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January 2010 Member’s Only Workouts & Interview

Note:  I will link up the iPod downloads soon, still getting those up.

Audio Interview

  • This was a KILLER interview I did with Zach Even Esh – Make sure you listen to this, he has so many great tips for motivating yourself and getting results. Listen to it here

These videos are intended for building strength & muscle with bodyweight only.  If you’re pretty advanced you can add a bookbag full of weights, or a weighted vest to make the workouts tougher.

I will keep posting these strength & muscle building bodyweight workouts for the next 2-3 months!  Also if you’re a woman, dont be afraid of getting big and bulky with these.  Unless you’re taking drastic measures outside of your workouts (i.e. steroids) you will NOT get big and bulky!

December 2009 Member’s Only Workout & Interview

I had a few requests this month for a new 31 day workout.  So I decided to put together a killer 31 day dumbbell/bodyweight plan in liu of doing 2 follow along videos.

November 2009 Member’s Only Videos & Exclusive Interview

October 2009 Member’s Only Videos & Recipes

  • 2 meal plans + a bonus recipe!
  • A killer dumbbell workout
  • Dive For Five Workout

September 2009 Member’s Only Videos  & Recipes

August 2009 Member’s Only Content

  • 2 NEW Follow Along Videos
  • 1 BONUS Follow Along Video
  • 2 NEW Healthy Recipes (download the PDF here)
  • 3 Ipod versions of the videos

Ipod videos

July 2009 Member’s Only Content

Healthy Meal Plans For July

June 2009 Member’s Only Content

Vic’s Grocery List

31 Day Workout Manual for Odd Object, Gym Workout and Bodyweight workouts

Body Fat Annihilator iPod downloads

Right click on the video, and save as to your computer.  Then pull them into iTunes and plug your ipod in and they will transfer over!

Fat Loss Secrets Audio Interrogation

31 Day Bodyweight Workout Manual

Download the manual here