push ups: this further increases difficulty as you need to move your arms in between the reps.
  • Decline push ups: when you carry out these push ups, you need to move your shoulder and triceps even more.
  • Triceps push-ups: make sure to keep the arms tight and then rotate your hands outwards. The elbows should be kept tight. This will work upon your triceps really effectively.
  • Dive bomber pushups: these are difficult.You should ideally watch a video to get the hang of how this push up is done.
  • Plyometric push-ups: these can be difficult as well and merely after a few repetitions, it can wear you out. Make sure not to hurt yourself when you are carrying this out.

These are a couple of examples and trust me there are tons out there, there is really no limit as you can get super creative.

Push Up Strength Building Plan

Push-ups have the capability of building a great amount of balance and strength. Ideally, you should try and eat a good amount of proteins so that you can recover properly and train in a way that you stay fit and healthy.

Even when I was traveling, I made it a point to stay in the best shape possible and I worked hard to maintain it. I am indebted to push ups because they made it a lot easier for me to stay in tune regardless of where the gym was located. Now that you know how to do a proper push up, all you have to do is get going.  Do not take things for granted and a push up might not be as easy as it seems. You will have to constantly try and evolve yourself and keep practicing so it will be most ideal for your body.

Over time, your body will develop the right balance and increased strength. You have to be sure not to give up, regardless of your weight or fitness level. There are a lot of other body weight exercises you can perform as well; this is a great progression workout that will lead you into more advanced resistance training. So, feel free to implement every single point, which I have explained here and pump away.

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I like to think my body is well balanced, this is because while resistance training is my focus,I also take weeks off to perform tons of push-ups and other body weight exercises  to balance my body. So, what are you waiting for? Now you have the perfect pushup, get to it!

-Terry Asher