How to do Dips

Dips are a great exercise that works the pecs and also stretches and helps the flexibility of the shoulder.

Dips mainly build muscle in the…

  • Chest
  • Triceps

Dips can be done on a set of parallel bars, which most gyms will have.  Or you can do them on a set of gymnastics rings, which will involve much more stabilizing muscles, core and abdominal work.

-Terry Asher

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  • Chris C

    Vic, I love the idea of using gymnastic rings. I like the setup you show here. I must get a set of those! I am going to try my best. I had nerve damage and radiculopathy on my left side from an auto accident and was not able to do dips for years, but I rested completely, then went slow. Almost ten years after I can do 20 reps with bodyweight.

  • Vic Magary

    @ Chris C: 20 dips is no joke! Congrats on your recovery from injury. A ten year journey back to strength is true dedication.

  • Alex

    Vic, thanks for the great tutorials. I am relatively new to lifting so these explanations help a lot. One question I have: is it a good idea to do a couple sets of body weight exercises before using barbells or dumbells?

  • Vic Magary

    Thats not a bad idea at all. Bodyweight exercises are a great warmup, and they also are good to use when you dont have the barbell movement down yet (ex… bodyweight squats)

    – Vic

  • Colin

    I’ve been doing dips for a while, but only tried weighted dips for the first time the other day, I wasn’t sure what weight to use so I started with only 10 pounds.
    Having that little bit of added weight really helped my form and stabilized my position during the exercise. I would recomend adding light weight to you dips, even if you are having trouble with body weight. I managed to get in a 5×5 with a 45 pound plate when all i’m used to doing is body weight . It felt great, can’t wait till next week.

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  • joe

    i was wondering how to lose fat on stomach and fat on the sides of my pecs so it can be more cut. i workout 5 times a week and do wieghts on tuesday, thursday,and saturday, and i do cardio wedsday, and friday i eat alot everyday but i eat mostly junk food on Sunday and monday to get capories to use at the gym. what i want to know is how i can get six-pack lose the gyno on my pecs and still get big and strong which is what i want to achive. im 6’1 220 pounds and was 200 around January and am now 220 from eating more food. My friend who is a personal trainer says i should eat alot of carbs but should i lower my carb intake right before i go to sleep? and what about sugar? please help me and get me in the right direction. thanks

  • jim mcdonough

    what is the % of bodyweight you lift while doing dips??

  • Vic Magary

    Honestly, I don’t know for sure. But I’d guess it’s pretty high as the only thing you aren’t lifting is your arms.

  • ali

    hi i m begginer i not able to pull ups . i leave it in middle. i tried so hard but not