The Lowdown on Intermittent Fasting

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Are you considering intermittent fasting? Have you heard about the benefits it has to reap? Let’s take a look at this kind of fasting and see if it holds the key to breaking through some diet plateaus you might be facing.

Don’t Miss Your Breakfast

The whole struggle of trying to lose weight is that you need to create a calorie deficit, but starving yourself isn’t the answer either. When you are looking to shed the extra pounds, …

Your Ultimate Guide to Bacon

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Bacon…Bacon….And More Bacon!

Bacon. Isn’t the name enough to make you crave it? This salty pork product has been the topic of much discussion in the fitness and food worlds. Varying opinions exist on whether bacon fits into an easy diet to follow. One thing is for sure, it’s delicious.

The collective obsession with bacon is all too real right now. These days people are pairing different types of bacon with pretty much every category of food.

When it …

Review: Black Ant Pill

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Have you heard of Black ant pills? This male enhancement product is designed to improve performance in the bedroom. These days, a lot of guys are looking for a supplement to assist in this category, but it’s important to do your homework before taking anything of the sort. There are a lot of products out there, but for today, we’ll take a look at the black ant pills. There has been some negative press about these, so I’ll …

Tricks for Eating Healthy

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Do you make bad eating choices? Has your doctor told you to lose some extra weight? Or maybe you just want to cut some fat and feel a little more confident at the beach. All our bodies are different, and we all have different goals, but eating healthy matters to everyone.

We also all make excuses from time to time when we make poor eating choices that don’t fuel activity in our bodies or brains. You’ll never hear me tell you …

300 Spartan Workout: Last You’ll Ever Need?

300 Workout What is the big deal with the 300 workout? We explore…


If you’ve seen 300, you must have noticed the unbelievably fit actors who transformed themselves through hard training and rigid diet into the warriors of Sparta.You will learn Gerard Butler 300 workout and everything in between.Even the extras in this film are absolutely yoked. If you’ve ever been interested in getting fit, you’ve got to ask yourself what their plan was that produced the ripped abs, …

Sprinting Workouts to Blast Cardio


What’s the big deal with sprints? We explore…

I get a lot of questions about sprinting workouts and where the fit into which sorts of fitness goals. Today, we’ll take a look at how to determine if sprinting can help boost your fitness level and the best workouts to help you reach that end.

Is Sprinting Right for My Goals?

One of the best ways to think about this question is to look at the Olympic athletes who best exemplify …

Product Review: Extenze – Does it Work?


Extenze has become a household name these days. They’ve been producing male enhancement products for a long time dating back to the 90’s. I have personally tested their products and I a have to say that over the years, things have changed and Extenze seems to lack the same quality it once had. Extenze extended-release is their new formula and they claim that it can give long-lasting effects. However, is their old formula much better or are their claims true? …

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Ok, who watches walking dead? I know I love that show…

Zombies are more popular than ever in movies and television and some even believe a zombie outbreak to be a real threat. If this sort of disaster were to take place, what would it take to survive?

No, I am not a superhero, but I’ll walk you through some key points to help you learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This isn’t going to be easy and …

Blast Past Training and Diet Plateau


The worst training problem I have EVER encountered… 

The plateau problem! If you’ve been training for a while, sooner or later you will experience a plateau in size and strength gains. The same can be said of trying to lose weight. When you are trying every possible thing for the sake of shedding the extra pounds and you want to add to your muscles, it can be extremely frustrating and demotivating. There’s hope.

I’ve been through this personally many times …

How to Look Like Brad Pitt in Troy

Brad Pitt Troy Workout

In this edition of how to look like a superhero, our new target is the man behind Achilles and Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt. We are going to look at the type of training and simple diet plan it takes to emulate the stone etched physique that helped Pitt dominate some of his biggest roles.

Regardless of what you think of the movie, Troy, it need not be argued that Brad Pitt looked like a bronze god as Achilles.

The Brad