Podcast Episode #6 with Terry Asher from GymJunkies.com

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share with you the latest pod cast I did with exerscribe Radio… Hope you enjoy!

Terry sheds light on his training, nutrition, and supplement philosophies that have helped his hundreds of thousands of followers get ripped. In this podcast you will learn:

  • Which supplements are considered essential
  • How cleanses can make you crash, and what to do instead
  • The fallacy of  the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ concept

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Body Weight Workouts For Muscle Mass

Body Weight Gym Junkies

For those of you who want to workout at your own home gym, you might be asking yourself, ‘can you really build muscle without weights?

So many times you’ve read that the most important thing for building muscle mass is that constant tension overload – which comes from adding more weight.

But, is this the only way to build muscle fast? Or, can you really see great results doing a home bodybuilding program? You have a limited budget so buying …

Are You Overtraining? What To Look For If You Are…



On a program to build muscle mass fast? If so, you will be working hard, likely hitting the gym four to six days a week. As you do this however, it’s vital that you watch for one thing – overtraining syndrome.

Overtrainig is something that typically sneaks up on people, they don’t expect they would ever suffer and they keep pushing and pushing. They may start to see some of the warning signs, but still believe that it could …

Bulk Up Or Lose Weight; What Workouts You Need

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.53.48 PM

As you go about designing your workout program, one question you must answer before you can completely design and develop your plan is what your primary goal is.

A workout to build muscle mass is not going to be quite the same as a workout that is designed to help you experience fast weight loss, so understanding the differences between the two will be critical for success.

Shock Your Muscles With This Intense Bodybuilding Workout Routine


Looking for a way to boost your workout success? Tired of seeing slow to stagnant progress? If you feel like your workout needs a wake-up call, this is the way to provide that.

Giant sets prove to be one of the top ways that you can seriously increase the overall intensity of your sessions while shocking your muscles into massive growth potential.

Chances are, you’ve tried supersets before.  Time and time again, they’ve had their place in your program. And …