Do I Workout Today? [Infographic]

Go Workout Infographic

It happens to all of us…

It’s 5:30pm or so on a workday, you’re about to head home… and wondering if you should exercise.  Maybe you’re already home and just want to cook dinner and watch some TV.  Or maybe it’s a weekend morning and you want to get some beers and watch football with your buddies and not worry about hitting the track or gym.

Sometimes you actually have a real excuse… maybe you’re a little sick or are too sore from yesterday’s bench routine.  Should you still go?

Well we put together a little flowchart for you to always know exactly whether this is a “skip” day or a “stop being lazy and get your ass to the gym” day.

Gym Workout Flowchart

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    Classic chart, absolutely love it!

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    Hi, my name is Gleidson Henrique, I’m brazilian and I have 2 websites about health ( and gym ( in portuguese too. I would like to translate this imfographic to put in my website.

    Your copyrights will appear normally, I will just put my link in footer. I’m trying to get some links from others brazilian websites and I think that your impographic will help me to get this. But you will helped to because people will know your site by this translated.

    If you agree, send me a editible file that I can translate it. My e-mail is

    Thank you.

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