Guide to Losing Fat While Building Muscle

Burn Fat Gain MuscleBurn Fat Gain Muscle

When it comes to fitness goals, most of us want to build muscle lose fat and look great. 

It’s a common theory that you can’t build muscle while burning fat, or that you cannot do both optimally at the same time. Really this depends on the person, how you train and how you eat. Today, we’ll look adjusting your workouts and eating for your specific goals and key in on how to lose fat and gain muscle.

The Challenge: Burn Fat Gain Muscle

Learn the Proper Running Form


If I asked you whether you knew how to run, would you roll your eyes at me? 

Well, there is more to it than just our instinctive natural stride. In fact, there is a proper way to run that will improve your breathing and increase the benefit your body takes from the exercise. Today, we’ll look at running in detail and give your homemade wheels a tune-up. You will also learn how to avoid injury as best a possible, a

Gym Junkies Supplement Review: Stiff Nights

Stiff nights pillsStiff nights pills

Stiff Nights claims to provide reliable fast results that can work just like a prescription medicine. This is why I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients and check out customer feedback to find out if this is a good supplement for our readers.

The Warnings, Ingredients and How It Works

Upon researching the ingredients of the Stiff Nights pills, I was already a little on edge because I found out that FDA had actually issued a warning

How Much Daily Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle

how much protein do you needhow much protein do you need

At this point, you’re probably well aware that protein is a key building block for muscle recovery and growth.

Today we’ll answer the questions of how much protein do you need, the best sources and when to eat it.

Here’s an example of a question I hear all the time:

“When I asked my trainer how much protein do I need to build muscle, they told me that I should put a limit on protein because my body …

Finding Your Perfect Workout Plan


People talk a lot about what is the ‘perfect workout’ and while there might not be one answer for everybody, we pulled together some of the best elements to help you exceed your goals.

As you plan your own best workout plan, this guide will help you.

The Perfect Workout Plan

I often get emails from people who ask me regarding what should they do in order to achieve the perfect body, and wonder what is the real