How to Power Clean

The power clean is an overall muscle developer which increases explosion.  It is the best exercise for converting the strength obtained from other exercises into real power.

The power clean is a very technical lift which combines the deadlift, the high pull, and also the front squat.

This exercise is great for developing

  • Explosion
  • Strength
  • Power

-Terry Asher

Gym Junkies

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  • Ricky P

    Thanks for the info Vic. Power Cleans have always given me trouble, Ill try this out on Thursday…

  • Dan

    I hope you realize the kid in the video isn’t racking the bar across his shoulders when catching it. He is catching it with his hands, leading to a lot of unnecessary stress on his wrists. The picture shows the correct rack position, the video does not.

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  • Ernie (Personal trainer)

    Used to compete in Power lifting in the mid 90’s. Now I am in the Senior Olympics and doing a Power Clean. I compete today and never ever did one. I do however have a Hammer high pull-shrug machine and go very heavy on those and a Nautilus seated row for a simulated deadlift with very heavy weights. Just needed advice on correct way, thankyou. I stetch my wrists several times a day. Ernie

  • Ernie (Personal trainer)

    Also, as mentioned above, letting the weight fall on the shoulders is soooo important so beginners do alot of wrist, hand and forearm stretchs several times a day. Thankyou! Ernie

  • JOe

    I was shown the Power Clean by Bill Starr. I was never told to jump to the point that my feet left the floor,I was taught to explode on toes as high as I can.

  • Joe

    Was taught to Power Clean by Bill Starr was never taught to jump off the floor was taught to explode up on toes to full extension.