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“I am here to help you achieve the body you have always desired.”

I’m Terry and I’m here to help you achieve the body you want. I truly believe anyone can achieve the figure they want, with the proper guidance. Through my eBook, I have been able to help thousands of people online lose weight, tone up and get in shape. My goals are continue to help people all around the world and change people’s life for the better.

I’ve been training for around a decade, and I guess you could say I am a true Gym Junkie. I’ve tried just about every fad diet, new workout program, and just about every gym out there. I have also experimented with almost every GNC supplement out there, most of which left me severely disappointed.

Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve learned so much about my body and training others. I’ve pretty much done it all when it comes to the gym; I was a personal trainer, gym assistant manager, gym personal training director, kickboxing teacher, gym owner and an author of a weight loss eBook.

How did this all start? Well here is my Story…

My Story

My friend Mike made me step foot in the gym for the first time when I was a freshman in high school. I remember thinking maybe this was a good thing for me since I was so physically small and desperate to put on some weight. Walking down the hallways I would get shoved by the older classmen and girls typically overlooked me. Life was a little rough growing up, but I was determined to turn that around. The GYM saved me, physically, mentally and later in life ironically financially.

Over the course of high school I trained as much as I could. I would usually hit the gym about 2-3 times a week with my friend Mike with a couple of my other buddies.  By the time I was a junior in high school, people would actually crack jokes at my size and gave me a lifting nickname “T-guns”. Things started turn around for me, not only had I gained a decent amount of muscle mass, I finally hit my growth spurt and was much more popular with the ladies.

Below you can see my high school transformation:





As you can see I did make considerable gains but by no means was I close to my peak. I needed to step it up a notch because ultimately I had hit a plateau. When I was a freshman in college I really started to do some serious research on lifting and dieting. I attended College in Arizona, where as you know it’s a desert, which actually further promoted me to go to the gym because of the hot weather. I changed my workout routine from 2-3 times a week to 5 times a week. This is where I utilized a true split routine and workout out everybody part for muscle growth.

By the time I was a sophomore in college I was pretty big weighing in just shy of two hundred and thirty lbs and standing at 6’1. But my journey wasn’t over yet, although I was much bigger I didn’t have a 6 pack and I wasn’t very defined. I needed to step it up again, this time with more knowledge. I became officially certified through NASM and started to shift my workout once again incorporating cardio and really getting into serious shape. I was even so ripped at one point I had gained a modeling contract through CESD In Los Angeles

Below you can see my College Transformation

CollegeCollege After

I know what you’re thinking, this must be it, this must be the reason I am here sharing my story with you. Actually no, it wasn’t until one of my best friends phoned me when I was at college and said “Terry you look awesome in your new facebook photo, what’s your secret man? I really need to get in the gym this summer can you help me out?”. Of course, my answer was “yes”, wouldn’t you help one of your best friends in need?

That summer I trained my friend Ryan day in and day out. We ate together, we lifted together and hung out. Ryan was going through a rough time in life, he had just recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years and was addicted to online gaming. He weighed in at a whopping 260 lbs when we started training. After almost a year’s worth of training, some onsite and some over the phone, Ryan was an astonishing 185 lbs and looked great. He is a new person as a result and enjoys life to fullest; Ryan remains one of my best friends to this day.

Below you can see Ryan’s Transformation

Ryan Transformation

That’s when a light really went off in my head “Ding”, if I had changed my own life through fitness and my best friends how come I couldn’t change everyone’s? After college I instantly dove into writing my first eBook, while simultaneously training other individuals. I quickly published my eBook online and it gain popularity very quick, you can find that “here” , you can also download my free report at “here”.

What does my future hold? To continue to publish good content for all gym junkies out there in the world. To continue to distribute my eBook to as many people as possible and helping as much as I possibly can. To share funny Gym Junkie jokes on Facebook, and to continue to build the gym junkies brand and expand it exponentially.

My names Terry and I’m just a gym junkie like you.

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Other random stuff I like

I enjoy many other things that life has to offer. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful niece in Texas, I enjoying drawing pictures, and taking photos as well. I read current events and enjoy watching the news on a regular basis. I also own an SEO agency that assists people with getting more traffic to their websites. I am obsessed with quantum physics and space, and I think humans are not alone. I think it’s important to spend time with friends and laugh. You have one life, so make the best of it.

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Well I think that about does it… It’s time to go to the gym!

Later all

-Terry Asher


After changing his best friend’s life by helping him lose over 70lbs of body fat, dropping him down to an amazing 7% body fat, Terry was inspired to become a full time trainer knowing he could do the same for many more. Terry officially became a personal trainer in while attending college. Previously employed by a mixed martial arts studio, Terry still enjoys incorporating boxing and kickboxing into his workout routines. In 2010, Terry published his own diet and fitness e-book that can be purchased on this website. He currently has sold thousands of copies and the book continues to gain popularity across the world. Terry is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is also CPR/AED certified. He specializes in weight lifting, boxing, weight management, nutrition, kickboxing and strength training. Terry is able to educate clients and readers all over the world through his book, hundreds of online articles and the media which all focus on the essential principles of fat loss nutrition and achieving a healthy, toned and vibrant body. His cutting edge and completely different approach to nutrition is what sets him apart from all the rest. This approach has created results for so many once frustrated dieters. His strategies work, hands down, as long as his simple principles are followed. Let Terry help you change your body for the better!