Bodyweight Workout – No Equipment Workout


Equipment needed

None. Just an open area like your living room or your lawn

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to quickly lose body fat possible, but has no access to a gym or equipment.

So you have no equipment? Nothing to train with except your body and a will to train. I’m not even going to throw in dips, pull ups, or body rows since we’re going with a complete “no equipment” mentality. This means we will not be doing any upper body pulling movements which is far from ideal. However with maximum weight loss being the goal, a month without pulls is a calculated casualty.

Oh, and I don’t want to hear a single peep about there being no “ab” exercises. To lose weight you need maximum caloric expenditure and that weak-ass crunch isn’t going to cut it.

I’m also asking you to abandon long slow cardio for the 31 days. Unless you are finding some mental or spiritual clarity in your 30 minute treadmill treks, STOP IT NOW! If you are not satisfied with your results after following my 31 day plan, you can always return to the pretty red lights of the treadmill dashboard.

6 Exercises: Squat, Lunge, Push Up, Squat Jump, Hop Scotch, and Baby Burpee. Yes, the push up may be done from the knees if you can’t do a regular pushup.


Warm up

Warm Up before the workout with 3-5 minutes of jumping jacks or jogging in place.

Workout A:

Squat: 25 reps or as many as possible before a rest is needed – which ever comes first.

Hop Scotch: 30 seconds of max effort.

Push Up: 25 reps or as many as possible before a rest is needed – which ever comes first.

Hop Scotch: 30 seconds of max effort.

Repeat cycle 4 – 8 rounds.

Workout B:

Baby Burpee: 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest.

Repeat 4 – 12 times.

Workout C:

Lunge: 15 reps each leg or as many as possible.

Hop Scotch: 30 seconds.

Push Up: 25 reps or as many as possible.

Hop Scotch: 30 seconds.

Repeat cycle 4 – 8 rounds.

Workout D:

Squat Jump: 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest.

Repeat 4 – 12 times.

Workout E:

Lunge: 10 reps each leg.

Baby Burpee: 10 reps.

Repeat 5 – 7 times.

Workout F:

Squat Jump: Max reps in 10 minutes. Rest as needed and keep track of the reps completed. Try to beat rep count each time this workout comes up.

Workout G:

Tabata Intervals of the following:

Hop Scotch


Baby Burpee

Push Up

A tabata is 20 seconds of one exercises (quick pace) followed by 10 seconds of rest.  You should do this for each exercise for 4 minutes.  Your entire workout will take 16 minutes.

Follow a 4 days on, one day off, 3 days on, one day off cycle as follows:

31 Day Workout Plan

May 1. Workout A

May 2. Workout B

May 3. Workout C

May 4. Workout D

May 5. OFF

May 6. Workout E

May 7. Workout F

May 8. Workout G

May 9. OFF

May 10. Workout A

May 11. Workout B

May 12. Workout C

May 13. Workout D

May 14. OFF

May 15. Workout E

May 16. Workout F

May 17. Workout G

May 18. OFF

May 19. Workout A

May 20. Workout B

May 21. Workout C

May 22. Workout D

May 23. OFF

May 24. Workout E

May 25. Workout F

May 26. Workout G

May 27. OFF

May 28. Workout A

May 29. Workout B

May 30. Workout C

May 31. Workout D

Your Diet

Follow this diet plan…

Let’s get this straight right now: diet is THE most important component of your fat loss journey. And while we’re being straight forward, I’m asking you to endure some hunger pangs for the next 31 days.

This is a crash course. This is all out war for 31 days on the blubber you’ve been hauling around. Let me ask you this, has what you’ve been currently doing brought you results? If you answered no, then it’s time for something different. And radically different. I promise you, a little gnawing in your belly is going to go a lot farther toward your weight loss than any workout I can put together.

If you have set the goal to drop as much weight as possible in 31 days, be prepared to pay the price. No cheat days. No cheat meals. No cheat freakin’ tastes or bites of anything. It’s ONLY 31 days! Exercise some damned discipline and give it your all.

Eat lean meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, some nuts, and very limited amount of starchy carbohydrates and dairy. And keep the carbs to post workout only. Sound tough? It’s not tough – you can do anything for 31 days. Give it your all for 31 days and then make your decision. If you don’t feel more energetic and your weight hasn’t dropped, go back to eating your pasta and bread. Also watch your quantities. Keep meats to about size of your palm and nuts to one layer in the center of your palm (about 6 almonds). If you are hungry make yourself a big old salad – you can eat raw or lightly steamed vegetables until your belly is full. Speaking of salads, the only approved dressing is homemade vinaigrette: 3 parts olive oil, 1 part balsamic vinegar, spices as you desire. Yum! A sample meal plan follows:

That being said, here is a sample meal plan assuming a 6:00pm workout:

7:00am Large fruit salad of melon, pineapple, and grapes.

9:00am 1 banana. 1 small handful of almonds.

11:00am Large spinach salad with grilled chicken, cucumber, tomato, and vinaigrette.

2:00pm 1 apple.

5:00pm 1 pear. 1 small handful of walnuts.

6:30pm Post workout 8 oz of chocolate milk or small can of tuna + handful of carrots

7:30pm Stir fried sirloin and broccoli.

10:00pm How bad do you want to be shredded in 31 days? Ask yourself this before eating at 10 o’clock at night. If you still feel you need to eat, try half a piece of fruit and a large glass of water.

Here is the diet again…

If you have any questions about this workout, please post them below…