31 Day Challenge Results (VOTE NOW!!!)

Congratulations to EVERYONE who completed the 31 day challenge!

A few of you sent in your results and before/after pics so you are eligible for the prizes.

We had some INCREDIBLE transformations with weight loss, strength and muscle building.  Not everyone sent in pics/results, but a few who did are listed below…

Based on the pictures and stats below please vote on who you think should win the contest.  Just enter the name of the person you want to win in the comment box below! I will announce the winner on Wednesday!


(advanced fat loss, no equipment)


Mike – lost 15 lbs

(Advanced Fat Loss Program W/ Weights)


Pierre – lost 4 lbs and 3% bodyfat

(strength training program! no pics)

Stats: Beginning 1 rep max deadlift 245 lbs

End 1 rep max deadlift 300 lbs


Lisa – lost 3% bodyfat

Just enter the name of the person you are voting for in the comments below!

P.S. – Stay tuned to the blog this week, I have a BIG announcement regarding my Personal Coaching Program that is about to launch this Thursday, June 4th!

Gym Junkies

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  • http://www.creativedaylight.com Casey Yandle

    My vote is for Mike; great job! :)

  • new_me

    MIKE -for sure!

  • http://www.buildingbodies.ca Ray Burton

    My vote is for Lisa! Way to go girl! :-)

  • Chris

    I vote for Mike!

  • Steve


  • Jean-Maurice

    Mike looks great, definitely. I still vote for Lisa.

  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com MIke

    Wow! I made the top group? Thats awesome!

    I must admit, I am very proud of myself for accomplishing the 31 day challenge. AS you all should be…it was a tough battle, and I wish everyone a huge congrats for staying the course and especially Vic, for putting this thing together and even tho we don’t really talk…I can tell he is a kick ass guy that has an honest and sincere caring for his trainees!



    PS- If I can vote, of course I vote for myself!

  • Hassan

    mike looks like hes made a huge difference…what kind of training did he do lol

  • http://www.doesproactolwork.com/ Andy

    I must admit, I am very proud of myself for accomplishing the 31 day challenge. AS you all should be…it was a tough battle, and I wish everyone a huge congrats for staying the course and especially Vic, for putting this thing together and even tho we don’t really talk…I can tell he is a kick ass guy that has an honest and sincere caring for his trainees!

  • Rachel


  • Lisa

    wow… I am honored to be in this group with all these GREAT GUYS>… listen up women out there… FYI.. i am going to be 52 years old in SEPTEMBER and have 4 amazing kids as well… i weighed 212 lbs in Sept of ’06.. and this was my 50th bday present to myself..to get in SHAPE… I mean to get lean and mean and healthy and strong… and I am so enjoying my JOURNEY~.. WE CAN do it~~~ HAHAHA.. just cuz we are 50 now…it ain’t over by a long SHOT… HELL NO~.. AWESOME JOB everybody.. you all did an amazing JOB~ :)

  • Lisa

    HAHAHA… kudos TO mike.. Like MIKE.. I vote for myself.. LOL :)

  • Adina

    LISA! you kick butt, mama anderson!

  • Colin

    well I could vote for myself, but its pretty obvious Mike did one hell of a job !! congratulations Mike, you earned it !!

  • Joe Mc Laughlin

    Well done to all of you but I will vote for Mike too, good job man!!!

  • AMY

    Awesome JOB, Lisa.. you have my VOTE

  • Marian

    Way to go LISA, i vote for YOU :)

  • Brian Goode

    My vote is for Lisa Anderson.

  • Luis


  • Marco

    Good JOB everybody, but I vote FOR LISA

  • Paige

    GREAT JOB! You deserve to win! I vote for LISA~

  • Clay

    You are by far the BEST OF THE BEST.. You DESERVE IT~ I vote for LISA :)

  • Rosanne

    My vote is for Lisa. She has had such an amazing, inspirational journey, looks amazing and has the attitude and motivation to compliment the ensemble. The perfect package to represent body transformation & your product. Amazing work and kudos to all contestants. WAY TO GO LISA you have my vote!!!! <3

  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com Mike

    WOW! Great work Lisa! I would love to see my mom get back in shape, thats another challenge in itself!

    Youre a true inspiration!


  • Travis

    GREAT JOB… I vote for LISA

  • Danny Carnahan

    Congratulations to all of you! My vote goes to Lisa!!! Way to go Lisa!!! What an inspiration you are!!!

  • Lindsay

    My vote is for LISA

  • Amanda

    I vote for Mike…that back shot clinched it. But Lisa…I cannot believe you are 50 years old!! You look phenomenal! Wonderful job.

  • Nir


    That Mike chap got shredded. That’s insane lol 15 pounds of fat in 1 month. I smell Ephedra in the air around him though. Or did he use different magic supps?

  • Natalee

    Although Lisa has obviously worked very hard and made incredible accomplishments over the past couple of years, my vote is for Mike. Wow. Nice work. He looked fairly lean in his “Before” pics, but sheesh. His “After” pics are fantastic! He could store his keys in his traps while he works out!

  • Eric

    I gotta give it to Mike. Great job

  • Scott

    Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..Lisa!… Lisa!…..

  • Dominique

    Mike all the way!!!

  • TMoore

    My vote is for Ernest Ross. Great Job.

  • Angelina

    LISA LISA LISA LISA LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michele

    I vote for Lisa! Girl Power!

  • http://www.kettlebellebody.com Caroline Radway

    My vote is for Lisa – great work!

  • Deb

    Lisa gets my vote! I am an instructor and trainer and have watched Lisa’s amazing transformation….completed with nothing but smiles all the way. She IS an amazing woman and is walking, talking proof that we CAN DO IT regardless of our age or our fitness level when we start the journey. I am 53 1/3 years old and am in great shape. I conduct three Boot Camps a week and teach another 10 fitness classes plus do my own rides, hikes and climbs. You’re only as old as your WANT to be. Congratulations, Lisa. Good job!

  • Yash

    Mike, kick ass results!!

  • Kim

    I vote for Lisa !!

  • Dana

    I vote for Lisa!!! You are my inspiration to get healthier and in much better shape!! What an awesome achievement!! WTG!!!

  • JohnPartie


  • eric graham

    did you say 52 years old? what gym do you work out of?i need to come see you damn girl good job!but i still vote for mike just kidding lisa you won all the way i vote for you


  • lisa donner

    Way to go Lisa! Awesome job.

  • Lisa

    I vote for Lisa! WOO HOO, GREAT JOB!!!!

  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com MIke


    Maybe ephedra in the form of 3 Venti-Ice-Coffees per day on average from Starbucks…but I dont touch the diet pill crap!

    Honestly, I had a few fish oil pills, protein shakes once in a while to repair the muscles, and a multi-vitamin. I am really horrible on remembering to take supplements, I missed the multi-vitamin probably 50% of the time in May…which isnt good.

    I hate to post a cheesey plug, but if you want to know how I got results, scroll this link and find my training logs…many have YouTube videos posted and you can see.

    Pushing, pulling trucks, flipping tires, using home made sand bags, medicine balls, tuck jumps, burpees, a hybrid of a tuck jump to burpee, man makers, half man makers, DOUBLE the prescribed WOD, etc, upon etc.

    I WORKED MY ASS OFF IN MAY and am taking a full week off because of it.


    110% Pure Warrior Workouts and the best I could do on the diet without stabbing my eyeballs out. You combine that with a great site, filled with information and support like GymJunkies.com and there you have a recipe for RESULTS.

    KILL IT!


  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com MIke
  • jenny anderson

    Lisa has my vote!! Way to go!!!

  • http://zacheven-esh.com Zach Even – Esh

    wow, tough call between Lisa and Mike

    Lisa rocks, she’s the ONLY girl who jumped in!

    She represented big time and this was a tough call!


  • janice

    I vote for LISA!!!! YEA!!! Go girl.

  • Andrea


  • JMP

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!!!! You look AWESOME!!

  • Robin McMillan

    My vote is for Lisa…YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  • Adam

    I wish I had found this site before, looks like an awesome challenge you all did.

    My vote goes to Mike!

  • Dana

    Lisas Lisa Lisa!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  • Rajafarhan

    WOW great job mike

  • Satara

    Vote for Ernest Ross!!! Go Ernest!!!

  • Adam

    Good Job Mike..I definitely vote for ya without any doubt.

  • Lisa

    Thanks AMANDA… I have to agree that back shot of MIKE (and the front of course) is awesome…
    I also have a great “BACK SHOT”.. only it didn’t get published.. I only say that is because when I started my journey a few years ago.. I couldn’t wait to have nice arms and a “BACK” to go with it. ANYBODY can do this.. I promise.. ANYBODY~ :)

    i’ll see if VIC can post a the pic of my BACK.. that’s the one I’m most proud of.. LOL still vain.. still a GIRL… hahaha… :)

  • Muncie Hansen

    I knew Lisa Anderson when— four babies, 200+lbs and half a century *young*… who else could I vote for?? LISA ANDERSON GETS MY VOTE! What an inspiration. This was not an easy feat! Congratulations Lisa– hands down you are my hero!

  • http://www.thefightgeek.org Kira

    Mike is the man this month :)

  • Kevin

    WOW…Mike, keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing your site and routines.

    I vote for Mike.

  • sarah

    LISA :) you go girl!

  • Barry J.

    everyone did a great job. Lisa, your story is amazing. Good job! My vote goes to Mike. Strong work my friend. I hope to be in your body fat territory by July. Keep up the good work. Vic, your awesome. Thanks for the help

  • Ankit

    I didnt do so well on my challenge. Good work to all who stuck with it.

    My vote has to go to Mike for the month. Results make me motivated to try again!!


  • Rizoss13

    You worked your tail off. Nice work Mike! Thats my vote.

    I enjoyed your detailed posts, it definitely kept me motivated. I started late but I still was able to make some changes to my diet I will keep. So im happy with the month too.

  • http://www.redlinedomains.com Alex D


  • Stephenie

    My vote is for LISA!!

  • Elizabeth Watts

    LISA, LISA, LISA!!! You go girlfriend! You look great! I hope you win. You’ve done SO well!

  • Ernest

    Lisa Lisa Lisa I love LISA!!!!!!

  • Linda Sanders

    I vote for Lisa. Good for you!

  • Tina

    My vote is for Lisa! Fantastic. I’ll be 50 next year and would love to look like that.

  • mike

    Lisa looks great but… Mike is ripped !!!

  • Jason

    Well done Lisa – but Mike has my vote. Well done!

  • Emily

    Congrats to Everyone!
    My vote is for Colin

  • http://tuscanystone.wordpress.com Tuscanystone

    Based on the 31 days, Mike gets my vote.

    Tusc :)

  • Kash

    Good job every one it is great to see that some people worked very hard to get in shape! i’m going to have to vote for mike but it is a close call, but getting in shape is the best prize so in that sense every one has won. a tad jelous of the success but its just motivation to get my ass moving!

  • http://www.ebay.com discountsbybonnie

    I’ll admit it. Mike sent me to this website, but I didnt participate in the actual challenge.

    Nonetheless, I can personally tell you he has been a crazy man this last May.

    GO MIKE!

  • Lisa Lowe

    my vote is Lisa

  • Brian

    Gotta go with Mike.

  • michelle

    Good job mIKE! my vote is in for you

  • alvina

    good job mike. im gonna definitely go to your link and follow what you did. My vote is for you all the way.

  • Lisa

    Ok..guys.. GREAT STUFF GOING ON HERE…and everybody is a WINNER for just ‘wanting’ to create a better body and healthy lifestyle.. that is first and FOREMOST always! I just wanted to point out one thing.. VIC had many different programs to follow and choose from… I can’t wait to do another VERSION… This time around I chose the BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE FAT LOSS PROGRAM… and that is exactly the results i got… I couldn’t believe when I saw I lost 3% body fat… DAMN..the PROGRAM WORKS! Do it and be amazed. Next time around after a short break.. I think I’m going to do VIC’s STRENGTH PROGRAM.. I loved the fact that the workouts in the FAT LOSS PROGRAM involved using the barbell as I had never trained with it before and I had been wanting to. I finally am part of the “BIG BOY SECTION” in my gym and I gotta tell you.. it’s so AWESOME… I loved watching how I was able to constantly increase the ‘plates’ on my bar for bench pressing and deadlifting… I mean by the last week I was deadlifting 70 POUNDS… now is that kewl or what! I hope the one thing everybody takes away from this and the comments… it is ALL DOABLE … set your mindset and and just commit. Like VIC said from the very beginning… “IT”S JUST 31 DAYS”… TRUST ME.. it flies by…and the results as you can see from our pics and I’m sure VIC has great video of his ‘3 personal people” it’s is nothing short of incredible~ So if you want to get ‘shredded” like MIKE… or lose body fat like I was able to do.. THEN SET YOUR MIND to DO IT and your body will follow. I always tell people.. “IF everybody knew what it felt like to feel good… they wouldn’t want to feel any other way”… THanks for listening.. I tend to ramble.. only because the passion I have for a healthier lifestyle for EVERYBODY… just gets me going… :) sorry GUYS… DO IT. Don’t put it off another day~ You will be so PROUD OF YOURSELF! xoL

    Hey MIKE… send your mother my way… you can get my email from VIC… let me help get her started… LOL.. I would LOVE THAT~… HELL yeah!

  • Lisa

    MIKE… send your mom my way ( you can get my email address from VIC).. let me help get her started.. I would SO LOVE to do that!


    i love the intensity of your workouts.. JUST the way I love to train as well….
    I love the tires, the KBs, the sleds… you name it.. I”m so there doing IT~
    those 4 rounds of 20 burpees kicked my butt every time..but damn I did them all… woohoo…

    High fiving you from my end!

  • Ann

    LISA!! You go girl!

  • Jay

    Totally awesome job everyone, but… I have to go with Mike.

  • Cindy

    My vote’s for Colin, but kudos to mike and lisa, great job!

  • Aaron


  • ardmory

    well done to everyone who took part! id vote for mike as he has made the most drastic change in the 31 days! the challange was v.good altough restraining from drink was hard and i pretty much drank every weekend. In the end ive lost 6lbs of fat and made some strength improvements at the samw time altough that wasnt my aim(aim was to cut for summer). So i was well pleased! im going to continue to try get leaner and stronger for rest of summer then when the winter comes in im going to bulk and try make major strength gains!
    well done everyone

  • Clarence

    My vote’s for Mike! Well done to everyone!

  • dannymcneil

    Way to go guys n girls! Im sure its because there is no picture, but that deadlift increase in massive work!

    I have to go with RESULTS for the month, that is Mike.

    Good work brotha!


  • http://buildingabetteru.com Angie

    Lisa, Lisa, GO LISA!! I vote for Lisa!

  • angie

    LISA Anderson…most definitely!

  • Michelle

    I vote for Lisa!

  • Jane

    I vote for Lisa. you go girl!!!!

  • sheila artis

    My vote goes to Lisa. You rock, girl!!

  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com Mike

    Unfortunately, I dont have many friends to support my votes! :( I guess I’m a Loner…

    But I AM REALLY FLATTERED BY AND APPRECIATE BY EVERYONES SUPPORT!!!! Really, you guys are all awesome. I gotta give extra thanks to my fellow ‘Advanced Trainee-Gym-Fat Loss’ section entry posters that endured my long rants, novels, whining, and excitement on a regular basis. Thanks junkies and junkettes!!

    I too am with Lisa in the sense that I have lost a crap load of weight over the last 3 years and this 31 day challenge was a huge milestone for me.

    Great work again Lisa, you deserve it!


    PS- My 3 week challenge starts again on Monday.

  • Danware

    Mike. The guy could open a tuna can without a can opener.

  • Lisa

    hey MIKE.. let’s do the next ‘3 weeks together’.. I’m always UP for a good ass kicking again.. ready to kick it up a knotch… WHICH PLAN are you doing to do… and let’s see what happens one more time… YOU IN with me?

    Lisa :)

    you can email me privately if your are interested… if VIC doesn’t want them displayed here.. just ask him for my email address… let’s DO THIS THANG>>>>

  • Colby

    I vote for Lisa. You are a amazing inspiration to us all!!!

  • Satara

    my bad. i misunderstood the earlier email about who to vote for. I am voting for LISA!!!! Wow!!! YOu are truly an inspiration not just to women, but to men too. I may need you to hook up with my aunt. KUDOS!!!

  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com MIke


    I plan on doing a kind of a hybrid of the advance trainee for no gym…but with outdoor stuff, as I am getting tired of my gym getting more and more crowded.

    Parks, sandbags, kegs, tires, slosh tubes, the newest thing i found from Z-Even-esh’s help, the Bulgarian Training Bag, as well as all sorts of other things. I will probably try to go 3 weeks without entering the gym, and still shoot for extreme shredded-ness!

    I always send people to this site when they ask what ive done, or ask for help on ‘how to do’ this type of exercise… So, im sure Vic wont mind me giving you my email. In fact, you can find all my contact info by clicking on MY NAME at the top of every entry!

    And no, im not hosting any type of challenge, as I dont have the capacity to sustain that type of activity there, but I am more than happy to share my journey and results with you, as well as share and enjoy in yours too!

    Thanks again for being awesome!


  • Melanie


  • Melanie

    I vote LISA!!!

  • Kelli

    I VOTE LISA!!!

  • http://www.devotionl.wordpress.com Laura Smith

    I vote LISA! =)

  • http://kbfatloss.ning.com/ Troy

    I go Lisa — way to go leading a demographic of people that traditionally ‘think they can’t’

  • Guy Bedard

    Way to go Lisa, you have my vote!

    Guy :)

  • Kathy

    Lisa, major kudos and impressive!!!! But my vote is for Mike as he looks like he made the biggest changes. You go boy!

  • Melanie

    HELLS YAH! look at those arms! LISA!

  • ?


  • E C Armendariz

    My vote goes to Lisa. Go girl, go even further

  • Kolleen

    My vote is for Lisa. What an inspiration you are and going up against the guys, way to go.

  • Ben

    I vote Lisa!

  • Mark


  • http://www.hardcoreathlete.com MIke

    Thanks! Thats what I was after, THE BIGGEST RESULTS in 31 days.


  • Tra

    My vote is for Lisa. Great job girl!

  • sangita

    Mike- definately Mike!

  • Troy

    Mike. This was a wonderful challenge. Congrats to all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Vic.

  • Terri

    I vote for Lisa – girl power!

  • GREG


  • GREG


  • Marie

    I vote for Colin. (Mike should have had the same pose in both pictures.)

  • Amy Hunnewell

    I vote Lisa fo sho!!

  • Jacob McGlincy

    I vote Lisa

  • Jeff Hunnewell


  • Marti Hunnewell

    I vote lisa : D

  • Irene Pezzotti

    Vote for Lisa