Achieve a 6 Pack With This 15-Minute Workout


Most lifts unfortunately do not target your core very well because they occur in the same single plane of motion. For example a when your doing a crunch and you move back and up or down and forward. It’s also very opposite of what we perform in every day life. What you will want to add to your core routine is more twists and turns that mimic everyday life. The rotation comes directly from your core so you will obtain …

Pack on Muscle with One Dumbbell


I think it’s important for everyone to understand that fancy equipment doesn’t build muscle, you do. If you’re restricted to no gym around you can still accomplish a lot with just one dumbbell. You can also simplify your workout easily with this workout plan. It’s also important to understand by doing using dumbbells you will be activating more muscle fibers and increasing your range of motion. If you’re on the road a lot this workout will be ideal you will …

The Top Fat Burning Foods That You Need to Have

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Do you know which foods do the most to stoke your metabolism and keep your body burning fat after and in between your workouts? For many years, the popular diet prescription was to avoid all fat to improve health. Recent studies have shed light on selective fat intake as the true ‘best practice’ when it comes to healthy dieting. What this means is recognizing the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats. The focus of this article is foods that help …

The MMA Workout Routine That Will Torch Belly Fat

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Being a fighter you must have a very tough physical and mental workout. It’s important to understand that you should do specific training if trying your trying to become a mix martial artist.  You will need an efficient workout that combines strength, endurance and size. Today I will give you an efficient workouts that will get you into fighting shape in less than 20 minutes a day. You will also learn tons of benefit’s both mental and physical to training …

How to Build Muscle With These Bodyweight Workouts


You can get so used to your gym routine that you might forget you can actually get a very effective workout anywhere with just your body weight. There are plenty of reasons to break up your routine and work in a body weight day. So take a break from the gym, and lets go over some ways to mix up your workout. If you’re locked into a plateau, it’s good to slip out of the normal routine and throw your body

The Rebirth of Gym Junkies


Hi, my name is Terry and I am here to help you achieve the body you have always wanted.

About four months ago, I took over Gym Junkies with the goal of providing quality content to people across the globe. In 2010, I published my first eBook (found here) and helped thousands of people achieve their goals. My mission is to continue helping my clients through Gym Junkies, provide quality content and products, and help other personal trainers across

Indoor vs. Outdoor Running


Throughout the week, I switch between running inside and outside during the week. However, whenever possible, I prefer to run outside as it is more effective for your body. If you are someone who enjoys running, it’s good to understand the differences between running indoors and outdoors. There are some differences that might make you rethink your comfort zone on that treadmill and get you to step outside for your next run.

Let’s take a closer look…     

Top Military Workouts


Today I have a special guest Ryan Davis who is former marine that is going to give us some great military workouts. He has many clients that are interested in “seal workouts” or “marine” type workouts and wanted to share them here.

Let’s hear more…

It’s much different than standard training because you have so many things going on around you at once during boot camp. For example In my field you have to often times run with a heavy backpack …

How Working Out Makes You Smarter

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So your already a Gym Junkie and you’re already exercising, but did you know that exercising gives back to your brain? More and more studies show that there is a direct link between your brain performance and getting a healthy amount of exercise in your daily life. This also means that there is a way to optimize the times that we exercise in order to get the most kick out of the brain boosting effects of exercise. So while exercise is …

Build Muscle Fast with These Simple Rules


Let’s be realistic to gain muscle and lose belly fat you will have to exercise, rethink your eating habits and of course get sweaty. You can however optimize your workouts by working out smarter and not harder. Today I will go over some simple rules to follow when embarking on your fitness journey. Remember not one of these suggestions will be the sole reason for getting you in great shape, but by following these simple rules you will be in …