Best Muscle Sculpting Leg Workouts

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Alright, so it’s leg day. You know you don’t want to be that guy at the gym whose triceps dwarf his calves, but may80be you’re getting bored of your existing leg routine or are just looking for ways to keep things fresh. Today’s article will cover some important things to know when it comes to working your legs as well as provide you with some new ideas to shock your muscles. Did you also know that working your legs, specifically …

Product Review – Force Factor


Hey guys,

Terry here and today I’m doing a product review on Force Factor’s NO2 booster.

I don’t have too many positive things to say about this product. Everything that is wrong with the supplement industry Force Factor qualifies for.  I took this product for about a month straight and saw little to no gains unfortunately. Let’s look in more detail about its ingredients and why I am giving this a negative rating.


Value 2/10

This product is just simply …

First Gym Workout and Your Core

Whether it’s your first time in the gym or your first time back in the gym after a long hiatus, there are a few points to remember that can help prepare your body for a fitness routine. The main thing I recommend is focusing on your core to build a foundation of strength and keeping a close eye on your recovery and rest to minimize

 Rotator cuff

Warm up & Stretch.  You should be warming up and stretching before your workouts …

Top Foods for Body Building & Health


In one of my recent articles I talked a lot about adding good habits to your nutrition and fitness routine as opposed to imposing restrictions. In all things in life, I really stand by this approach as I think that it helps you to feel positive about the good, healthy habits you’re adding to your life instead of being focused on things you’re ‘not allowed’ to do and feeling negative about missing some delicious food that desto. So in the …

4 Tips to Looking Ripped


With summer around the corner and countless outdoor events and pool parties on the horizon. I often get asked about how to get ripped and look cut up. The biggest mistake people make on this front is not leaving enough time to achieve their desired results. Cutting fat and getting lean does not happen overnight. It is a long process that involves displacing your bad habits and loose nutritional guidelines with on point diet, cardio and body sculpting exercise with …

The Shocking Truth about Fruit


You may have heard mixed things when it comes to consuming fruit. While fruit itself is a healthy choice, it’s important to know when to consume it. Another very important thing is to understand the difference between fruit and fruit juice.

Fruit > Fruit Juice

A lot of times my friends will say “Hey I am being healthy I had fruit juice earlier”, when in fact it’s doing just he opposite for there bodies. Fruit juice is loaded with sneaky …

The Secrets of Bulking up Without Gaining Fat

Build Muscle

So you want to get bigger?  Ready to bulk up and increase your strength? When it comes to workouts for bulking up, there are a few principles that have come to define the way I train when size is my goal. In this post, we’ll go over eating and training to bulk up without making you fat.


One common misconception when it comes to bulking up is that one should eat everything in sight and try to lift as …

6 Jaw Dropping Weight-Loss Foods


Not all foods are created equal for weight loss and today I will show you just why that is. In this section I will give you helpful hints and important foods you can add to your diet to aid in weight loss. I would recommend adding these to your grocery list right now!

Remember calorie deficit is the most important thing when you are trying to lose weight but combine these certain foods and you will excel your fat loss. …

How to Build Muscle Without Equipment


Whether you have access to a gym or not, there is really no excuse for not taking care of yourself and putting your health first. There are tons of exercises you can do without weights, in the privacy of your own home, hotel room or office to build muscle and improve your physique and health.

While weight training and machines are great, the simple fact is you CAN build muscle without equipment. We’ve all heard or used the excuse, “I …

6 Ways Fitness will put More Money In Your Pocket


Fitness has been consistent through my life from the first day I stepped foot in the gym. From weight lifting, running, surfing, kickboxing, boxing, swimming and an array of sports in high school.  I have always prioritized health and fitness throughout my life; it has kept me more competitive and focused in everything. I strongly believe there is a direct correlation between fitness and success.

Studies even back up the claims that fitness makes you more success in your life. …