My Top 10 Favorite Foods For Fat Loss

Avocado on white

Notice the title reads “favorite” foods and not “best” foods.

We can debate what is best and go around in circles all day. Here are my ten favorites in no particular order. . . take ’em or leave ’em.  But try to eat a lot of them…

1. Spinach: When I’m trying to get lean I eat a spinach salad at least once per day. Often times twice per day, for both lunch and dinner. And yes, for convenience sake I buy the bagged kind. You have to eat your green leafy vegetables for fat loss. And really for overall good health . . . you can’t beat spinach in my book.

2. Broccoli: If I’m not eating spinach for lunch or dinner, then I’m probably eating broccoli. I’m not a fan of the taste of raw broccoli. Instead I stir fry, blanch, or microwave for two minutes before eating. How ever I cook it, I only cook it a little bit. Nothing is worse than over cooked wilted broccoli. Yuk!


3. Almonds: Yes, almonds are calorically dense. But they are also convenient to pack, easy to store, and a snap to count. If I go into a carb craving state while I’m trying to get lean, the first thing I do is eat a few almonds. How few? I find that 6 – 10 is about right for fat loss. And I love the fact that they count out easily for food journaling purposes!

4. Apples: If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it’s no wonder I can’t pay attention to the health care issue going on these days.

I eat at least two apples every day. Often I eat three or four per day. And five is not out of the question. Like almonds, apples are easy to pack and store and I personally find them quite filling when hunger attacks. And the variety is awesome! Red Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, and my personal favorite of late. . . Pink Lady.


5. Tuna: And I mean canned tuna. Don’t get me wrong, tuna steaks on the grill are great. But if you haven’t caught the common thread here, I like my food to be easy to pack and store. I’m a busy guy, often working from 5:30am – 9:00pm.  So convenience is a huge factor when it comes to eating for fat loss for me.

6. Celery: I’ve read that celery actually has a negative caloric impact in that the digestive process burns more calories than was present in the celery. I have no idea if this is true or not. And I really don’t care. What I do care is that celery has a great crunch when i want to munch on something and goes great with some almond butter if I feel the need for a few more calories.

7. Eggs: Although they still get a bad rap occasionally for cholesterol, I’m a big fan of the incredible edible egg. Yolks and all. I like mine scrambled with some green pepper and onion. A great source of protein and low on the calorie count. . .


8. Chicken: The bird is the word! I don’t even know what that means, but it seemed a fine way to open up the chicken description. I prefer mine to be skinless white meat and I like it grilled or stir fried. Baking is fine too, but my oven has been broken for like two years. . . . .

9. Blue Berries: If you are stuck on the fact that you need a “shake” for protein or other purposes, throw some blue berries in there for sure.  Me, I just eat them out of the carton with some almonds or pecans and maybe a little bit of pineapple.


10. Olive Oil: Whether I use it for stir fry or as the base ingredient for salad dressing, I’m always draining my bottle of olive oil. I prefer the extra virgin olive oil for both taste and nutrient content. . . .

Honorable Mention: Dark Chocolate. Oh yeah, I eat me some dark chocolate. Damn near every day, whether I’m trying to get lean or pack on muscle.

Eating a small piece satisfies any sugar craving I might be having and the caloric content of the size piece I’m talking about is too small to make any detrimental impact. And they say (who ever “they” may be) that dark chocolate is packed with anti-oxidants. Well if there are anti-oxidants in there, whoopee! I’m eating it for the taste and the pleasure. Anti-oxidants are bonus.

That’s my top 10 favorite foods.  If you’re trying to lose fat, make sure you get these in your diet right away!!!  You should also check out my diet for weight loss, if this post has sparked your interest…

What are some of your favorite foods for fat loss? Leave me a comment below and we can discuss what everyone thinks…

– Vic

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  • Jane

    I throw blueberries in some yogurt every morning. I also buy a whole roasted chicken to keep in the fridge for spinach salads and wraps. Also buy bagged broccoli/carrots to snack on with fat-free salad dressing.

  • Graham

    Great list! With the tuna, do you mix it with anything? I like tuna, but I have to mix it with mayo which probably kills the health benefits of eating it in the first place. Any tips?

  • Mary

    Like the post and ALL of those things are on my list to eat. Since I dropped mayo ages ago might I suggest Dijon mustard mixed with the tuna. Love it!! Also, don’t drain the water out of the tuna, just mix it in and that helps with not being dry.

  • tuscanystone

    Hey Vic

    Long time, no see! Been having a BAD summer of eating and drinking…lol

    But yeah, when I’m not consuming too much wine, I’m eating most of your recommendations. Not too keen on tuna, prefer tinned salmon either hot – dry fried with onions and tomatoes…Mmmm! or cold out of the tin :)

    LOVE making omelettes. Spinach, onion and tomatoes and topped with grated cheese….mmmm! (easy on the cheese obviously!!)

    I’m also a big fan of strawberries with my blueberries and almonds. And a banana on the go is always nice, altho I know they are more colorific than most fruit.

    Feel hungry now!! Having white fish (plaice), brocolli, roast tomatoes and peas for dinner….

    Happy Day!

    Tusc :)

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the post, great options, especially since theyre simple and convieniet.

    Thanks for specifying the approx number of almonds to eat per serving. I eat a relatively ‘clean’ paleo diet,but I have a problem with overeating healthy food, which can hinder fat loss.

    Especially with almonds-its easy to overeat since they’re so tasty!

  • lisa donner

    Ok, love all the suggestions, eat most of them but not the chicken as I’m a vegetarian. I can do tuna – but how much are we talking about? The 3 oz cans?

  • tonjia

    Canned tuna, white beans, parsley, lemon juice olive oil, salt and pepper. You can eat it cold or saute the beans with some garlic. It makes a great meal all on it’s own. Here’s an old farmer recipe from my grandpa, something I eat for breakfast a couple times a week: Pouched egg and shredded wheat. Take a shredded wheat biscuit, the big ass old fashion kind that looks like a lump of hay and put a pouched egg on top of it. Just pouch an egg, pour some of the hot water on the shredded wheat cake to let it get soft, throw the egg on top, mush it up and add some salt and pepper and maybe some fat free spread. It’s also great with black beans and salsa. It sounds weird I know but even my kids will even eat it.

  • Dyan

    I love all those food on the list, especially the honorable mention. I love apples so much. McIntosh and honey crisp are my fave. As for the chocolate. I buy dark chocolate chips and I can count out the chips much like counting out how many almonds I can have. It is portion control and satisfying for my sweet tooth as well.

  • Ben

    Good post! Instead of eating eggs I prefer to drink 8 egg whites every morning :)

  • K. Franklin

    Miracle whip has fewer calories. Pickle (hot dog) relish is pretty good, too.

  • Seany

    i have found that the i actually like the tuna in the vacuum sealed pouches better and it tastes fresher. I saw a show on the food network about this with alton brown. apparently when the food is canned, it is brought to a crazy high temperature to seal out any bacteria or germs, this results in the tuna being overcooked. the vacuum sealed packages are thinner and dont need to be treated this way so the tuna is usually fresher.

    blueberries are also delicious!

  • Rafi Bar-Lev

    Great foods, great post!


  • SCN

    Is Cauliflower as beneficial as Broccoli?


  • Margaret

    Hi Vic and all your fans…..I just love reading your emails…and suggestions, I am a 63 year old and have been going to a personal trainer in China (I forward him all your emails) now for about 6 months and lovin’ it….having been interested in working out one way and another all my life and wondering why it took me so long!
    What have you got on the top of the spinach? it tuna, or salmon maybe?
    I agree about the apples….if I don’t have at least 2 apples everyday I feel as tho’ somethings missing. What do YOU actually use instead of mayo….and what salad dressing do you use….do you have a special recipe?
    Tks once again for your interesting and informative column….you also have a keen sense of humour….I’d love to meet you!

  • Chris

    Hey Vic,

    Do you get Honeycrisp apples down there?

    Honeycrisp and Pink Lady are the favorites here in Wisconsin.


  • ddn

    What about idea for us poor schmucks who are trying to pack ON the meat?

  • Vic Magary

    That is an awesome tip on the dark chocolate chips! Damn, I’m gonna get me some!

  • Vic Magary

    Umm, alrighty then! You go Rocky. :)

  • Vic Magary

    I’m heard others say they like it with relish. I just drain it and eat it straight from the can.

  • Vic Magary

    Thanks for the tip on the vacuum sealed pouches. I’ve seen them, but have never tried them.

  • Vic Magary

    I’m not sure. But I don’t think cauliflower is quite as vitamin packed as broccoli. Green coloring typically means high in vitamins.

  • Vic Magary

    Thanks, Margaret. Always glad to hear people getting in shape, regardless of age!

    I don’t uses mayo, mustard, relish, or anything. I drain it and eat it straight from the can. I’m wild and crazy like that. 😉

    I mix my own salad dressing: 3 parts extra virgin olive oil, 1 part balsamic vinegar. Add Italian seasonings and some minced garlic. Shake it up. Store at room temperature. Delicious.

    I have no clue what’s on top of the spinach. Just took that photo from cyberspace somewhere. But it looks delicious!

    Take care and thanks for your readership,

  • Vic Magary

    I haven’t noticed the Honeycrisp. But I’ll keep my eye out for them. Thanks!

  • Vic Magary

    Sounds like another post in the near future. . .

    But if you’re trying to pack on some muscle I recommend eating with reckless abandon while maintaining quality foods. So eat all the real food you can, but stay away from the pre-packaged sugar coated garbage still.

  • Robert C. Morreale

    broccoli suppresses estrogen, it’s one strategy to maximize your anabolic environment

  • Seany

    from looking at the picture… it looks like there is asparagus, scallions, cucumber, tomato, and then tuna or salmon with the spinach

  • Rodney

    One more suggestion for tuna. Instead of mayo or mustard I mix in half or a whole avocado for moisture. It is a fairly healthy fat and doesn’t overpower flavor-wise. Then add whatever you usually add, such as onion, a little salt/pepper, whatever. Thrown on a bed of spinach with a little olive oil dressing, maybe tomato and red bell pepper, it makes a complete meal. Yum!

  • ddn

    I know and I hear ya. But when you’re trying to eat up near 4k cals, it takes a LOT of cans of tuna or spinach salads to get there. At some point you need some really dense foods to fill in the gaps. Just looking for some new ideas.

    Also, the harder you try to eat good, fresh, & local stuff the harder it is to get a lot of calories. The only thing at the farmer’s market over 100 calories is a pork shoulder!

  • SCN
  • jaysan

    Regarding almonds…I like them as is but when I was a fussy young boy, my Mom used to soak them in water for me for several hours and then peel off the skin (should come off easily if soaked long enough). The taste is quite different with the skin off, though I’m not sure of the nutritional effects this causes.

  • Vic Magary

    Sounds delicious!

  • Vic Magary

    Oh man, you need to be eating carbs if you are on a weight gain quest. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, dairy, sweet potatoes… You definitely need the calories and the way to get them is to eat!

  • Vic Magary

    Hey, thanks for doing my homework. 😉 Really, thanks for taking the time and contributing.

  • Rahim

    This list makes me feel so good because I love every last one of the foods that you mentioned. Especially the honorable mention:-)

  • BetterBody

    Great list! Although I will be the first to admit I hate tuna. I’ve tried, but I just can’t stomach it. It just tastes like the can it’s coming from.

    I’ve moved onto fresh fish.

  • Vic Magary

    Fresh will beat canned in a taste test every time, no doubt. But canned is great from a convenience stand point.

  • Norman Kennedy

    Hi,I tried to print your diet sheet i run out of ink,You got to do 19 pages to try and print the above loony,can put diet on some other part of the site,regards,Norman

  • Usman

    Funny thing. I just recently wrote about the Top 5 Fat burning foods. Please take a look and let me know what you think :)

  • Usman

    Mix it with a bit of mustard…Works really well :)

  • Jesus Sanchez

    Great Post! What I like to do is mix a can of drained tuna with a 1/2 cup pico de gallo and let it rest over night ready for my daily quest. It can be bought made, or you can prepare it yourself:
    * 6 medium Tomatoes diced
    * 1 medium Onion diced
    * 1/4 cup fresh Cilantro chopped.
    * 2 to 4 Fresh serrano or jalapeño seeded and minced
    * garlic powder just a pinch * Salt to taste

  • Vic Magary

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Cindy

    Hey Vic,

    I was wondering what your opinion is on eating eggs everyday if that’s what you like. Is that a bit excessive or harmful to weight loss? Thanks!

  • Vic Magary

    My opinion is that eggs are fine. Yolks and all. Enjoy!

  • Debbie

    I am in my 50th and have exercised my whole life. However, the last three years it was impossible due to helping aging parents. I gained 30 pounds for the first time in my life. I was upset and began a program for weight loss. I know it does not work for everyone but it worked for me and my success for due to what I ate. Breakfast: 1 egg w/1 piece of whole wheat bread; Morning snack: handful of almonds; Lunch: can of tuna or chicken-plain with small salad (add veggies & oil & vinegar); Afternon snack: walnuts or almonds; Supper: same as lunch; Evening sack: almonds or walnuts.Do this 3 days and on the 4th add apples for am/pm snack and sweet potato or rice instead of salad.Repeat. Drink lots of water. No sauces, spices, soups, butter. Olive oil ok.

  • Bananna

    hate the taste of miracle whip. i think its too sweet. so is relish.
    i will try mustard.
    i used to hate it too but as of late i’m becoming quite fond of it.

  • Patrick Johansson

    Thank you for the information Vic :)

  • Audra Magaw

    What about peanut butter? I use the reduced-fat kind, and eat it with apple slices. I find this makes a filling breakfast, especiallly since I find myself craving something sweet in the morning. I have always heard that it is a good source of protein as well.

  • Vic Magary

    I think almond butter is a better choice. But it really comes down to your results. If you are hitting your fat loss goals with the peanut butter, keep it in your diet.

  • megan

    try mixing your tuna with cottage cheese. it’s a great sub for mayo and full of protein!