6 Mass Building Training Techniques For Your Upper Body


Looking to build muscle mass quickly? Want to get that upper body that turns heads whenever you go? If so, you must be paying attention to some of the top training techniques and exercises available for the upper body muscles.

Too many people get caught up in the trap of going to the gym and performing the same bland workout routine over and over again.  They do the same bench press, the same bent over row, the same shoulder press, …

The Must-Have Tools For A Home Gym


Looking to build muscle at home? For some people, hitting the gym is simply not an option.  Whether it’s due to an ultra hectic lifestyle, young kids at home that you need to be with before and after work, or you simply don’t have a gym around you that you want to attend, you might be considering setting up a home gym instead.

The great news is that with the right pieces of equipment, it’s more than possible to build …

Advanced Workout Variations You Should Learn


If you’re looking to liven up your workout routine, it’s imperative that you understand some of the key advanced bodybuilding exercise variations that you must be doing.

You can only continually keep adding more and more weight to the bar for so long. After that point, you’re going to find that you just can’t keep pushing it – and that your body hits a plateau.  Your weight incremental increases get smaller and soon, you feel like you aren’t progressing on. Remember …

5 Workout Rules You Must Follow


As you go about your workout program to build muscle mass fast, there are some important things that you absolutely must be doing. Failing to do these could mean risking your long-term progress, possibly even causing you to fall off the protocol plan altogether.

Fortunately, if you plan ahead and make sure the following are covered, you don’t have to worry about this being an issue for you.

Let’s go over five things that you must be doing if you …

How To Build Muscle Mass But Stay Lean


You want more muscle mass – what you don’t want is the fat mass that typically comes along with it.  There’s no question if you’ve been reading enough material in the bodybuilding industry, you’ve heard of the ‘bulking phase’ and the ‘cutting phase’.

Essentially, during the bulking phase, (often called a dirty bulk), you eat, eat, and eat some more. Your main mission, more size. It doesn’t matter if it’s fat or muscle because you’ll just diet off the fat …

Guide To The Paleo Diet And Does It Build Muscle Mass?

assorted raw meats

One of the hot diets in the nutrition and fitness industry right now is the Paleo diet plan. You’ve likely heard about it. You might even know a few people who are currently using it.

But, is it right for you? Is it the approach that will help you get the body of your dreams? In order to fully understand whether this is a viable diet to help you build lean muscle mass, you need to understand a few key …

6 Ways To Boost Your Chest Workouts


Looking to boost your bench press? If so, you aren’t alone. This is a very common goal for many who want to build muscle and get stronger.  The bench press is one of the most commonly used demonstrations of strength, so it’s one you likely want to have an impressive number for.  Plus, given the fact the bench press is a compound movement and will work the chest, triceps, shoulders, and even the biceps to a small degree, it’s easy …

7 Muscle Building Workout Sins Beginners Typically Make


If you’re just about to get started with a bodybuilding workout program, there are a number of so-called ‘sins’ that you should know about that would quickly rob you of the progress that you hope to make.

By identifying what these sins are, you can better make sure that they aren’t going to apply to your own program plan.

Many beginners will simply read workout programs in the pages of fitness magazines and think they can hop onto the first …

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Throughout the Day


What if I told you there were some simple steps you could take throughout your day that would help boost your metabolism? Steps so simple that anyone could easily add them to their daily routine without changing much of that routine. Well you can, by simply supplementing a few foods and snacks, adding a few daily activities, and drinking more water.

Speed Up Your Metabolism with These Tips Starting Your Day

When you wake up, you can quickly get a …

The Biggest Bicep Exercise Mistakes You Might Be Making


If you’re like most men, there’s a very good chance that topping your list of goals to achieve with your workout program is growing bigger biceps.  Biceps tend to be the most commonly used illustration of strength – the classic bicep curl.

But, if through your training, you’re finding that your biceps are leaving much to be desired and it doesn’t seem like you can get them growing, you may be making some errors in your approach.

While some people …