Fish Oil Supplements – What’s The Real Benefit???

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube this morning and it’s something Ive been meaning to talk about.

Usually I get 3-4 questions per week about what supplements people should be taking.  Listen, there are only 2 supplements most people need to take… One of them is a multi vitamin and the other is a quality fish oil or essential fatty acid pill (EFA).  ( I made a video on this exact topic, as well as other organic supplements )

Also there is a HUGE difference between the fish oils you buy at Kroger, and the kind you would get from a nutrition company like Prograde.  I was at a conference a while back and one of the guys I hung out with who is a very good nutritionist told me if you’re buying fish oil from a regular store, “you’d have to take upwards of 26 fish oil pills a day” to see any results.  That’s insane!

Since Ive been taking a good fish oil supplement, Ive definitely noticed a big change in my body after the workouts.  My soreness has gone down a lot, and honestly I just feel a lot better throughout the day.  I definitely recommend you start taking an essential fatty acid supplement (same thing as fish oil) if you aren’t yet…

Do you currently take fish oils?  IF not do you eat a lot of fish in your diet?  Let me know in the comments below, Im interested to hear your take…

– Vic

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  • Denny

    I started taking fish oil pills when I got back into marathon training. I had some IT band issues that I had improperly diagnosed as knee pain. After about a week and a half on the pills I noticed a significant decrease in joint soreness after runs.

    Once I got a foam roller and worked out the IT band issues I stopped taking the fish oil pills (mainly because my knee wasn’t sore, and also because the bottle ran out), though I’ve considered starting up again because they did work well.

    They do make a significant difference though.

  • Yavor Marichkov

    I can attest to this dude. I had skin conditions that cleared up 10 days after starting on fish oil. Must have had omega 3 deficiency…

    Incidentally, some time after that I received an email from nutrition and Metabolism talking about the new research with fish oil on… these conditions LOL. I was ahead of them scientists haha.


  • Bryan

    I’ve been taking krill oil with the same results.

  • Mel.M

    I started using a cod liver oil supplement a few months back when I had a really bad cold, since then I have not stopped and have noticed a remarkable difference in my memory (which was very close to a sieve) as well as a reduction in joint and muscle soreness. I have also read that fish oil can contribute to abdominal fat loss of a period of time. Not sure how far that is true but willing to give it a try. Thanks for an awesome site!!!

  • Seany

    This is definitly true. It is kind of weird that this just got posted because I actually went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and was told that I have high cholesterol. One of the things that the doctor put me on was fish oil for this. It has the ability to reduce you cholesterol levels if they are high and then maintain them once they reach the optimum levels.

    Vic also made an important point about the quality of the fish oil supplement that you are taking and this is something that my doctor also stressed to me. He also gave me an article that he received from one of his buddies about this(who just so happens to be the head of cardiology at one of the major hospitals in columbus). The article talks about the huge difference between fish oil supplements that you can buy. All of the new research is showing that the use of Krill Oil in the supplement is 3 to 5 times more effective than normal fish oil. While it is more expensive than the other stuff, you will have less pills to take and it will be a lot better for your body. I pulled up the link Vic had listed above and it does mention that this supplement includes “Neptune Krill Oil” which is exactly what my doctor told me to take.

    I actually looked in a few stores around town here and this is really hard to find. My doctor told me that I would probably have to order some, so he gave me a sample for while I wait. I guess he has been looking around town for it as well and cannot seem to find it. If anyone happens to come across this in a store let me know!

  • Karl

    Hey Vic,

    That’s a very interesting topic.I heard fish oil was actually good fat. Of course there’s no Prograde here (Mauritius island) and buying it from the internet would really expensive…

    SO! I would like to know how much of that “good fish fat” should I be taking!?
    I live on an island, so fish are easy to get but are there specific species I should prefer?
    Could Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil pills be a fair choice?

    Finally, what about olive oil??

    THANKS for all the articles
    keep up the good work!!!

  • Conor


    I hate fish and any type of seafood and my mum is a nutritionist and she is constantly telling me i need omega 3 or something or other, blah blah blah……. somewhere here i lose attention. Ironic or what? Im an idiot, right Im off to the health food shop.

  • peter

    i totally agree with he fish oil, but i really have to disagree about the multi vitamins. if you are eating a healthy diet there is absolutely no need to take a multi vitamin. it is just hype by the vitamin company’s to sell there products. if you are eating lean meat and veggies (which anyone who wants results should be) you should be getting more than enough of all of the essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs. multis can in some cases be harmful as too much of certain vitamins can have a detrimental effect.

  • Jean-Maurice


    This video from BBC is interesting but that is hardly new for anyone who has raised kids (or tried).
    Question would be also for the British education system, why do you feed crap to your kids?
    More seriously, I agree with the fish oil supplement idea. Since I hate pills, I take only a multi-vitamin in the morning (it’s really hard to have all the “recommended” stuff even with a good diet), and fish oil on days I am not eating any kind of fish, that would be every other day or so.


  • sangita

    Couple of months ago I bought a bottle of fish oil and it has been sitting pretty in my cupboard ever since :-) So I will start taking it. Thanks a lot Vic! Anything making me feel better throughout the day is always welcome!

  • Vic Magary

    Olive oil is great and a good source of healthy fat. But I don’t think it’s an adequate replacement for fish oil.

    I’d give the cod liver oil pill you’ve found a try. Use it for 30 days and see if you notice any difference.

  • Vic Magary

    Thank you all for your comments. Scientific studies and what not are great, but nothing beats your own experience. Thanks for sharing your successes using fish oil supplements!

  • Alexander

    Olive oil DOES contain a type of good fat that that we aquire, HOWEVER its abundandant.


    Fish oil is popular because modern sterilization, high heat treatments etc destroy benneficial Omega 3s (which are not as abundant and unstable). Appealing to your primal sencability, consider this. .

    Back in the day. . when we caught fish from the river we most likely ate it relatively fresh from the spear and over a love wood fire correct? Even that water packed tuna has had the oil REMOVED!

    plus Omega 3 – 6 – 9 all compete for the same absorption. consider this analogy that my old friend Alison D Paulus (former researcher at OSU) I came up with.

    imagine our bodies to be like some exclusive night club with 3 lines. .

    1 for 3, 1 for 6 and 1 for 9

    there is plenty in the 6 and 9 lines but only a few in the nerdy brainy 3 line. . one one door. . so a GOOD fish oil will add significantly to the 3 line.

    in short its a REQUIRED nutrient that our bodies NEED in order to function properly. BUT modern living has reduced our intake of this vital component.

    IMO the best fish oil i have found is from this company best value for the Docosahexaenoic acid ratio

    another interesting factoid to help explain why fish is prefered to flax. .

    Flax has a type of Omega 3 called Alpha Linoliec Acid which however might be abundant STILL has to be converted once in the body (if its absorbed at all) into a usable dispirsable form. .. WHICH IS EPA/DHA. . fish has already converted this for us. . (fish do not naturally produce DHA/EPA, FROM from algae)

    Just thought id help appeal to the more technically inclined folk who appreciates geeky nitty gritty info

  • Danware


    Before you dive right into that bottle you’ve had for a few months, remember that fish oil is a fat like any other, and it will spoil. I would try cutting one open and sniffing it. If it smells rancid, it is…and you don’t want to be consuming that any more than you want to be cooking with old, congealed olive oil.

    I would recommend you just go ahead and throw away that bottle (I’m getting nauseous thinking about it just sitting there…warm…fermenting…) and start anew.

  • Vic Magary

    Wow. Thanks for the in depth comment, man. Most appreciated!

  • Rahim

    Are there any other kinds of fish oils to take if we can’t locate the Prograde? Or do you think Prograde would be the best one?

  • BetterBody

    MMMMmmm… delicious Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids!

    I like the Vitamin Shoppe brand, although I’m sure it’s not the best out there. Just good value.

  • Vic Magary

    Prograde ships to pretty much anywhere…

    Its an online shop! Great guys too…

    – Vic