How to do a Lunge

The lunge is an excellent lower body exercise that will strengthen your…

  • butt (glutes)
  • quads

This exercise is great for men and women looking to strengthen their upper legs and butt.  Women especially love this exercise as it helps to get the toned look on your butt and thighs.

The exercise can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or even with no added weight.  In this instructional we focus solely on the barbell lunge.

-Terry Asher

Gym Junkies

I’m Terry I’m here to help you achieve the body you want. I truly believe anyone can achieve the figure they want, with the proper guidance. Through my eBook I have been able to help thousands of people online lose weight, tone up and get in shape. My goals are to continue to help people all around the world and change people’s life for the better.

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    Sou personal trainer, moro no Brasil e
    Gostaria de informações sobre cursos Treinamento funcional, Kettlebel, treinamentos em suspensão. Grato!!!
    Prof. Jordan Carlo

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    Vic: I’ve never done lunges in my life and I have been training for a long time. I HAVE specialized on one-legged squats for a time, actually doing them in addition to my regular barbell squat. The only thing I do not particularly like about the one-legged- squat is the tendency towards spinal “rotation.” Will the barbell or db lunges be safer in your experience?

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    i usually do my lunges stationary. (is that the word? i’m norwegian..)i do about 10 reps on one leg then switch to the other. i can’t seem to get my knee as close to the floor as you’re doing in the video. is that because of tight hipflexors or to much weight?? is it better to the lunges alternating with lower wight in instead??

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    Vic: you;ve told us about squats and lunges, both that focus on your upper legs. what about an exercise that focuses on your lower legs?

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      Not a big fan of calf raises. I think the best exercises for the lower legs are sprinting and jumping.

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