Juice Detox Diets Worth The Squeeze?

juice detox planjuice detox plan

When you think of doing a juice detox or cleanse, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

For a lot of people, it’s carrots. And liquid. And being hungry. And lots of other kinds of fruits and veggies. After all, a juice detox is exactly what it sounds like – counting on juice instead of food. And that doesn’t sound very filling to us!

The other half of people think a detox or cleanse is great. A juice

Zantrex 3 Review

Zantrex 3 ReviewsZantrex 3 Reviews

Tired of being the odd one out because you’re carryin some extra pounds?

Are you looking to get rid of all extra weight so to look look slim, shapely and attractive? In addition to diet and exercise sometimes the right supplement can make all the difference. We’re always looking for the next best supplement to share with our readers, and after coming across Zantrex 3, we decided to take a closer look

Zantrex 3 Fat Burner

is essentially advertised …

Blood Occlusion Training

Occlusion Training BandsOcclusion Training Bands

Do you about blood occlusion training? Today we’ll look at a new study and break down the facts to see if this method really works and if it’s right for you!

Occlusion Training Definition

Blood occlusion training, also known as blood flow restriction or BFR, is a training method that is performed with blood flow blocked to the specific muscle being trained, generally one at a time. The occlusion is created to minimize blood flow to surface veins and is …

Are Leptin and Ghrelin the Keys to Weight Loss?

Leptin and Ghrelin the Keys to Weight LossLeptin and Ghrelin the Keys to Weight Loss

Today we’ll settle the debate on whether Ghrelin and Leptin are the keys to losing weight and what to do about these critical hormones.

Losing weight is never easy, but with the right plan, diet and exercise program, it’s entirely possible. However, no matter what we do our hunger signals are controlled by

Why Do Most Diets Fail?

There are a few different reasons. The biggest reason is because often times, people see their diet as a short-term plan …

Sweet Potato Vs Regular

potato vs sweet potatopotato vs sweet potato

When it comes to natural starches and fitness, the debate over which potato is best continues. Today we’ll settle it.

For some time in the fitness and dieting world, there’s been a war, sweet potato vs. potato. Potato vs. sweet potato. It turns out the right potato might have more to do with your goals than you think. Today, we’ll dive into questions like:

  • How many carbs are in a sweet potato?
  • Are sweet potatoes healthy? (you might